2020 WAIFU Contest (Two Days to Write! Ended)


People are always fantasizing their "Waifu"s. Some write those fantasies into article ideas; these Waifus include, but are not limited to: singers, actors, models, idols, virtual idols, ACG characters, Vtubers, and so on.
The aim of this contest is to let you write your own unique Waifu!!!

Congratulations to the Top Three:

1st: Gimme a break plz. I really have no drop left., by copperiacopperia! Creepypasta Briefs Waifu!

Description: SCP-CN-copperia is a sexual fetish to human briefs, with tactile cognitohazards causing the subject's sexual activity with briefs, resulting in their pregnancy and reproduction similar to the human female's. Those with stronger fetishism triggers an additional effect, causing the love expression of briefs around the subject until their combination.

2nd: A Case of Uxoricide and Dismemberment, by raintree does not match any existing user name! Vegetable Waifu!

Description: SCP-CN-Raintree is a specific type of cooking on the subject's suspicion of infidelity of all his cabbages (Brassica oleracea) in the human sense, after which anyone who has interacted with the subject would share the similar cognitohazards to the subject's and mistake the cabbage for the subject's wife, with activity related to "murder investigation".

3rd: my handsome husbando 682 gekioshi ooc warning, by Tenth LeeTenth Lee, Hard-To-Destroy Lizard Waifu!

Description: SCP-CN-Tenth-Lee is an insane infatuation with SCP-682, which causes visual cognitohazards and hallucination on the subject, with a bended cognition of SCP-682 as "handsome" and delusion about its behavior as expressions of love. Meanwhile, the subject also pursues SCP-682 in multiple means, including but not limited to follows: confessing love, sending flowers, and writing articles.


Contest Entryyy



  • The topic is Waifu - Write your own waifu/husbando/partner! However, it must not be humanoid*!
    • *Humanoid: Anything that has a form similar to a human and the intelligence of or equivalent to a human (in brief, anything that satisfies the definition of a Humanoid).
    • You can write something that looks like a human, but they should not be as intelligent as a human.
    • You can write something with the human intelligence and not in human form, but it should not have any humanoid features.
    • Incorporeal/inorganic/inanimate subjects are strongly recommended!
  • There is no limit to the content. It can be simply a hidden love, an admiration between two, an eternal love, or even a netorare - Splash your creativity on anything related to Waifu.
    • Options: Tales (strongly recommend to write tales only, I appreciate that), SCP Entries (it is the best to write joke entries), GOI Formats (I think we already have enough adult content), Essays (Really?)
  • "You" in "Your Waifu" can be the real you, the fictional you, or not you (?).

The top three can obtain special descriptions for their entries! (maybe)

Use-This-Theme Challenge!

The following are title challenges. Anyone who writes about a specific theme from the following can obtain a title (of course it's useless!).
But only qualified entries can obtain titles nee nee nee.

Title Theme Difficulty (no value of reference)
The Magnificent Nature Write at least one organic anomaly1 Waifu ★★☆☆☆
Nonsexuality Write at least one inorganic2 anomaly Waifu ★★☆☆☆
Concept Stock Write at least one incorporeal3 anomaly Waifu ★★★☆☆
To Love A Story Write at least one Waifu that is the story itself. ★★★★☆
Wake Up Nerd, You Have No Wife Write at least one antimemetic anomaly Waifu ★★★★☆
Big Thing Write at least one anomaly Waifu that measures over 500 meters ★★☆☆☆
Harem Write a plot involving harem ★★★☆☆

Contest Time

From: 00:00, 2020/04/01 (UTC+8)

To*: 23:59, 2020/04/02 (UTC+8)

*The final result will be announced when the contest ends.


  • Promoting your entry is not prohibited in the contest, but such posts will be deleted, so you had better not.
  • It is the best not to participate in multiple contests at the same time. But it's just "the best".
  • Why are you still waiting? Start writing now!
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