Log of Anomalous Item Loss/826K-3
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Date: 10/05/2021

Subject: SCP-826-KO-A

Related Incident: CI/████

Related Personnel: Researcher Seong-Hwan Park, Researcher Pyeong-Il Kim, D-50172

06/05/2021 Incident CI/████ occurred. Researchers were examining SCP-826-KO-A inside D-50172. Site building collapsed before personnel escaped, and they were trapped inside the lab. The only food inside the lab was about 8 litres of water and three bags of snacks brought in by Researcher Kim.

07/05/2021~10/05/2021 Closest Foundation Korea Regional Command personnel focused on responding to the containment breach of SCP-███-KO and disinformation protocols. As a result, the rescue of site personnel postponed.

10/05/2021: Researcher Park proposes to Researcher Kim to consume the SCP-826-KO-A inside D-50172. Park claims that he can remove SCP-826-KO-A via C-Section, and cook it with his cigarette lighter. The proposal is deemed reasonable considering Researcher Park and Kim's professions1 and the lab equipment present.

After a short argument, everyone accepted. The operation was performed successfully by Researcher Park. Shortly after, Researcher Kim handled the removed SCP-826-A instance with lab equipment. Following this, related personnel proceeded to consume said instance.

11/05/2021 SCP-███-KO retrieved and moved to Site-██K. Regional Command Personnel focuses on excavation of site debris and rescue of survivors.

13/05/2021 All related personnel rescued. Researcher Park and Kim were fully recovered after three days after rescue. D-50172 fully recovered after two weeks. Following his recovery, Researcher Park reports loss of SCP-826-KO-A to Site Director.

20/05/2021 Disciplinary measures confirmed. Researchers deliberately terminated the instance. However, the situation was dire, and many other SCP-826-KO instances are present. Considering the circumstance, the Researchers were reprimanded and released.

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