1 - Mold

Maybe I shouldn't spread this information, since I wasn't properly authorized to integrate it into my research… But how do I even get a dead person's signature? Even if I go after the family… Well, it would be running in circles, as there's no one else close.

Mrs. Lu was not an extraordinary being in her own right. She had simple tastes, simple manners, could never be introduced into a high level society. In fact, sometimes she was a reason of pity to me, as she could never understand the fun in classical music or enjoy one of those extravagant meals I tried to offer her. She was an uninteresting widow.

All that said, there's no denying the surprise after her passing. Her cause of death, as well as her first name, didn't matter. It wouldn't matter even if gleaming in gold, not after finding her files.

Anyone looking through the thick glasses would never see the sudden glow that lived under the skin that was beginning to wrinkle. An independent researcher. A person with so many unshared experiences that moved my spirit into this current action — probably against standard procedures — and, without even a hint of hesitation, to take any necessary risk.

In the next few lines, I leave worded the first creature that Mrs. Lu encountered as soon as she moved to the town of ██████. She is unprofessional at first and I considered editing the first few chapters to set the right tone, but I don't think it's appropriate to change anyone's words, least of all Mrs. Lu's.

My excitement may escape, don't mind, please. It's just that… I didn't think I'd find them here!

Roberto didn't notice them. Of course he didn't! He doesn't even notice the cat in the middle of his way, how would he notice them? I won't let it bother me though, let's talk about what I found today!

I think explaining the context makes sense here. The neighbor had finally noticed my presence! She even invited me to visit her and have coffee. That's what people do in this town: drink coffee. There is no tea and if there is it is a weird industrialized version. But… even though this bitter drink gives me a good deal of disgust, I accepted. I confess, I was curious to know what the people who lived next door were like.

Her apartment could illustrate one of those soap opera magazines. Her husband would be found on the carpet with a knife in his back and she would be the leading female (although it would be more like her if she was a secret villain with a sharp tongue and involvement with people of power. Yes, Pamela would be that character). Sitting on her leather sofa transported me to a scene within the plot and for a few moments I relaxed as I waited for coffee, wondering where I could fit in.

I can't keep my regrets shut. Perhaps I should have remained seated, waiting for the bitter liquid and something to eat… But it's a reflex. I let my gaze slip to the corner, just watching, not wanting it to notice. I noticed its presence as I looked at the photographs and tried to forget. But that's far from any ability I have.


Page taken from diary 3. It tells about the psychological effects and the method of containment, although Mrs. Lu didn't mention it directly.

I hadn't taken anything to pick that up with (who would have?). I hope Pamela doesn't miss her cup or two of her silverware (I think it's silver).

Mrs. Lu even wrote in her personal diary (separated from any material of research value, it ended up discarded), but how she handled her relationship with her neighbor is not really interesting for the exposition.

She, like most of those oblivious to the world we live in, didn't notice what she was doing or what she was dealing with. And perhaps that was the most appropriate way to live in her time and moment. Of course, it wouldn't make sense to put this here if this wasn't just the beginning for Mrs. Lu.

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