Incident #028-DE/I2
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Located in the ceiling of Room ᚠ was a down curved cover with a diameter of circa 2 m, which was not possible to be removed, and created the impression to be part of a larger device inside the ceiling. In the week before the 200█-██-██ the site director ordered that the floor in Room ᚾ2, the room above Room ᚠ, was to be prized open to bare the device assumed in the ceiling. Actually, right below a retrospectively added thin concrete floor, there was a steel hatch in the floor of Room ᚾ2, leading to a low space in the ceiling of Room ᚠ, which turned out to be a maintenance space for the device in question. Inside some tools, spare parts and an uninscribed wiring plan where found inside, though no drawing or documentation, indicating the purpose of the device. The type label had been removed. According to a technical analysis, it was technically similar to a Scranton Reality Anchor which was designed more to emit radiation than a stabilizing field, with the alleged cover serving as emitter. It was assumed it had been a safety device for the real purpose of Room ᚠ, and it was decided to test the device, to put it to use if applicable. Hereafter it is designated as SCP-028-DE-B.

Incident #028-DE/I2:

Despite its age it was technically faultless and was connected to a terminal set up in the control room, which also controlled the other systems of the room. According to safety-standards for reality-affecting machinery the site was evacuated from all non-essential personnel and all sectors where locked down. SRAs have been very rare at that time and where unavailable for the test. It is to be mentioned that all radio transmissions of the following protocol where digital and encrypted.

The following is a transcript of an audio-/video protocol from the control room:

Present in the control room are Dr. Wilhelm Wiesmann (project manager), Dr. Frauke Meier (physicist), Dipl. Ing. Tobias Gretenkordt (electrical engineer), Lieutenant Cem Yilmaz (guard commander) and four armed guardsmen. Behind each armored door two groups of 12 men of the reaction forces are waiting, additional reaction-, and security forces are on stand-by. MTF DE8-𝔊 (at that time without portable SRAs but already specialized for reality benders) was put on stand-by. The room was equipped with various measuring instruments; in lack of a Kant-Counter the reality-deviation cannot be measured in Hume, but a laser grid detects distortions and diffraction of the room.


Dr. Wiesmann: Recording. Alright, the security protocols are in effect, electrical supply and data link to our mysterious device are online, Room Fehu (name of the rune ᚠ) is empty. Gretenkordt, status?

Gretenkordt: All is ready. My finger hovers over the big red button.

Dr. Wiesmann: Well, press it then.

Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt activates the device.

Dr. Meier: I'm measuring a rise of long wave electromagnetic radiation. Nothing else. Or, wait, how shall I put it… it spreads over the frequency band, in other words there is a slow increase of short wave radiation.

Dr. Wiesmann: Can you determine the source? (The measuring points are arranged in a way that the source point can be triangulated.)

Dr. Meier: Yes, definitely the dome in the ceiling. The radiation soon reaches visible light.

A few minutes later the dome seems to emit a deep red glow, which seems to spread slowly over bright red, yellow etc. to cover the whole color spectrum, until it exceeds the spectrum of visible light.

Dr. Meier: It seems to spread further, now it has reached the spectrum of hard X-radiation. I just don't understand what for… Wait, it stopped. At ███ pm… Now it seems to degrade from the top, I mean from the long wave spectrum… as if it would focus on this wavelength.

Dr. Wiesmann: But wouldn't an emitter for electromagnetic radiation emit the correct wavelength from the start? Why covering the whole spectrum? That's a waste of time.

Dr. Meier: Willi, we are talking about a Nazi-device here. Of all they did, they did nothing just because, especially not the SKP. There must be a reason. Maybe it has searched for a wavelength or frequency, and we just don't know by what criteria it chooses.

The light turns green, then blue, purple and then goes out.

Gretenkordt: Who knows, maybe it is a satellite dish and now a portal opens, with Nazi-zombies on dinosaurs and…

Dr. Wiesmann: Fuck, abort!

Gretenkordt: What? Why…

Dr. Wiesmann pushes an emergency-shutdown, which disconnects SCP-028-DE-B from its electrical supply.

Dr. Wiesmann: (Visibly shaken) That is a satellite dish! It has been searching for a frequency to communicate! We…

Dr. Meier: Willi, we have a problem. The device is still running, and in a moment only radiates in this frequency.

Dr. Wiesmann: What? Gretenkordt?

Gretenkordt: We didn't understand one half of the device and the other half is unknown technology to us. Maybe this thing has a battery or so.

Dr. Wiesmann: Fucking Shit!

Dr. Wiesmann via radio: Naudis 2, blow up the device, immediately!

Reaction force in Room ᚾ2: Acknowledged, blowing up the device short silence Demolition not possible, the hatch cannot be opened.

