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Move forward.

60-Second Teaser




"However, the three planes heading for Manhattan dove into the World Trade Center (WTC), and immediately after, the Manhattan area surrounding the WTC was transported into a hellish dimension."


"This frenzied day was just beginning."

Full Release!
The Longest Day of the United States of America

"Situation update - the plane is speeding up - it's heading for the Twin Towers."
"If I am to believe these reports, the south side of the island is filled with ghosts and demons."
"The coalition is trying to set a nuclear explosion or worse against the anomalous space that’s swallowing up a million people."
"Prepare yourself, soldier; it’s time for your faith to shine bright!"
"We must not give up."

Double Feature!
Magical Girls Fly through Manhattan’s Crimson Dark

“That’s… That’s a witch. And a rather classical one, too.”
“Hey, the crimson dark goes even deeper!”
“Thank you, everyone. From here on out, we’re in this together.”
“How many times did you pray to God for this?”
“Now is the time to show them your magic.”

“You’re just scared, that’s all.”
“All order will return to chaos. All thanks to the utter hatred of the King.”
“The point is, anything could’ve happened. Everything is unstable, everything is shaking.”
“ ‘The day that will come’ may already be here.”
“Ah, I mean… Y-you really want a ride?”

Our Broken Mobile Spiritual Broken Gundam

Bonus Footage “NYPD and Dimensional Collapse”
Battle on 51st Street
Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

“What do you mean ‘say my name’, you satanic garbage? You shit devil, you childish general.”

“We’re bringing the T-REX back to life. Then we’ll use him to scatter the demons and break through.”

Short Movies

“Panic walks the black wilderness, Discord and Dread marching along.”
“I felt the need to wash my hands on holy water, and wipe them on the clothes of a fellow priest or nun.”
“Red children danced around a red fire, amidst a red forest.”

“Rescue will surely come! So, until then, keep holding on!”
“Why do they find it necessary to involve citizens in threats against us…”
“Your future is soon to vanish.”

Operation Callisto

“World supremacy must be given to those most beautiful.”
“The certainties of humanity, which have been shaken following the collapse of Poland, must be rebuilt right here, right now.”
“We will triumph.”

“What was so bad about the Hudson River agreement?”
“I must never repeat their regret.”
“That was your real job.”

UIU File: 2001-745
Codename “Altair”

Art Collection

“The frenzied day is already here.”
“Another shifting moment in history carved into your memory.”

“This film adaptation is a good chance to reflect once again upon the tragedy of the Manhattan Dimensional Collapse Event, and think of the people who fought in it.”

And More…

Featured Groups and Characters

On September 11, 2001, Manhattan descended into hell.

Many people were caught in the crossfires of a large-scale, unprecedented paranormal terrorist attack.

Frenzy. Struggle. Chaos. Collapse. Retreat.

Protection. Rescue. Unity. Survival. Progress.

With everything going on, the otherworldly island blooms countless tales.

Here is a rundown of those who've left an impact on the Manhattan Crisis.

Work Showcase

Welcome! This is Manhattan, amidst chaos.

On behalf of all staff working on the Manhattan Dimensional Collapse Terrorist Attack, I, O-92_MalletO-92_Mallet, will give a summary explanation on the SCP Foundation series of works known as “Manhattan Crisis”.

Important Condition

This series belongs to the 1998 canon, and is structured upon the conditions of that worldview. In the early summer of 1998, a giant Chopin-faced cicada appeared and tore through Poland, destroying the veil of normality, and the ‘existence of the paranormal’ became known to the whole world. The Manhattan Dimensional Collapse Terrorist Attack would occur three years later, on September 11th, 2001. Although the event initially heavily resembled the September 11th attacks, it takes a completely different turn thanks to a certain ‘anomaly’.

Distinctive Factors

There’s not many characteristics one needs to know to understand this series. If you follow the following 5 points, the images written on these works will come to life before your eyes in extremely vivid ways… even though the majority of the works here are the longest articles written on SCP-JP!

