2023 "Absence" Canon Contest Hub

When death has come to its end, when anomaly has ceased emerging, when the Foundation has never founded…

The jigsaw puzzle named normalcy is missing a piece, and the very existence of "anomaly" is composed of it. Whereas there shall be more pieces beyond the puzzle's edge, there shall be more anomalies beyond the known frontier of normalcy. No one is sure about where the next unknown piece may show up, and how it may affect the human world.

And now, the power is in your hand - to remove a jigsaw piece from the world of SCP Foundation.

Final Rankings & Scores


Transcription Malfunctioned

Team members: Agent PhageAgent Phage breadddddbreaddddd DouglasLiuDouglasLiu RosaliaXDRosaliaXD W AsrielW Asriel


Transcription Malfunctioned Hub

DENY! DENY! DENY! by DouglasLiu
List of Missing Books by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
A Tree Rotten Inside (Series): Awakening · Decision · Exchange · Duty · Journey by W Asriel
Phage's Proposal - Yellowstone Memoirs by Agent Phage
A Theory About Giant Pandas, Which May Not Be Correct by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
Critter Profile: Dormio! by DouglasLiuDouglasLiu & RosaliaXDRosaliaXD

Prizes: 600¥ cash + one copy of There Is No Antimemetics Division (English hardcover version) + one copy of Tom Clancy's the Division 2: Warlords of New York + two copies of Battlefield 2020 + one copy of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Girls' Last Tour) Chapter I to VI (Taiwan/Japan separate edition)

Runners Up

Cold Start

Team members: CaroyalKKaiaCaroyalKKaia Enzo_StamatisEnzo_Stamatis MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree Rye TravisRye Travis SharethesilenceSharethesilence


Cold Start Hub

You Will Ask by Rye TravisRye Travis
Admist a Crash of Worlds by MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree
Olivebranch Drifted toward the Stormeye by Enzo_StamatisEnzo_Stamatis
The Sea and Her Dreams. by CaroyalKKaiaCaroyalKKaia
Ambrose Dust & Dream by MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree
Greatest Weapon by SharethesilenceSharethesilence
Always with You by Rye TravisRye Travis

Prizes: 400¥ cash + Notes on Abyss + two copies of Tricky Record LARP game + two copies of any one of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth/Rocket of Whispers/Echo of Starsong/Prism Peak + one copy of Enter the Gungeon

Congratulations to the Top-3 Teams above, and congratulations to all who participated! Thank you for supporting our contest!

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These teams have complete contest entries:

Canon Name: Cold Start

Description in a Sentence: A great war between the Chaos Insurgency has destroyed the foundation and other groups dealing with anomalies, heavily damaged the human civilization and made large areas of our world barren, however, the survivors' lives continue.
Team Members: CaroyalKKaiaCaroyalKKaia, Enzo_StamatisEnzo_Stamatis, MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree, Rye TravisRye Travis, SharethesilenceSharethesilence


Cold Start Hub

You Will Ask by Rye TravisRye Travis
Admist a Crash of Worlds by MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree
Olivebranch Drifted toward the Stormeye by Enzo_StamatisEnzo_Stamatis
The Sea and Her Dreams. by CaroyalKKaiaCaroyalKKaia
Ambrose Dust & Dream by MDYw_RainTreeMDYw_RainTree
Greatest Weapon by SharethesilenceSharethesilence
Always with You by Rye TravisRye Travis

Canon Name: Logos Evangelical

Description in a Sentence: Double up the sides of the soul and you will not get a complete but rather two monstrous halves of the soul; that's the reality with which the Church of the Broken God, humanity and the world, be faced.
Team Members: AnyboLancdonAnyboLancdon, Enterark_DEnterark_D, AkikoeAkikoe, Oblivionnnnn does not match any existing user name, flipirisflipiris