Dr. Wiesmann via radio: Then think about a way, the……

Dr. Meier: The device now focusses on that frequency. I'm detecting a fluctuation in the middle of the room!

Gretenkordt: I'm restarting the device. Maybe a new search operation interrupts whatever is going on.

Dr. Wiesmann: Do that.

Dr. Wiesmann via site intercom: Wiesmann to all personnel, we may be facing a containment breach, prepare yourself!

Now a spherical distortion is visible in the center of the room, which grows slowly.

Leutnant Yilmaz: Doctor, look!

He points through the observation window to the distortion which has grown to a size of 3 m at this point, and through which the same room can be seen, just in another color.

Dr. Wiesmann: Gretenkordt, do something!

Gretenkordt: The device is powered again, but doesn't reboot. It probably has to run through the whole cycle or until the juice is empty, or it has to be rebooted manually. I have no clue!

Dr. Wiesmann: Then go to Naudis 2 and pull the plug or whatever.

Dr. Wiesmann via radio: Naudis 2, you are getting visited by an engineer. See to get the hatch open. No matter how!

Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt quickly leaves the control room.

Dr. Meier: Hm, the distortion decreases but the anomaly does not shrink. Will, that thing is normalizing with its surroundings!

Dr. Wiesmann: What does that mean?

Leutnant Yilmaz: You can look through it now, Doctor.

The anomaly, SCP-028-DE-C, has taken the form of a sphere of Ø15 m whiches lower third is immersed in the floor. On the other side the same room can be seen, but painted in pale green instead of white, and the anomaly is surrounded by an apparatus (similar to the frame with the SRAs built later). By cameras from different angles can be seen that on the other side lots of persons are gathering. Apparently multiple groups of armed personnel in light grey uniforms and body armor are mustering. Some smaller squads are carrying big crates. it is assumed that they contain different equipment.

Dr. Wiesmann: Holy shit…

Dr. Wiesmann via site intercom: Wiesmann to all personnel, containment breach imminent, attack individuals in grey uniforms on sight!

Dr. Wiesmann via secured channel to O4: Dr. Wiesmann from DE3 for O4, we are possibly facing an invasion from another reality! Requesting deployment of MTFs!

O4-█: O4 to Dr. Wiesmann, what sort of invasion are we talking about?

Dr. Wiesmann to O4: Probably a universe full of Nazis.

O4-█: Short break Reinforcements are on their way. Hold them off as long as you can. O4 out.

O4-█ dispatches the standing by MTF DE8-𝔊 (arrival via helicopter after ca. 15 minutes), the MTF DE8-𝔅, das armored MTF DE8-ℭ (both arrival after ca. 80 minutes) as well as the on-call available MTF DE4-𝔎 (arrival after ca. 25 minutes)


While the MTFs are under way, the Reaction- and Security-forces of the site erect barricades and firing positions in front of the accesses to room ᚠ and in the main corridors. Not required personnel is evacuated from the facility. The tank battalion PzBtl 64, closest unit of the Bundeswehr, is brought to readiness with a feigned emergency drill.

The following is a transcript of the events after the arrival of MTF DE8-𝔊 ("8-Gustav"):


MTF DE8-𝔊 consists of 20 persons and is under command by Captain Martin Franz. It can be separated into three squads: Two combat squads of 8 persons under command of Captain Franz and Liutenant Nowak, as well as a technical-scientific squad of 4 under command of Doctor Schmieder.

The likewise dispatched MTF DE4-𝔎 is to arrive about 10 minutes later and consists of 14 persons under command of Captain Rüberg. All members of the MTF have passed a memetic-resistance-training class Ψ-3 and are trained for commando operations.

They arrive at Site-DE3 via helicopter 14 minutes after their dispatchment and proceed to the control room of room ᚠ, in which Captain Franz, Liutenant Nowak and the TS-squad then are discussing with the team of Dr. Wiesmann.

Cpt. Franz: Doctor Wiesmann? Captain Franz from 8-Gustav. These are Liutenant Nowak and the technical-scientific squad of Doctor Schmieder. Please outline the situation briefly but precise. I will break you into the radio of 4-Karl, who are going to be here in a few minutes.

Dr. Wiesmann: Good to have you here. So, you see the dome in the roof? Points at the dome through the reinforced window. Therein is a device of the SKP, a former Nazi-institution for anomalies, which technically is similar to a Scranton Reality Anchor and which we wanted to test. Normally it can be accessed from a room above, but the hatch is locked wherefore we could not blow it up. Our technicians have connected it to this controls and started it. There is nearly no original documentation, we reverse engineered it as far as possible. When we started it, it began search the whole electromagnetic spectrum, beginning with long waves, and focused on a frequency of hard X-radiation, then a distortion appeared and grew to the portal you see there, which has kept its size. I presumed an imminent invasion and requested O4 to deploy you. One of my engineers is on the way to the device to restart it manually, hoping the searching interrupts the portal, while a squad tries to open the hatch, yet unsuccessfully though.

