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Year 1998

Series of 1998

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1. SC-99/734/01/506 by Uncle Nicolini
2. Frenzied Overture by Uncle Nicolini
3. SCP-2910-JP by Uncle Nicolini
4. Manhattan Crisis Theme by Uncle Nicolini
5. MANHATTAN CRISIS MOVIE PORTAL by newnykacolaquantum

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The Dawn; it’s coming.

Article List

Year 1998: A Night of Waltz

The Veil is lifted following an incident involving the appearance of a divine being in Poland, and the darkness that’s been hidden until now comes to light. Amidst the spreading chaos, humanity is forced to take a new step forward.

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Year 2001: The Longest Day of the United States of America

3 year of peace were destroyed by 3 silver wings. The contradictions of a Veil-less world become apparent in the face of an unprecedented anomalous terrorist attack that sinks Manhattan into the underworld. Surviving September 11, the battle of the people begins.

Manhattan Crisis

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Year 2006: The Catcher in the Hemp

On October 2, 2006, Colombia falls. With syringes in their hands, they continue to talk about cheap liberalism with that witty-sounding tone. An entertainer’s show that ridicules immorality, people living in a cramped normalcy are still at a loss.

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Year 2009: Claws and Fangs Sinking at Dusk

The Odd-Toed Disease Incident, an accidental outbreak scandal that infected about 60,000 people and killed roughly 1,500 of them, was brought to an end with the discovery of a vaccine. But the fear of the incident doesn’t ends here. Discrimination against Odd-Toed Disease patients, damage due to rumours about AFC that do not depend on theriantropic folklore or post-disease traits, lack of progress on AFC privileges… Even as they struggle in the darkness, their night isn’t to end yet.

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Year 2015: PLVS VLTRA

The emergence of a divine being in Barcelona in 2015 leaves a great scar on the land and people of Spain. Unrecognized animaly privileges, discrimination from foreign countries, attacks by the Summer Bird Thought League… This is a record of a kingdom forced to move forward.

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Year 2017: Tokyo Incidents

A number of anomalous phenomena events simultaneously occur in Southern Kanto, centered around the Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo is thus destroyed. Over 3,5 million people die, and over 6 million go missing. This is the beginning of a nightmare that will last for 26 year, and the starting point of Japan’s rebirth.

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Year 2019: A Mirror of the Normal World

On September 13, 2019, Africa and South America return to “Normal”. When people recognized the existence of “abnormalities”, they became abnormalities themselves. People lost memories of the paranormal, and life returned to normal. However, the progress of the international community did not stop. Which everyday life must be returned? In the middle of the biggest anomalous event in history, involving roughly 30% of the world’s population, there is no turning back now.

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Year 2037: A Howl Through the Dawn

A new constitution is promulgated in Spain, the law on protection of abnormal holders is reformed, and discussions on a treaty regarding guaranteed rights begins. After so much effort, the dawn finally appears in front of the eyes of “the beasts who have struggled to be considered humans”, giving them hope. However, this means the “humans who’ve become beasts of hatred” have been cornered. Still, they howl towards dawn.

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Year 2041: Morning Peeking Through the Hospital Window

Epidemic disease, impairment increase, long nights of spiritual darkness. When people recognized the “anomaly”, they become the anomaly itself. It created an advancement of paratech and a more comfortable life, but for a positive side to exist, there must be a negative one… The story depicts Japan in the near future, starting with the reality collapse incident at Site-81Q5 in 2041.

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Canon Guide

About this Canon

The Canon “1998” is a series of works depicting a world transformed by the collapse of the Veil in the year 1998, which gives it its name.

In the early summer of 1998, a suspicious cult invoked a repulsive God in Poland. This imperfect but powerful divine entity tramples over many towns, moving towards the Holy Land in order to become whole again. The SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition and the Polish government worked together in order to defeat the entity, and finally succeeded after a fierce battle. However, the large-scale battle caught the attention of the public, and the entity, at the time of its suppression, caused a thaumaturgical backlash that blew apart the southern part of Poland, exposing the existence of the entity and the Foundation; the “Veil”, the border that separates the “normal” from the “abnormal”, was lost.

Now, this doesn’t make it a “broken masquerade”. Yes, the Veil was broken. However, the flow of time took an even weirder turn. The survival of Prometheus, the Insurgency’s anomalous terrorism, and many other events piled up, making the world be engulfed in a whirlpool of change. And as a result…

Welcome to “1998”, the stage for an hymn to humanity interwoven in chaos. Here’s your seat. Enjoy some coke and popcorn!

Canon Features

Currently, there are dozens of articles belong to the Canon, each with its own tendencies. That being said, there are some common features.

  • The Veil has been lifted

As mentioned above, the Veil was shattered by the events of 1998. Those put behind the walls of the “abnormal” are now gradually entering society.

  • The Guardian still stands

The world once known as “normalcy” doesn’t exist anymore. So where are the Foundation and the GOC? They’re still here. So that humanity can live in the light, they still reign as guardians of the “supernatural”. It’s clear that their position has softened compared to before. However, they still stand at the forefront of humanity in order to protect it.

  • Technology has greatly developed

With Poland’s Emergency Demands, followed by the Second Paratech Bubble, Prometheus has once again become the World’s Torchbearer. The flying sparks ignite paranormal companies all over the world, and paranormal technologies explode and propagate. The fire continues to burn, and the world enters a new stage. The future we once dreamt of is now right in front of our eyes.

  • Anomalies evolve

Since the fall of the Veil, countless anomalies have appeared in the world. Whether they decided to show up now or if there is something else at work, no one knows. However, the wave has steadily spread out, becoming gigantic. In time, humanity came to face new threats: Anomalous diseases, paranormal disaster, et cetera, et cetera…

  • Barriers will rise again and again

The collapse of the Veil, the overflowing anomalies, the crawling Groups of Interest. All these components intertwive, giving birth to mayhem in the world. Poland, Manhattan, Tokyo, Colombia, Spain… Common sense falls into hell, and cities fall and shatter into pieces. Nothing can be done to help the innocent… but is that true?

  • And yet, we won’t give up

Mankind in this world will not yield. No matter how tall the barrier in front of us is, we will climb it and reach the morning sun behind it. With the “technology” of paratech and the radiance of our “hearts”, we will fight against all kinds of hardship. The day when we will stop walking forward… That day will probably never come. Onwards, mankind.

Tone and Themes

The overall tone of “1998” is “Hope for the future”. Although some scenes are full of overwhelming despair and sadness, the canon is ultimately about overcoming them, with a theme of moving towards a better tomorrow.

However, due to the size of the canon, there are many other themes of varying sizes. Let me give some examples:

The possible themes are endless. If your wild ideas have grown out of control, then please, bring them to us.

Ah! But before you do that, you might want to thoroughly read the hub. The writing guide and the setting compilation might be of help.

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Background Information


For those who wish to know more, here is a summary of the Canon’s world setting. If you read this, you’ll generally understand every other article.
Due to its nature, it contains some spoilers. View with caution.

For a more detailed explanation, we recommend you reference the extended setting document collection on an external site.

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