The Crying Emerald Green by Oblivionnnnn does not match any existing user name
Falling in Love by Oblivionnnnn does not match any existing user name
Mountain Fall by flipirisflipiris
SCP-CN-2668 by AkikoeAkikoe
A Lament, a.k.a. The Golden Age by AnyboLancdonAnyboLancdon
To Kill Thousands of Rising Suns byflipirisflipiris
SCP-CN-2179 byEnterark_DEnterark_D

Canon Name: Long Dreamless Night

Description in a Sentence: All creatures' sleep is deprived in one night; the boundary between being awake and being dead is vanishing - there are merely fourteen days left for the Foundation to deal with the great chaos caused by this.
Team Members: Re_spectatorsRe_spectators, OdeoOdeo, LPCaCO3LPCaCO3, Dr AlucardSinDr AlucardSin, Sylvia_BlankSylvia_Blank


File Recovered CN-19930624-01.mp4 (screenshot) by Re_spectatorsRe_spectators
The Long Dark by Dr AlucardSinDr AlucardSin
SCP-CN-2314 by Sylvia_BlankSylvia_Blank
Do Neuromancers Dream of Hitchhiker's Guide? by OdeoOdeo

Canon Name: Grey Tune

Description in a Sentence: A grey out of nowhere rushed down from our senses and robbed all creatures from their ability to recognize colors' saturation; in this world where everything is 50% shade of grey, no one will use the word "bright" to describe colors anymore.
Team Members: Yoghurt_JinchougeYoghurt_Jinchouge, QuisqualisQuisqualis, haplocalyx haplocalyx , two cattwo cat, MercuresphereMercuresphere


Grey Tune Hub
SCP-CN-2461 by Yoghurt_Jinchouge
SCP-CN-2462 by Yoghurt_Jinchouge
SCP-CN-2633 by quisqualis
Marine Reveries of Shironose Suna by quisqualis
Oneiroi Search Record-(128.128.128)VR:Moby Dick by haplocalyx
SCP-CN-2485 by two cat

Canon Name: Far Retrospection

Description in a Sentence: A CoK-Class "Concept Denudement" Scenario by an apex-tier pluripotent entity has been confirmed; Project "Far Retrospection", created by the Foundation's Department of Concepts and O5 Council is considered the most plausible proposal for the K-Class Scenario.
Team Members: Jiu_HuanJiu_Huan, ShorytShoryt, Ghost hatGhost hat, Sail Wenroey FlickerSail Wenroey Flicker


SCP-CN-2821 - Iris nigricans by Jiu_Huan, Sail Wenroey Flicker, Shoryt
SCP-CN-XXXX - Confusion, Suspection, Depletion by Ghost hat
SCP-CN-2817 - Five Dimentions by Jiu_Huan
The Last Kid of the Scholt Family by Sail Wenroey Flicker
SCP-CN-2287 - Some sort of interaction between researcher and an office chair by Ghost hat
SCP-CN-2807 - No More Oblivion by Jiu_Huan、Ghost hat
Gone Date by Shoryt

Canon Name: Transcription Malfunctioned

Description in a Sentence: SCP-2000 is crashing ever more frequently, Deus Ex Machina's power to restart the world is broken, so every newborn must have something missing… The Iteration is struggling to rebuild itself, some are working, some are suffering, and some are asking the reasonable question: Why we are still doing it? Do we even know?
Team Members: Agent PhageAgent Phage, breadddddbreaddddd, DouglasLiuDouglasLiu, RosaliaXDRosaliaXD, W AsrielW Asriel


Transcription Malfunctioned Hub

DENY! DENY! DENY! by DouglasLiu
List of Missing Books by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
A Tree Rotten Inside (Series): Awakening · Decision · Exchange · Duty · Journey by W Asriel
Phage's Proposal - Yellowstone Memoirs by Agent Phage
A Theory About Giant Pandas, Which May Not Be Correct by breaddddd & RosaliaXD
Critter Profile: Dormio! by DouglasLiuDouglasLiu & RosaliaXDRosaliaXD