Through SCP-028-DE-C can now be seen how multiple armed squads of overall circa 120 men have mustered, in front of which a person in a uniform that looks like an officers uniform of the Wehrmacht seems to be holding a speech.

Dr. Schmieder: As far as I know you neither are having a reality-expert nor someone who is familiar with the design of Reality Anchors? I will take myself with the TS-Squad to this room. I have memorized the floorplan of your facility, we will find our way ourselves.

Cpt. Franz: You do that. To Dr. Wiesmann We will take position in the meantime. O4 has dispatched additional MTFs and considering the enemies sheer troop strength, we need everyone who can hold a gun. You will stay here.

Cpt. Franz via site intercom: Captain Franz of 8-Gustav here, to all Reaction- and Security-forces: Set your radio to encrypted channel 54. Should you encounter persons in light grey uniforms, you open fire immediately. But take care of yourself, use cover and change your position.

Cpt. Rüberg via radio: 4-Karl to 8-Gustav, having arrival. Let us meet in the lobby to make a plan.

Cpt. Franz via radio: Good, lets stage there. As far as I can see we are running out of time, so make it on the double.

The MTFs are meeting with Hauptmann Armbruster, the commander of site-security, in the lobby.

Cpt. Franz: So, we do not really have time, so we make it short. Hauptmann Armbruster, Captain Rüberg, according to Deployment Policy 28-and-so-forth I am taking operation command. All know the sites floor plans and have read the briefing? Shot break. Good. The Reaction-Forces of the site have secured both entrances of room Fehu. The armored doors are closed and locked. In the main corridors barricades and firing positions have been set up. The Site Security is patrolling in the whole facility, in case a secondary portal is opened somewhere, like in incident 1. Two other MTFs are on their way from DE8 overland. They are arriving in circa an hour. One is a heavy group of hundred, the other is an armored unit. If I remember correctly they are having some of the new Tactical Power Armors. Specific mission plan, as we are unprepared for this threat, so we will improvise. Our mission here is to stop the imminent invasion, to avert it and to close the portal. Loss of the facility, personnel and equipment is acceptable. For the first task, 8-Gustav will reinforce the Reaction-Forces at the armored doors. Our Technical-Scientific Squad working on the last task in Naudis 2. Both 8ers in transfer are responsible to avert the invasion. 4-Karl, what will you do?

Cpt. Rüberg: We probably would be of use at the armored doors but we as a commando unit are better fit for a counter invasion. We will stay at the junction of the corridor, leading to both doors. The priority is, to wait until the other MTFs arrive. Should the attackers open one door or should they attempt to open both doors, you start a counter attack from one direction. Divert their attention to you while we are coming from the other side, trying to cross the portal and to destroy whatever technology they are having there. We are carrying explosives with us. Should we be locked in the other world, erect a memorial for us or so.

Cpt. Franz: Good plan, let's make it so. Everyone to their position! Lieutenant Nowak, you take Squad 2 and go to the right.

Cpt. Franz via radio: Franz to Doctor Schmieder, status?

Dr. Schmieder via radio: Schmieder to Franz, we are in Naudis 2, the hatch here appears to be hold shut by magnetic locks. The security squad which has been here already is burning a hole in it for half an hour now with a plasma cutter, which proves difficult due to a concrete filling. Though I advise against destruction of the device from below, without having seen it before.

Cpt. Franz via radio: Understood, continue!

While the squads are taking positions, and Captain Franz is instructing the MTFs in transfer via radio, the first alien units cross through the portal. The officer, who has been holding a speech before, follows the units. He is taking a mobile phone from his pocket and types in a number. The phone in the control room rings. After a pause, Dr. Wiesmann answers.

Dr. Wiesmann: Doctor Wiesmann, Site-DE3?

Caller: Good day doctor, this is Major Armbruster of the Waffen-SKP. I know it does not look like it, but actually we are here for peaceful purposes. Of course, you are having units posted behind the accesses, and probably you have alarmed everybody who can carry a weapon. But before we begin with hostilities, I want to negotiate with you, the site director or someone else who is in charge.

The calling Major Armbruster seems to be very similar-looking like Captain Armbruster from Site-DE3. Lieutenant Yilmaz is holding up a hastily inscribed note: “Play for time!”

Dr. Wiesmann: I uh… I am afraid I am not the right person, I … have to talk to O4…

Maj. Armbruster: I am sure you have to. Alone to give your advancing forces some time. Just take all the time you want but do not forget this: You catched us by surprise. This here are the forces we could gather in this short time. But as we talk here, the tank battalion 64 of the Wehrmacht is securing the outer perimeter and several Mobile Einsatzkräfte from Sondereinrichtung-4 and -8 are on their way.