  • The “Guardians of the normal world” have become “guardians of the world”.

In the world after the veil’s fall, the organizations that used to hide anomalies, like the Foundation and the Coalition now openly acknowledge their existence. But they would never let dangerous objects that could turn on humanity go free. Especially not now, when the biggest and most populated areas of the world are overflowing with anomalies! The once normalcy preservation agencies have become world preservation agencies, firmly opposite paraterrorism.

  • Humanity at large is aware of the paranormal, but has no effective countermeasures against it.

The veil has been torn off, revealing to the general public completely unknown entities. People’s reactions vary… Some approach with curiosity, some run away in fear, and some look to profit off it. However, 3 years was too little time for the common folk to get used to the paranormal; to communicate, interact, and befriend the anomalous. By 2001, only a few people in society could truly understand the power of the paranormal. For the rest, it’s basically the end if they become targets of a malicious anomaly or paranormal organization.

  • A succession of flashy, paranormal events take place at the Isle of Chaos.

This is part of the original 1998 canon worldview, in which the world without veil has become a series of paranormal events that attract the attention of the whole world. The Manhattan Dimensional Collapse Terrorist Attack is one of these events, and the series of events themselves are a representation of this world. On Manhattan Island, which has been thrown into a dimension of chaos by the Chaos Insurgency, a vast number of monsters out of sci-fi, or fairy tales, or suspense media (Or maybe out of all of them at once) have popped out from the depths of Hell (This is not a metaphor!). Horned demons are the best example of this.

  • Even then, people continue to move on.

This is another central theme of the 1998 canon. The people left behind on the island will go through any hardship to protect and preserve their lives. To obstruct the Coalition’s wishes to make Manhattan disappear into the other world to save the rest of the world, the Foundation pushes forward on destroying the core of the Insurgency before the Pizzicato day arrives. There is no resignation in their eyes. They always look forward, doing everything they can to accomplish their own goals.

  • The world dramatically changed following the terrorist attack.

As readers who’ve read later articles of the 1998 canon (such as SCP-2041-JP) might have realized, the world in the near future depicted in the canon has gone through sudden development, to the degree that it’s hard to believe paratech is used in infrastructure and paranormal diseases are treated just like any other. So, how did humanity get the ability to be on equal footing to that of the anomalous? A part of the answer lies here, in Manhattan. Generally speaking, it’s an important turning point in the development of the 1998 canon.


Manhattan Crisis is, in a way, like a Hollywood film. Three silver wings delineate three silver screens, you’re handed a pamphlet with several interviews of the NYPD, and the screen shows a trailer of an electronic newspaper. If you’ve read this far, you’re ready to jump into the paranormal war that’s about to unfold in Manhattan. Look forward to watching the film! This is our only promise.


Hmmm? You’re tired of watching movies, and want to write your own script? That’s wonderful! The entire staff of the Great Manhattan Silver Screen will always welcome the eager participation of newcomers.

In case you want to submit an article about Manhattan Crisis:

You must only adhere to the following four points:

  • Tag your article as both ‘1998’ and ‘manhattan-crisis’. Manhattan Crisis is a sub-series in the 1998 Canon, so any article depicting the event automatically becomes part of 1998.
  • Make detailed references to the events occurring within Manhattan Island in your article. Simply writing that ‘there’s an event going on’ is too little to be included in the film.
  • Please compare your article with previously existing ones to ensure there’s no inconsistencies within the characters and setting. The best way to do this is to thoroughly read every article, but they’re extremely lengthy, and gathering the necessary information can become a pain. So what can you do? There’s a way to contact the authors of existing articles. You can visit the #1998年 channel on the “SCP-JP公式チャット” Discord server, or the #マンハッタン組 channel on the “1998年 運営会議場” Discord server. If you have questions about a setting or event, feel free to ask! One of the ‘script’ officers (Author of a Manhattan-related article) will respond.
  • If possible, we’d appreciate it if you could share information about characters and catchphrases of new articles with us! Just like above, you can do this through any 1998 Canon Discord server.

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