Canon Name: Demarcators of the Frontiers

Description in a Sentence: Without the Veil, lacking all anomalous technologies and any deities to worship, the weak and poor Foundation can only explore the unknown with its courage, endurance and a body of flesh.
Team Members: CTorJSChenCTorJSChen, initializerCOXinitializerCOX, Kanie JaKanie Ja, EtinjatEtinjat, Confucian LeeConfucian Lee


Demarcators of the Frontiers Hub

Welcome to be a Demarcator of the Frontiers by initializerCOXinitializerCOX
Down in the Forest by CTorJSChenCTorJSChen
Tunnel by CTorJSChen
Lord Blackwood and Primitive Islands by Confucian LeeConfucian Lee
Special Condition Prospecting Project 14-0028-CN by Kanie JaKanie Ja
Rumors and Investigations - On the Japanese Consulate in Lugang by CTorJSChenCTorJSChen & EtinjatEtinjat

Canon Name: Homunculus

Description in a Sentence:The Foundation gave up rebuilding the world after one certain doomsday of it. SCP-2000 is now utilized for mass production of human and correlated anomalous researches. The past has gone, and no childhood for mankind any more.
Team Members:Hydroable IvyHydroable Ivy, rosemary_irisrosemary_iris, Dr SurvivorDr Survivor


Drowse by Hydroable IvyHydroable Ivy
Spring of Sphinx by Hydroable IvyHydroable Ivy
SCP-CN-2913: The Underground Tomb of Dr. Wondertainment by Hydroable IvyHydroable Ivy
Physical Evidence Overview & Final Conductive Results Showcase on the Collective Deaths of Ethics Committee Members by rosemary_irisrosemary_iris

Canon Name: Committee of Rose

Description in a Sentence: Would the world still go brave without the color of love?
Team Members:ExiaGN001ExiaGN001, Iris_0202Iris_0202, PiracyEssayist ZeroPiracyEssayist Zero, Ophiel ELOphiel EL


Staff Handbook of Committee of Rose (Incomplete) by Ophiel ELOphiel EL
[[A letter from Bai Yanhui to Lin Zhichong]] by Ophiel ELOphiel EL
Life Alone by Ophiel ELOphiel EL
The Last Night by Iris_0202Iris_0202


Description in a Sentence: For reasons of whatever-ism, people on the internet have lost their ability to tell truth from false, to see the common from the uncommon… In other words, for them - THE INTERNET IS REAL FOR SURE!
Team Members: Ninth BBNinth BB, Misaka19092ndMisaka19092nd, Dr Vodka SkyyDr Vodka Skyy


SCP-CN-2169 by Ninth BBNinth BB
因AI建立原子化乌托邦招来电子嚎之法,故尝试证明 by Ninth BBNinth BB
绝对景观少女的拟剧论 by Misaka19092ndMisaka19092nd
里表达达 by Misaka19092ndMisaka19092nd
这里是,前现代闭嘴委員会 by Misaka19092ndMisaka19092nd
蓓蕾林地筵宴指南-第4001期 by Dr Vodka SkyyDr Vodka Skyy

Canon Name: The Finally End

Description in a Sentence: Entropy of the universe grows inevitably as the Foundation realizes all shall end with no point of return. Where would mankind go under the nonexistent starry sky?
Team Members: Just FJust F, sdjghosjhgsdjghosjhg, Ice Red TeaIce Red Tea, Big Binary TreeBig Binary Tree


Excerpts from a diary by Ice Red Tea
An Ordinary Day by Big Binary Tree
Device for Thaumatological Ring Customization by sdjghosjhg
The Finally End Hub by Just F
Step into the Abyss by Just F
Light up the Light by Just F
Chase the Lost Light by Just F
West of the Sea by Just F
Back Earth Planet by Just F
SCP-CN-2782 by Just F