Dr. Wiesmann via secure channel to O4: Wiesmann to O4, they … are in. Their commander wants to talk to you…

Short break

O4-1: O4-1 here, put me through..

Doctor Meier patches the call from the phone to the radio unit.


O4-1: This is O4-1.

Maj. Armbruster: O4-1, good day. I am Major Armbruster of the Waffen-SKP. I am not used to your terminology, as you have given us false information during our last contact. Would you be so kind to describe your position to me?

O4-1: I am the chairman of the Directors Council of the German branch of the SCP Foundation. You are invaders in our universe, it's too late for cordialities!

Maj. Armbruster: I understand. Is it possible to talk to a higher instance, or is each of your local Foundations autonomous?

O4-1: You are talking only to me.

Maj. Armbruster: Okay then. Well, as you may imagine, we are not here for research, trade or establishment of diplomatic relations. Yes, we will conquer you, that is beyond all question. We are much more technically advanced than you are. But we are no murderers. We do not want war. If you surrender now, and hand us over your facility as a base of operations without resistance, lots of bloodshed can be avoided. I am aware that this decision is not an easy one, but I ask you to see the situation pragmatically. You have opened this portal; our invasion is unavoidable. Resistance only leads to suffering and death. I give you 15 minutes to decide.

Major Armbruster hangs up and gives orders to his units. They begin erecting mobile barricades and firing positions. The MTFs are still 30 minutes away.

O4-1 via radio: O4-1 to all forces in Site-DE3. You now are facing the probably most important task of your life: To avert a K-class invasion-scenario. You are our first, and probably last bastion against an superior enemy. Withstand until reinforcements arrive and fight the enemy back with them! The O4-Council and I are putting all our hope in you.


O4-1 informs O5. They decide in an expedited procedure under consultation of the Ethics Committee for an early version of protocol “Ragnarök” as a last resort, commises preparations and instructs O4 to put all close sites under lock down and to mobilize their MTFs. The team of Dr. Schmieder in room ᚾ2 has been able to open the hatch in the meantime, and the team as well as Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt are examining SCP-028-DE-B, which seems to be in some sort of stand-by mode and does not emit radiation.

The following are the events after the expiration of Major Armbrusters ultimatum:


Major Armbruster is giving some Orders, whereupon two teams start applying some sort of modelling clay to the armored doors in form of a rectangle. It is assumed that these are cutting charges.

Lt. Yilmaz via radio: Lieutenant Yilmaz to 8-Gustav, looks like they were preparing to breach at both armored doors.

Cpt. Franz via radio: Understood. We are opening the left door. 4-karl, you go to the right! On my mark, Squad 2 charges into the room, You follow, flank them and go through the portal. All forces, prepare yourself! Reinforcements in ca. T-13 minutes.

The Reaction Forces are taking position as the armored door is opening slowly. The troops of the SKP are behind cover. From the control room a soldier behind the cover can be seen as he shoulders a rocket launcher.

Lt. Yilmaz via radio: Yilmaz to 8-Gustav, rocket launcher in the middle of the cover.

Cpt. Franz: Understood. Grenade throwers, prepare a frag volley at the center of the emplacement.

The armored door has opened so far that firing would be possible. The forces of the SKP still are under cover, the soldier with the rocket launcher changes the position.

Lt. Yilmaz via radio: Rocket launcher changes position to the left, seen from your position.

Major Armbruster is waving a solder near, wo appears to be armed with a DMR1, points at Leutnant Yilmaz behind the reinforced window of the control room, who does not take notice. The soldier sets his rifle up a box and aims at Leutnant Yilmaz. Major Armstrong speaks something into his radio, the soldier with the rocket launcher changes position. As Lieutenant Yilmaz lifts the mouthpiece of the radio, the marksman fires one shot which pierces through the reinforced window and explodes in Yilmaz' head. The soldier with the rocket launcher leaves cover and fires the rocket, the Reaction Forces open fire at the emplacement with rifle grenades.

The rocket explodes in the air behind the first cover of the Reaction Forces into a hail of shrapnels. Most of the troops in that position and half of Squad 1 of MTF DE8-𝔊 are killed or wounded. The rifle grenades explode on or behind the enemy position, though do nearly no damage to the barricade. The shrapnels of the grenades exploding behind the barricade are claiming a few victims, but the shrapnels seem not to be able to pierce through the enemy body armor.

Cpt. Franz: Switch to HE grenades, MG, suppressive fire!

While two medics are crawling through the position to get to the wounded, two MG gunners are emplacing their MG5 and maintain fire readiness.

