Big Monsters
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One cheerful morning, Dr. Wondertainment sat in his office - the one full of his many monster cabinets. These were his collection, and he was ever so proud of them all!

There was a thud from behind the pair of large doors leading into the room. The door was opened by a tall, slender young man who barged into the room. The beautiful female security guard followed not far behind.

“I’m sorry, Doctor. He was too fast. I tried my best to stop him.”

“Dr. Wondertainment, please listen to me. I have monsters to present to you.”

Wondertainment raised his open hand to stop the security guard. She walked out of the room, understanding of the gesture.

“Thank you very much; I’ve been hearing about you for a long time now. You’re the monster collector who-” He was interrupted before ending his thought.

“You’re wasting my time, son.”

“Alright, alright.” The young man placed the bag on the table. There were a lot of monster photos inside it.

“These are some photos I've found.” The young man said, “Like this one. This is a giant killer whale. It's as long as 3 football fields, and it can consume the whole warship like a school of krill. Its stomach has acid strong enough to melt steel. Its tail movements are also recorded to able to create 40 meter tall waves. We call it a giant killer!”

“I have a lot of 'monsters' like that.” Dr. Wondertainment said.

“Never mind, I have another one.” The young man hurriedly produced another photo. “This one looks like a giant brown bear, but it stands 50 meters tall. It’s higher than an old pine tree! It can cut trees down with a single swipe- buildings too! And- and it's strong enough to carry a lorry and toss it over 20 meters like a baseball!”

“Nice, but it isn’t different from the previous one.”

“Well, how about this one?” The young man still tried. “This is a diamond shell beetle. Its body is large, the same size as a cow. It can fly 100 kilometers per hour! It consumes larger animals for food, which its saliva help break down- it's an acid that melts preys' skin on contact, and-”

“Well, I wanna tell you something now,” Dr. Wondertainment said, interrupting the younger man. “I’m not interested in your big monsters. That might be strange for you, but listen. Look around and you’ll find the monsters that are much different than yours- they don't have fangs, they aren't that strong, nor are they large-”

The young man looked at the things inside the monster cabinets. There was the fish-headed human inside one. Another man whose body had been turned the color of blood. A strange robot created with the body of a human. A older man that decayed everything that he could consume - his latest attempt being the mirror of the cabinet. A hairless man who only had a face during the full moon, and many more.

“-but my monsters are better than them!” The young man interjects.

“No, young man, you don't understand. Your monsters might be 'cool' and big, but they’re ordinary animals that grew large. They aren't any different from the ones that everyone in the world knows.” Dr. Wondertainment said, “Maybe you can go find some monsters that are actually special. I may be interested in them.”

“Does that mean you don’t like what I've presented?” The young man questioned.

“It’s something like that.” Dr. Wondertainment pressed the button to call the security guard.

“Yes, sir?”

“Saphia, this man wants to leave now. Show him the exit.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hey, I haven’t finished my presentation yet! Sir- wait, please- please continue to listen to me.”

The young man was still speaking while being dragged to out of the room by the beautiful, yet oddly strong female security guard. He could still be heard rambling down the hall, until the doors finally closed.

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