Canon Name: Break the Snow Globe

Description in a Sentence: "Dear user: Greetings, our new event of the version 'Abnormal Human Sense' is available online; if you find any glitches during your game, please don't worry because such thing is impossible. Wish you a nice day!"
Team Members: BryceAsh1BryceAsh1, Crazy ThursdayCrazy Thursday, Igor LynxIgor Lynx, Amoniethian does not match any existing user name, LiurdLiurd


Alex Thorley and Snow Globe by Liurd
SCP-CN-2236 by Amoniethian & Crazy Thursday
SCP-CN-129600-EX by BryceAsh1
The Sun Shines Today by Amoniethian
Buns, Noodles, Vinegar and Congee by Amoniethian
The Department of 'Pataphysics would like to remind you by Amoniethian
A Ready-to-retire Man by Amoniethian
IBM7094 by Igor Lynx

Canon Name: Eman Nonac

Description in a Sentence: One failed experiment caused a cascade reaction and made the theorems of spacetime fluctuate, which fundamentally harmed the four-dimention world. The Foundation was forced to make a decision: to give up the current dimention, or to go the highway?
Team Members: BlueGralloy does not match any existing user name, Lupus CaeruleusLupus Caeruleus, PedderPedder, rukatyanrukatyan, vallerbackvallerback


Broclock Canon Hub by PedderPedder
SCP-CN-2961 - Time-Confirmation-Machine by rukatyanrukatyan
SCP-CN-2957 - Time-Cancer by rukatyanrukatyan
SCP-CN-2963 - Simple-Flower by rukatyanrukatyan
Communications by PedderPedder
SCP-CN-2167 - Algebreakdown by PedderPedder
SCP-CN-2443 - Dispersed-Energy-Beyond-Time by vallerbackvallerback

Canon Name: Fall of the Rampart

Description in a Sentence:An apex-tier pluripotent entity managed to substitute all human technologies for its exclusive energy after billions of years. Faced with such crisis, will the Foundation and GOC choose to turn god's trick against himself, or find another way to fight this entity?
Team Members: AinedragAinedrag, Over Infinitude XOver Infinitude X, IONZAT_VecTIONZAT_VecT, nirvana073nirvana073, Novalu KaslanaNovalu Kaslana


KTE-3163 by Novalu KaslanaNovalu Kaslana
Void Way by Over Infinitude XOver Infinitude X
SCP-CN-2889 by nirvana073nirvana073, Novalu KaslanaNovalu Kaslana

Canon Name: Highest Fallen Upon the Highest Peak

Description in a Sentence: Because of an unexpected event/an anomaly, all deities have ended. What happens next? Millions of worshippers collapse, or countless cryings come to a halt? What's simple and complicated - you have to find out.
Team Members: OxygenNineOxygenNine, MrPasserbyMrPasserby, Sirius DawnSirius Dawn, Chris EvertworthChris Evertworth, fuor_cloverfuor_clover


SCP-CN-2138: Nightmare Sabbath Grey by Sirius Dawn

Canon Name: Yores from Box-Worlds

Description in a Sentence: In a universe divided in boxes of space, in an absence of "planet" and "astronomy", the Foundation still carries on with their mission of secure, contain and protect. Without the stars' guidence, where would humanity go?
Team Members:Starset_MStarset_M Clay HygikClay Hygik StarabysseStarabysse NPCenterNPCenter Tsunami_ToshiharuTsunami_Toshiharu


Excerpts from Boston Evening Transcript (10/23/1997) by Clay Hygik
3-Dimentional Ants in 4-Dimentional Boxes by Clay Hygik