The rocket thrower soldier has reloaded and changed the position. On a gesture of Major Armbruster, multiple attackers are firing unaimed over their cover. The rocked thrower soldier is leaving his cover and is immediately fired upon by the MGs but manages to fire a second rocket before he collapses wounded. The rocket hits into the concrete ceiling of the corridor in front of the first position and cannot spread its shrapnels as far as the first one. Anyway the medics who have reached the first position and the survivors of the first rocket are being killed and additional are wounded.

Cpt. Franz: Grenades, fire!

The high explosive grenades are having a visibly bigger impact on the barricade of the invaders as the frag grenades. A part of the barricade tips over and buries some soldiers. Others are seemingly wounded by the blast wave.

Maj. Armbruster: Suppressive fire, flanks advance!

While a part of the invaders is giving aimed suppressive fire from their cover, and kills one of the MG gunners, the soldiers in the flanks of the barricade are charging forwards and are taking position on both sides of the open entrance. Major Armbruster is walks straight around the barricade in front of the first defensive position. Upon his sign the attackers seize fire and are taking cover again.

Maj. Armbruster: You receive a last chance. I really want no bloodshed, and I can understand that you do not want to give up. You fear to lose your way of life. You fear, that we bring you a world of war, suppression and suffering. But do you really think it is so bad in our world? In opposition to yours our world is at peace since the end of the war in the 50th. No local conflicts that are escalated into regional civil wars by superpowers. No capitalism, no communism. Health, welfare and educational systems that do not exist in name only but are really social. No unemployment. No epidemics. Just peace and wealth for everyone. We do not seek to conquer you, we seek to liberate you. From the yoke of your capital-elitarian suppressors. If you lay down your arms now, I swear to you, no one of you is harmed.

Captain Franz springs up and fires a salvo from his assault rifle at Major Armbruster. The bullets are ricocheting from a suddenly flashing spherical energy field around the Major, and are hitting Franz in the head and torso, who collapses fatally wounded.

Maj. Armbruster: As you wish. To his troops: Kill them!

Lieutenant Nowak, who has watched through the squad-camera, has had cutting charges being placed on the right armored door already. Squad 2 of MTF DE8-𝔊 is in position with a part of the Reaction Forces and MTF DE4-𝔎 and ready to charge.

Lt. Nowak: Fire it up… now!

The cutting charges detonate and are punching a clean slit into the armored door. Due to an angled positioning of the charges, the door first slides down a bit and then falls into the room with a crash. The waiting forces are charging into the room, opening fire on the invaders next to the other entrance, and are throwing hand grenades over the barricade on their side. The Sergeant who has taken command over the remnants of Squad 1 orders to unaimedly throw hand grenades into the room too. The invaders scatter to gather anew. Major Armbruster is yelling orders, as all bullets fired at him are ricocheting on his shield back in the direction where they came from. MTF DE4-𝔎 makes use of the chaos and advances through the portal, which is noticed but apparently ignored by Major Armbruster.

The invaders, who are better armed and armored have stopped and killed or wounded Squad 2 of MTF DE8-𝔊 and the Reaction Forces quickly. The attackers are advancing to the next armored doors and begin placing cutting charges. A part of the attackers is staying in room ᚠ. Security-forces from the whole facility are directed to the main corridors to support the remaining resistance, all secondary areas are being locked down. Estimated time of reinforcements: ca. 7 minutes.


The following is a transcript of recordings from MTF DE4-𝔎from reality U-3378-DE. After crossing the portal, the radio technician of the MTF has dropped an unremarkable sender which is live transmitting the recordings of all body cameras as well as radio through the portal by broadband infrared signals. All cameras in room ᚠ are able to receive these signals and to direct them to the central memory unit.


The MTF has reached U-3378-DE without casualties. The room ᚠ here is not painted white but pale green, on the wall opposite of the control room is painted the logo of the SKP, over the control room is a modern variant of the Reichsadler with Hakenkreuz. The portal is surrounded by a spherical framework with ca. Ø20 m, which holds a large number of unidentified devices. The armored doors of this room are closed, through the window of the control room a person can be seen that looks like Doctor Wiesmann. In the room are multiple individuals wearing light grey overalls, that seem to be technical personnel. MTF DE4-𝔎 opens fire immediately and kills the everyone present.

Cpt. Rüberg: What is that frame? A portal-generator?

MTF DE4-𝔎/4: Well, I fear there is only one way to find out…

MTF DE4-𝔎/4, the engineer of the team draws a cordless screwdriver from his backpack, removes the screws from one of the devices, rips the cables out and throws it through the portal.

Dr. Wiesmann (R-33878-DE) via site intercom: Is that how you behave as guests?

MTF DE4-𝔎/4 is making a rude gesture towards the control room.

Cpt. Rüberg: Fuck it, place the charges. The rest provides cover.

