#028-DE/P1 - Protocol “Mjölnir”
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Additional Containment Procedures: Located in the main hall (Room ᚠ) is a two-section mobile platform. Each section has a size of 6 × 4 m. They are electromagnetically connected on the long sides (resulting in a size of 6 × 8 m combined). The section facing the center of the room hereafter is designated as Platform 1, the aft section as Platform 2. Both platforms and their superstructures are armored against gunfire up to explosive grenades caliber 40 mm.

Platform 1 has no own propulsion and its wheels are blocked automatically when it is disconnected. Platform 1 carries an Impulse-Hume-Emitter (IHE 1505) with an output of 15 Hm per pulse and a frequency of 0.5 Hz. It is powered by a constantly fully loaded fusion-accumulator, holding enough power for 20 pulses.

Platform 2 contains the engine of the platforms as well as controls, electronics, and an armored pillbox with shooting slits and grenade machine guns in armored ball casings. This platform carries 8 SRAs in an even arrangement.

Under normal conditions, all SRAs in Room ᚠ are offline and are sequentially started in test-mode daily, as well as the electronics of the IHE and the platforms. All damage and malfunctions are to be eliminated instantly with utmost priority. The ignition mechanism of the IHE is in possession by the site-director.

Preparation of protocol “Mjölnir”: Upon transmission of the codeword “Heimdall”, the installation described above is put into standby and the 36 SRAs around SCP-028-DE-C are to be started up to normal operation. The site-director hands the ignition mechanism over to the reality-expert on duty, who installs it into the IHE. The Reaction-Forces are ingesting the memetic agent W04178/A (W04178/A is a memetically active methamphetamine that, in addition to the normal effect of methamphetamine, suppresses the ability to feel fear and increases the obedience). They man Platform 2 and establish readiness to fire. All personnel not necessary is evacuated from Room ᚠ and the armored doors are locked.

Execution of protocol “Mjölnir”: This protocol must be executed exactly as described below:

  1. The Reaction-Forces are ordered to open fire on all hostile forces. The grenade launchers must not open fire yet to not damage the facility, except it is unavoidable for the successful execution of the protocol.
  2. The 36 SRAs around SCP-028-DE-C are throttled to 80% output.
  3. The combined platform drives through SCP-028-DE-C and in there 10 m farther.
  4. As soon as SCP-028-DE-C is crossed, the Reaction-Forces fire the grenade launchers at the SCP-028-DE-D.
  5. Once the platform has reached its target, Platform 1 is disconnected.
  6. Platform 2 drives backward through SCP-028-DE-C at top speed.
  7. As soon as Platform 2 has left SCP-028-DE-C it gives a signal to Platform 1 via infrared lights.
  8. The output of the 36 SRAs around SCP-028-DE-C is increased to 100%.
  9. Exactly 2 seconds after Platform 2 has given the signal, Platform 2 quick-starts its SRAs to 200% output. The probability that SCP-028-DE-C thereby is closed is approximately 82%.
  10. 0.5 s after SCP-028-DE-C is confirmed to be closed, the IHE 1505 is triggered. As a result, U-3378-DE is overloaded by up to 300 Hm in an area of 8 km, which causes it to “solidify” and become unstable. In case that SCP-028-DE-C, in opposition to the readings, has not been closed then, the effect will also occur here, though only within 3 km around SCP-028-DE.

If Platform 2 does not manage to leave SCP-028-DE-C within 60 seconds after entering U-3378-DE, article 8 becomes effective anyway and Platform 2 is trapped in U-3378-DE. Therefore, the Reaction-Forces are allowed to abandon the platform and try to return on foot.

Should the IHE 1505 not be fired, destroyed before being fired or it does not have the expected result, Protocol “Ragnarök” [clearance level 4/O4 required] is executed.

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