Canon Name: Hogwash on An Empty Land

Description in a Sentence: Perhaps due to some kinds of stubborn, strangely-ill people start emerging and begin pursuing a goal beyond redemption, still, the various possibilities of anolomous uncertainty is absent.
Team Members: Paradise LastingParadise Lasting, Agnom PhosphorusAgnom Phosphorus, little snakelittle snake, Shadow 26Shadow 26, MegabytesMegabytes


so this douchebag king was cheated by his land, smth like that bylittle snakelittle snake
The Drown byMegabytesMegabytes
Duanqing Village byShadow 26Shadow 26
Brave Men byMegabytesMegabytes
Ghost byMegabytesMegabytes
Underneath A Sky of Burning Stars byParadise LastingParadise Lasting
My Teen Romantic Comedy - Snowfield, is here~! bylittle snakelittle snake
Forty-two byAgnom PhosphorusAgnom Phosphorus

Canon Name: Hypothermia

Description in a Sentence: This is a wildly different world, where morality is gradually fading, where benifits and utilitarianism becomes the mainstream of Foundation, where chaos, insanity and violence is common, when scientific researches completely get rid of ethics' restraints… What a dark world, however, the sun still rises.
Team Members: AI_MaycaAI_Mayca, NieselregenNieselregen, No WavesNo Waves, fwUntidyfwUntidy, LogicWuLogicWu


Aurora by LogicWuLogicWu
Red of A Flower Sea by AI_MaycaAI_Mayca

Canon Name: Department of Memory

Description in a Sentence: The establishment of the Department of Memory is Foundation's first action after massive file corruptions.
Team Members: MechanoMechano, Hina_SanaeHina_Sanae, nihility233nihility233, A_cobaltA_cobalt


When God Steals Our Writings, He Expects Our AnswerbyMechanoMechano

Canon Name: Orderly Turbulence

Description in a Sentence: When reality slowly departs from its predetermined route, when narrative starts to flow into an unknown tributary; those fading rules, those booming anomalies, the broken masquerade, all of which continue to sabotage our already-ruined world…
Team Members:8Fish8Fish, kihaoyukihaoyu, TriscuitationTriscuitation


Steins;Gate and Reality Derailment by TriscuitationTriscuitation

Canon Name: Nowhere to go on

Description in a Sentence: Humanity once overcame countless hazards throughout its history by their extraordinary speed of progress among all species. But now, the enemies of mankind have united and took them away from their way of advance.
Team Members: Kishin XudongKishin Xudong, Nya_ScarletNya_Scarlet, Jonathan awaw BrandoJonathan awaw Brando


Driving without A Clear View by Nya_ScarletNya_Scarlet, Kishin XudongKishin Xudong
SCP-CN-2648 by Kishin XudongKishin Xudong, Jonathan awaw BrandoJonathan awaw Brando, Nya_ScarletNya_Scarlet
The Journey by Nya_ScarletNya_Scarlet

Canon Name: Laplace’s Demon

Description in a Sentence: The Uncertainty Principle was broken from the view of higher dimention, and the O5 Council is going to calculate all the unknown into known. Many in the Foundation are worrying, will the uncertainty of future and the hope for it disappear from our world?
Team Members: lockedoorlockedoor, put out the lightput out the light, Rock warblerRock warbler


laplace-s-demon.aic has successfully launched! by lockedoor 、Rock warbler、put out the light
Dossier of Hostile Group - 2023-10: "Future of Heart" by lockedoor
I am the sacrifice of future by lockedoor

Canon Name: Sunday

Description in a Sentence: The Foundation lost their gods. They used to be ever-successful under gods' shelter, but now, they have to face the situation in their own terms.
Team Members: Unnamed lifeUnnamed life, Yoga YogurtYoga Yogurt, RycomRycom, Luminous InsaneLuminous Insane


SCP-CN-2354 by Unnamed life
How did Unna Med Go Traveling with Public Funds by Unnamed life

These teams failed to have complete contest entry:

Canon Name: Reptile Brain

Description in a Sentence: The Foundation's personnel have lost their free will, and they do the secure, contain and protect work under the Veil as a hive mind.
Team Members: ColoredBucketColoredBucket, OgaArklinOgaArklin, RalcomTheAbsurtRalcomTheAbsurt, Uno_UhrmangaUno_Uhrmanga


url-of-your-article by author's wikiid

Canon Name: No Entry

Description in a Sentence: An absence of articles, just for shits and giggles
Team Members: la kanrola kanro, Chisaka Tamaku_xsChisaka Tamaku_xs, ericsun165ericsun165, HuaNianQWQHuaNianQWQ


nothing's here

Canon Name: Narrative’s Blank

Description in a Sentence: The Foundation has killed the upper narrative; what are predictable become uncertain, what are reviewable become undetermined. In the world without an author, our story continues.
Team Members: WOrs ObrineWOrs Obrine, Cloud bearCloud bear, Fogate_DingFogate_Ding, SkyNight_aicSkyNight_aic, Jerome valeskJerome valesk


Please stand by

Canon Name: Chasing Light

Description in a Sentence: For numerous reasons, our world lost all major visible light or light sources under natural circumstances.
Team Members: pokmpokm, EMON-XEMON-X, aplousaplous, WG_SumoWG_Sumo, KcorenaKcorena


To be determined

Canon Name: Cubic Crisis

Description in a Sentence: Seemingly 2-dimentional anomalies start to emerge in the 3-dimentional world with no omens; the Foundatioin seems to have a difficulty handling this interaction between cubes and planes.
Team Members: DisruptsDisrupts, duzhuoduzhuo, yaohaodongyaohaodong



Canon Name: Protocal Euthanasia

Description in a Sentence: Humanity's absence is absent, that's oh so fucking SWEET and everybody's going into raptures!
Team Members: Tenth LeeTenth Lee, Xenia-XXenia-X, ZZZZZacZZZZZac, Fire bookFire book


We're not making adult contents and jokes we swear!

Canon Name: TRUE

Description in a Sentence: We have abandoned all schemes and conspiracies - The Veil of the Foundation is deactivated, the darkness on the planet is dispelled, the world is embracing a "brighter" future. Upon the stars, those deities are "becoming brighter" too, but they are unaware of the Screamer behind.
Team Members: Cole Boughton does not match any existing user name, Mori SamaMori Sama, All things are oneAll things are one, Mr_J_ANDMr_J_AND, nldznldz


url-of-your-article faeklqs;jnf

Canon Name: Beyond Boundaries

Description in a Sentence: Upon a time when divisions between matters blurred and territories could not restrain any mergers from happening, the Foundation launched a special motion in this boundaries-fading world. Things were getting ever more critical meanwhile.
Team Members: HECOR-2HECOR-2, AMX-50bAMX-50b, aaaaalkaliaaaaalkali


url-of-your-article by author's wikiid

Canon Name: 1/7 Project Theostomy

Description in a Sentence: Sevin Deadly Sins vanish respectively with glimmering fluorescences; humanity crashes within an octagon ring. The game of create-your-own-deity has begun, as the godhead dissipates into seven lives that blossoms in the night sky.
Team Members: BLKMagp1eBLKMagp1e, MiragelapseMiragelapse, Dying SummerDying Summer, TIANCHANGTIANCHANG


*Contest entries are creating, please wait for a moment…

Canon Name: Time of Catastrophe

Description in a Sentence: The Foundation have finally realized that the R'lyeh Protocol it had complied with didn't exist at all. With the threat of alien demons imminent, they have to change their usual way and face up to their place in the world where darkness is omnipresent.
Team Members: blackinblackblackinblack, Never afraidNever afraid, TurpentineTurpentine


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Canon Name: At Silence’s Depth

Description in a Sentence: When alternating currents exist no more, when voices turn into useless noises, the flame of civilization is about to be put out. At silence's depth, we shall not stop.
Team Members: Yifan GuanYifan Guan, LiujinEFLiujinEF, EfeeletEfeelet


url-of-your-article by author's wikiid

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