MTF DE4-𝔎/7, the demolition expert of the team, and MTF DE4-𝔎/8 begin to plant charges in different locations of the framework, and to connect them to a wireless detonator. Meanwhile an armored door opens - significantly faster than those in Site-DE3 - and a group of armed men charges into the room. Both are immediately opening fire upon each other. Thanks to their elitary training, MTF DE4-𝔎 can quickly eliminate the defenders, though not without sustaining casualties, among them demolition expert MTF DE4-𝔎/7. Cpt. Rüberg leaves the detonator near the framework, so possible advancing own troops do not have to search for it and proceed through the open armored door deeper into the facility. They encounter only low resistance, the invaders under the command of Major Armbruster seem to be the Reaction Forces of the site, while remaining and inferior equipped forces seem to be normal security personnel. They quickly are reaching the control room which is secured by a code lock, the code is the same as in their reality though. Without hesitating MTF DE4-𝔎 terminates the present guards, Dr. Wiesmann, Dr. Meier, Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt as well as Lt. Yilmaz who in opposition to the other forces does not wear a light grey but a sand-colored uniform with the insignia of the Ottoman Empire.

MTF DE4-𝔎/2: Dude, how crazy is them having the same people here? Do you think we will meet ourselves here?

Cpt. Rüberg: I would gladly pass that. Do the controls tell you anything?

MTF DE4-𝔎/2: No, the fuckers have locked before we shot them. No time searching for passwords.

Cpt. Rüberg: Place a charge then and we proceed to Naudis 2.

MTF DE4-𝔎/8 plants the charge on the controls and connects it with a second detonator. The MTF proceeds to Naudis 2 and kills the guards.

MTF DE4-𝔎/3: Man, shit. The hatch is locked, same as back home!

Cpt. Rüberg: Then place the rest of the charges, maybe it's enough.

MTF DE4-𝔎/8 places the remaining charges and connects them to the detonator.

Cpt. Rüberg: And off we go! Back to room Fehu. Then we blow their shit up!

On the way back, MTF DE4-𝔎 runs into a large group of soldiers, seemingly a part of the reinforcements. They pull back into a side corridor, and while the biggest part of the troops proceed to room ᚠ, a squat halts and follows them into the corridor.

Rüberg (U-3378-DE): There they are, 4-Karl follow me! To MTF DE4-𝔎: We are MEK 4-𝔎, let us talk before we shoot each other.

Cpt. Rüberg: Seriously? What the hell do you want to talk about?

Rüberg (U-3378-DE): You won't believe me, but even here you do not meet yourself from another universe all day. And as I see you too have the scar from SKP-███ (SCP-███-DE), just on the other side.

Cpt. Rüberg: Are you shitting me? Man, first you invade our universe as conquerers, and you are coming with romantic shit like “oh - I'm meeting myself from another world - I must gabble instead of shooting”!? Fuck you man!

Cpt. Rüberg yanks his gun up and shoots his equivalent through the open visor of his helmet. MTF DE4-𝔎 and MEK 4-𝔎 are opening fire upon each other, and thanks to the numerical superiority and better equipment, MTF DE4-𝔎 is being eliminated, MEK 4-𝔎 suffers no further casualties.

Through the camera of MTF DE4-𝔎/2 wo is laying on the floor, a squad in Tactical Power Armor can be seen, walking past the corridor towards room ᚠ.


Around the time as MTF DE4-𝔎 enters the control room in U-3378-DE, the reinforcements in form of MTF DE8-𝔅 and -ℭ arrive. MTF DE8-𝔅 is a heavy infantry unit of around 100 men, with body armor and squads with ballistic shields. MTF DE8-ℭ is an armored unit with three armored vehicles with auto cannons and a truck with a 105 mm cannon hidden on its load bed, as well as a squad with the newly introduced Tactical Power Armors and its supply squad and supporting heavy infantry.

The following is a transcript of the recordings from room ᚾ2, in which the technical-scientific squad of MTF DE8-𝔊 is working, at the time the ultimatum of Major Armbruster is running out (15 minutes before the reinforcements arrive):


In room ᚾ2 are the technical-scientific squad of MTF DE8-𝔊 led by Dr. Schmieder, Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt and a team of guards of Site-DE3. The squad has opened the hatch in the floor and Dr. Schmieder, Dipl. Ing. Gretenkordt as well as two other members of the technical-scientific squad have entered the low room and are examining SCP-028-DE-B.

Gretenkordt: So, do you have a clue what that thing is, doctor Reality?

Dr. Schmieder: How dare you!

Gretenkordt: Sorry. Doctor Schmieder.

