Korean Wiki 3-Day Contest

The Korean Wiki Three Day Contest has begun.

At 00:00 June 18th, 2021, the holder will randomly select five topics and display it here.
You must write an SCP article based on one or several topics of your choice.

You should use the tag "2021-3day-ko".

Submission begins on 00:00 18/06/21 KST and ends on 23:59 20/06/21. The results will be announced on July first.

Self-voting is prohibited before the announcement.


  • Profanity
  • Angle
  • Thorn
  • Worship
  • Materialization


1st Prize
1kg of boneless beef ribs

The winner must tell the holder their delivery address. If the winner can't receive the prize, they may take a 30,000 won worth of convenience store gift cards instead.

+10 Rating Prize
5,000 won convenience store gift card

You may choose the brand of the convenience store.

Participation Prize(For ratings +1 and over)
1 Chupa Chups gift card + SCP Foundation logo keyring made by millivemillive

The gift card can only be used at CU1.
Also, the keyrings are only sent to those who want them, and they must tell their delivery address to receive them. The address information will be discarded after delivery.

Special Prize

Full Topic Prize
If you use all of the given topics, a box of cereal of your brand of choice will be offered to you as a special prize!
However, the article should at least have a rating of +1.

One contestant can only receive one prize.
An author cannot write more than one article. Co-authoring is prohibited.
Please be wary that editing after submitting your article is banned.

Winners and gifts

1st Prize

SCP-755-KO by ProfoundAbyssProfoundAbyss won first prize with a rating of 28!

Please PM the contest holder to notify your delivery address, or to change it to a gift card.

Full Topic Prize

SCP-755-KO, SCP-992-KO, SCP-515-KO, SCP-579-KO won the Full topic prize.
ProfoundAbyss, taekiu, romrom, igangsu, please notify the holder of your preferred cereal brand via PM! Keep in mind that depending on the brand, the gift may be sent in other means than Kakao gift codes.

+10 Rating Prize

SCP-845-KO, SCP-400-KO, SCP-626-KO, SCP-375-KO, SCP-468-KO, SCP-288-KO, SCP-515-KO, SCP-820-KO, SCP-016-KO, SCP-560-KO, SCP-809-KO, SCP-902-KO, SCP-565-KO, SCP-272-KO
Respective authors of the articles should notify the holder of their preferred convenience store brand via PM.

The remaining contestants are given a Chupa Chups CU gift card via PM.
Also, as millivemillive will later notify, an SCP Foundation keyring will be sent to your address if you wish to disclose it.

The contest has been held by catsi does not match any existing user name.

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