2022 INT Survey Results

The staff of INT decided to run a survey in March 2022, to get a better idea of how we can engage people with the INT community and translation archive. As staff, we wanted to get some feedback from the SCP community so that we can make this a more engaging space for writers, readers and translators.

May 2022 Update: Following on from this survey, we redesigned the INT Hub on EN and encouraged translators to post their works on the English-language site.

The Results

1. Which SCP branches are you active on?

(e.g. use their chat or contribute articles - not the languages you speak)

2. Which do you think would be the best idea for an INT contest?

3. Your suggestion for a contest or other INT event:

We received a lot of suggestions, and while some were a little too silly or overly specific to be useful to us, many of them were very helpful.

The general consensus was that an INT contest should encourage collaboration and competition between authors from different branches, and also encourage crossovers between locations, canons and Groups of Interest from different branches. We have previous ran an Internation Groups of Interest Contest, and while there were issues we'd want to resolve or avoid in future, it was a very effective way to get people engaging with content from other branches.

Some ideas we're considering based on the suggestions include a team-based International Canons competion, similar to the GoI contest but using canons from other branches instead, a themed competition in which articles are submitted from different branches, and an INT-series SCP contest, in which two (or more) authors from different branches collaborate to create INT label SCPs.

4. What would you be interested in doing if such a contest was held?

5. If you'd be interested in reviewing articles, please leave your preferred contacts (Wikidot/Discord) so we can message you:

We'd like to thank the nearly 200 people who expressed interest in this, we'll be getting in contact with you at some point. We're glad that it seems that there are plenty of people who'd be interested in helping out translators.

6. Do you think more frequent contests would raise your overall interest in the INT community?

7. What would be your preferred way(s) to engage with the international SCP community?

8. What is your current opinion on the INT Hub page on EN?

We have an INT hub on EN, created to bring selected translations to a wider English-speaking audience, but it's only for articles posted by staff (omitting a number of other translations tagged as "international"), something we haven't done for a few years. We wanted to get opinions on the current state of the page from our respondents.

We received a wide range of responses - some people thought that it could be made more visually interesting, but a lot of others liked the simplicity, so we'll keep that in mind if we do a redesign in future. However, we did receive quite a few comments on it seeming sparse and with uneven coverage. Working out what to do with this page is one of our priorities as INT representatives, but we are considering ways to feature new articles on it, while also encouraging people to check out the main INT wiki and not just remain on EN.

9. Do you think translations should be posted on EN?

10. Would you like it if "author posts" explaining specific cultural/social/overall contextual elements were more common on translations?

If you'd like to discuss these results further, feel free to comment in the discussion of this page, or join the INT Discord to discuss it with the community further.

Analysis done by JerdenJerden, with thanks to Dr LekterDr Lekter for running the survey and for slashannemooslashannemoo for pointing out some initial graphing errors, as well as to everyone that answered, promoted and commented on the survey.

The survey was ran in SurveyHeart, read and reformatted in Microsoft Excel, and graphed using the Seaborn Python package. The answers to multiple choice questions and the python code used for graphing are attached to this page.

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