Dr. Schmieder: Better… To answer your question, yes, I have. Your original assumption that it some sort of early Scranton Reality Anchor is fundamentally correct, essentially it is working like an SRA. To make it short, there is a measure for reality, the Hume. The reality usually is at 1-2 Hm. The more hume, the more stable the reality. The abilities of reality benders are usually based on changing the measure of reality in themselves or their surroundings, and to change the reality according to their will. SRAs are machines that add or remove reality from dead or empty universes, to create filed of stable reality, usually at about 2 Hm. This device here is working similar, but it also is an interareal transmitter. The dome seems to be the cover of a parabolic dish, with which the device is concentrating its effect on one point.

Noises of battle can be heard from room ᚠ.

Gretenkordt: Ok, but do you have an idea whether we can use it?

Dr. Schmieder: That depends on whether my assumption how it works is correct. I assume that it starts with a search for the right frequency, which is why it has covered the whole electromagnetic spectrum. To be able to send intrareal, it probably has created a minimal small zone of extremely low reality in a defined point, through which the radiation can leave our universe and enter another universe with a similar zone of extremely low reality within reach, to establish communication. I assume it was originally build to send aimlessly into the “intrareal space”, as like we are sending aimlessly into space to see if someone answers. In the universe standing open down there they probably have built the same device which has still been in operation. They must have known that we exist and maybe just have waited for us to send. Then they have sent a signal back and this device has enlarged the zone of low reality in synchronization with theirs. They must have another apparatus there to stabilize the less-real zone into a portal.

Gretenkordt: Do you think this device can raise the reality instead of lowering it?

Dr. Schmieder: Yes I do, and I think that is our only chance to end this. And as this old device does not have digital controls, it should be enough to rewire it a bit.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to make the modifications. The reinforcements have arrived on both sides and are engaged in fierce battle. The SKP is using its Tactical Power Armor to secure room ᚠ while those of the Foundation and the troops in front of them with ballistic shields are forming moveable barricades in the corridors and are supporting the troops with their heavy weapons. Thanks to the nano-coated armor of the Tactical Power Armor, they are extremely well protected against fire from most weapons.

As the troops of the SKP are pushed back to room ᚠ, a firefight between the Power Armored squads of both sides breaks loose, which seem to be coequal, though the battle involves heavy losses among infantry. From SCP-028-DE-C more troops of the SKP push through while troops of the Foundation are advancing from the corridors. More MTFs and Reaction Forces from close facilities are on their way to Site-DE3. The early version of protocol “Ragnarök” is ready for execution.

Dr. Schmieder via radio: This is Doctor Schmieder of MTF DE8-Gustav to mission control; come in please!

Mission control via radio: This is Major Peters, mission control. You are the reality expert, right?

Dr. Schmieder via radio: Correct, Major, I think we have a chance to destabilize the portal, but there must be a machine or device on the other side, holding the portal opened. Let your troops search and destroy it!

Mission control via radio: There is something, indeed. Some sort of framework around the portal. Is that what you mean?

Dr. Schmieder via radio: That is hard to say without having seen it, but in absence of options I am saying yes. Have it destroyed.

From the transmission of MTF DE4-𝔎 it is known that there have been charges planted on the framework, and that the detonator may still be laying there. The Tactical Power Armor squad is ordered to recover the detonator, detonating the charges without detonator or destroying the devices with their weapons.

The Tactical Power Armor squad manages to advance through the portal, followed by the Power Armor of the SKP. The detonator is nowhere to be found, and the charges have been removed, though are still in a crate in the room. The troops of the Foundation can move the crate with the charges in the middle of the room and to detonate it with direct fire.

The machinery around SCP-028-DE-C is damaged and breaks down, though the portal does not collapse but it “bursts” and suddenly expands to ca. Ø50 m. It does not seem to have a defined “hull” and seems to taper off gradually. Within the affected zone, the reality seems to be undefined. Personnel reports, that both realities are perceived alternating, and that the perception can change after blinking or a fast turn. All personnel in the affected zone seem to exist in both universes at the same time and are visible on all cameras (some live-feeds from cameras of the SKP can be recorded). Anyway, each inanimate object seems to stay in “its” universe. Electromagnetic signals seem to exist in both realities.

Guards of the SKP appear on room ᚾ2 and are overpowered. Everywhere in the corridors personnel of the SKP appears, and heavy fights break loose.

Dr. Schmieder: Is visibly startled. What the hell… where does that control board come from?

Dr. Schmieder’s shoulder camera is in the normal universe and no control board is visible.

Gretenkordt: What control board?

Dr. Schmieder: Wait, you do not see a control board there?

Gretenkordt: No!? Doctor, what is going on? And where did those guys come from?

