Operation Fenris
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Operation Fenris is a plan to invade U-3378. The success of this operation is the biggest milestone in the history of the SKP since the final victory. Bigger than the colonization of the moon, even larger than the colonization of Mars. The units selected for participation are among the absolute elite of the Waffen-SKP and the Wehrmacht. We and the German people expect no less than absolute devotion from the forces involved!
— K5-1

It should be noted that the planning of Operation 𝔉𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔰 took place only after the event #028/E2, and the extra information gained during that event was taken into account.

Additional safety regulations: A complete heavy task force is to be stationed in the main hall (Room ᚠ) at all times. Permanently fortified positions have been erected there, with four autonomous 40mm grenade machine guns with dual feed ammunition belts for fragmentation and hollow charge grenades.

SKP-028-C, usually only a few picometers, is constantly monitored for changes with a microscope camera in order to detect infiltration with microdrones.

Operation 𝔉𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔰 is performed if SKP-028-C has opened and stabilized.

If the opened SKP-028-C collapses and cannot be stabilized, it must be closed and reduced to a minimum with the help of SKP-028-B and the eight Scranton Reality Anchors in Room ᚠ. Should this fail, and either a breach of reality is imminent, a counter-invasion of U-3378 or any other universe takes place, or if there is a risk that SKP-028 falls into the hands of terrorists, the 500 kT nuclear on-site warhead will be detonated.

All Schmidt Portal Stabilizers in Room ᚠ are normally switched off and are started in Test mode one by one on a daily basis. The electronics of the stabilizers, as well as those of the SRAs, are also tested daily for functionality. All damage and malfunctions must be immediately resolved with the highest priority.

Preparation of Operation 𝔉𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔰: If keyword "𝔑𝔦𝔡𝔡𝔥𝔬𝔤𝔤-028" is transmitted, the entire device described above is put into standby mode and the Schmidt Portal Stabilizers around SKP-028-C are ramped up to normal operation. All unneeded personnel are pulled out of Room ᚠ and the armoured doors are locked.

All the facilities to which the keyword was sent carry out the local alarm plan. This usually involves sealing off the facility and dispatching MEKs and units of the Waffen-SKP as well as the Wehrmacht. In the metropolitan area of Kassel, a general alarm is to be triggered, and the population has to go to the shelters. Should the operation fail, the incident is to be disclosed as an unannounced large-scale exercise for if a containment breach in Special Facility-3 happens.

Execution of Operation 𝔉𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔦𝔰: As soon as SKP-028-C opens and stabilizes, infantry regiment 41 storms U-3378. Tactical Power Armour troops are on the front lines, followed by shock troops and technical troops, which immediately begin the construction of Schmidt Portal Stabilizers and a mobile fusion generator there.

It is expected that, following event #028/E2, security measures have been taken to counter another invasion. Therefore, the first goal of the troops passing through the portal is the destruction of the SKP-028-B there, as well as all the equivalents of Scranton Reality Anchors. Only then will enemy forces be fought. Troops are expendable.

Since it can be assumed that the site has numerous and possibly extreme defensive measures such as a nuclear warhead, it is imperative to advance as soon as possible. According to Protocol #028/O1-A1, each unit has been assigned a specific room to target and often has specific tasks such as the takeover of building management systems and the security centre. These objectives are to be achieved as quickly as possible at any sacrifice. Pioneering squads are to remove doors, gates and other obstacles.

Once the Schmidt Portal Stabilizers and the fusion generator are set up and in operation, a portable shield generator must be put into operation in order to keep the portal open even in the case of nuclear countermeasures.

Once the invading forces have reached the surface, all Tactical Power Armours are to be equipped with the heavy laser projector LP-3X and/or the RMK 30 with the highest priority, to use them for air defence. It is assumed that there are only a few troops on the ground due to the secrecy of the SCP Foundation, and air support, also with nuclear weapons, is to be expected.

Once the facility ("Site DE3") is secured, the corridors to the surface must be cleared to make space for units of the Waffen-SKP and the Wehrmacht. After infantry and Tactical Power Armour units have reached the surface and built a bridgehead, the facility’s offices and social rooms are to be prepared as living quarters. Unneeded goods must be removed from storage rooms in order to use these appropriately.

It is expected that about 1½ hours after passing through the portal the first larger enemy forces will arrive. Before that, the bridgehead must be fortified. Enemy units are to be wiped out; prisoners are not intended. The SCP Foundation in U-3378 has but a few task forces and no military branch. It is believed that they will hesitate to contact the "Bundeswehr" (the military) and the police of the "Federal Republic of Germany." However, significant opposition is expected from residents of U-3378. Any resistance from the authorities and the population must be crushed by the utmost public force. Since they are accustomed to peace and a high degree of public order, only a small amount of intimidation will be needed to break their resistance. If possible, pre-emptive strikes must be carried out against the nearest locations of the Bundeswehr and the police.

Once the bridgehead is secured, a high-voltage cable is laid through the portal, and above ground, another projector for a kinetic shield is built. After its activation, a portable SKP-028-B and a Schmidt Portal Stabilizer Grid are transported to predetermined coordinates on the surface, creating a portal through which the entire 1st and 2nd Army of the Wehrmacht advance, vehicle by vehicle. The armies then secure the northern Hesse. Regelbau 028/1 will be constructed as soon as possible, at which an SKP-028-C of 1 km in size will be generated in order to allow unhindered and rapid traffic of troops on land and in the air. This marks the beginning of the large-scale conquest of the "Federal Republic of Germany," Europe and all of U-3378.

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