The Fourth Reich (4R)
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The Fourth Reich (4R), referred to by its members as the "only true" successor organization to the Third Reich, is lead by an occultist and scientist known as "Herr Rass". According to the information discovered so far, he worked for the German Reich from 1941 until 1943, until the SS classified him as too great a threat and carried out several attacks against him. Since then, Mister Rass has worked in secret to build the Fourth Reich.

Apart from Rass, 4R consists primarily of humans who have been endowed with abnormal properties by Rass through rituals and experiments, such as SCP-077-DE and SCP-097-DE. In addition, according to his records, Rass has several acolytes who have various skills and support Rass in different areas1 .

The priority of 4R seems to be to simultaneously take control of the largest political groups as well as to eradicate the "Impure". Previous experience has revealed that people considered "Impure" by Rass and the Fourth Reich include:

  • Non-whites
  • Homosexuals
  • Adherents of various religions
  • People with disabilities

The Fourth Reich occasionally works with outside groups and people, equipping them with anomalous weapons and capabilities such as SCP-092-DE.

Mister Rass is aware of the Foundation's existence, but does not regard it as an enemy, but rather as an "insignificant irritation" at the moment and as a resource in the future. Despite this, he has also expressed admiration for the Foundation, calling it the "protector of this world".
Rass seems to also know exactly which of his creations are in the Foundation's custody and which researchers are in contact with them. It is unknown whether he uses supernatural means to obtain this information, or if he has had access to the Foundation's files.

Mister Rass is also in contact with beings that are described as demons; partly through rituals, and partly through the use of devices such as SCP-084-DE.

Each of Mister Rass's creations is marked with stylized characters, but these are not normally visible. SCP-023-DE has proven extremely useful for discovering these markings.

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