Dr. Schmieder: You are asking questions… if I interpret the boom correctly, the MTFs have blown something up and I would assume it was the portal stabilizing device. I do not know how it works, but I think we are inside the portal. Without the stabilization, both universes seem to exist coincidentally. We are now threatened by a Universe-conjunction, multiple universes merging to one, and therewith a permanent transition, or a hole that devours both universes. Both are to be prevented, so I suggest we start the device here and hope it reestablishes reality.

Dr. Schmieder is starting up SCP-028-DE-B. It begins searching.

Dr. Schmieder via radio: Schmieder to mission control, I highly advise to protect the device in Naudis 2 with utmost priority! And nobody shall leave the anomaly! I repeat: The anomaly must not be left!

Mission control via radio: Mission control understands. Stay there and hold your ground.

As not required troops are withdrawn and partly are send to protect room ᚾ2, the remaining heavy and armored units are engaging the troops of the SKP in a static combat in room ᚠ, also to distract them from the dome. Major Armbruster of the SKP has been killed by a Tactical Power Armor in melee combat.

SCP-028-DE-B is running through the spectrum of visible light and reaches and focusses on hard X-radiation. Apparently, its equivalent from U-3378-DE (SCP-028-DE-B-1) is responding automatically, and as this is lowering the measure of reality, the SCP-028-DE-B on this side is raising reality. The imbalance seems to have a negative impact on the universe U-3378-DE, as the camera feeds received from there are showing an expansion of the anomaly, while it is contracting on this side.

The expansion of the anomaly seems to be detected by some security systems, as it seems that SCP-028-DE-B-1 is toggled and now also is stabilizing the reality, otherwise it probably would have come to a reality break in U-3378-DE.

Dr. Schmieder via non-encrypted radio: Dr. Schmieder to all units: The anomaly is closing, seize fire and do as I say if you do not want to end up in the wrong universe!

The units of both sides are seizing fire hesitantly and are taking cover. Mission control decides not to intervene.

Dr. Schmieder via non-encrypted radio: You surely have noticed, that sometimes you are perceiving this universe, sometimes that. I cannot guarantee that by theory works, but I do not have better one. I assume you always are existing in the universe you are seeing. At least that would explain the function of a spatial portal. When the boundary of the anomaly is crossing over you, blink beforehand until you see the desired reality. Keep your eyes open as long as possible and avoid all movement. The boundary of the anomaly is fluxionary, you will not notice when you are through. If you manage to blink in the wrong moment, you might be facing much more dire consequences than “just” ending up in the wrong universe: Eternal agony in the void between the worlds.

The anomaly is contracting and seems to be closing at last.


Most troops manage to return to “their” universe, though █ members of the SKP remained and where arrested for through questioning. The Foundation has lost █ members in U-3378-DE; they are regarded as MIA. Personnel whose equivalent from U-3378-DE has stranded in “our” universe has been amnestied accordingly to prevent them from trying to establish contact.

The equipment of the forces of the SKP has been examined in detail. Most military equipment as well as their Tactical Power Armor was manufactured by the company “Richter und Thiel Industriegesellschaft mbH”, which by name and logo seems to be an equivalent of the local Group of Interest Raptor Tec. Industries.

On the same day, Scranton Reality Anchors have been flown in from the USA and taken into operation. SCP-028-DE-B has been analyzed, but no new technology could be derived from it. It was dismantled and is now stored on Site-DE██. According to analyses the device which was removed from the framework around SCP-028-DE-C and was thrown through it by MTF DE4-𝔎, belongs to a cluster of emitters similar to Scranton Reality Buoys, that generate a spherical field to stabilize SCP-028-DE-C. They are compressing the portal until it takes a spherical form with a “stable” outer hull, similar to a gas that is liquified by pressure.

SCP-028-DE-C has been closed but did not disappear. It still exists as an anomaly of extremely low reality with a size of a few picometer, through which very weak X-radiation intrudes permanently since six month after Incident 028-DE/I2. It is yet unknown if and how the anomaly can be closed completely.

The currently effective Special Containment Procedures have been established based on insights derived from the recordings and captured documents of this incident.


As the SKP still exists in U-3378-DE, we can assume that the Nazis have won in that universe. And apparently their universe is not enough for them, and they seem to want to bless us with their presence. I do not have to explain to you why we do not want that.

This portal they tried to open is not just a transition from here to there. It is an anchor. An anchor they are throwing from their world to ours. Should they succeed they would get a stable, and according to our knowledge an irreversible connection, big enough that troops, tanks and other war material can pass. And we can do nothing against it. We know that they are technologically superior to us. We know that they are using anomalies as naturally as we use socks and underpants. They are not some alien invaders from a bad movie, who we can trick with human deficiencies. They are humans like us, just better.

The only thing we can do is to prevent them from fully opening this portal. If we fail, O5 will take extreme measures. You and I know that we will not survive that.

— Director of Site-DE3

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