A Letter From SCP-191-PT To Humanity
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When we arrived, your planet was nothing but a big jungle, the temperatures were so high that rain fell ferociously upon all of the continents. There was no diference between what you call the "Equator Line" and what you call "poles". Everything was a single big jungle.

Incalculable beaty, incomputable diversity, your planet was just one among several others, but, even with that, nothing stopped it from being special like any other, special in its own way.

Your rivers were just like the rivers of any other world, but still were special. Your jungles were similar to the ones of tens of other worlds, but still they were special. Your oceans were blue just like the one of any other world, but still it was special. Your world was round just like millions of other worlds, but still it was special, because it had life.

Life is special, doesn't matter the shape or origin. Life is the most precious resource of all and because of that it turns each and every world that has it unique. Love the gift of life which allows for us to see this glorious moment of our universe in which life blooms all across cosmos.

Life is the most precious resource of all cosmos, it breaks the solitude of the universe and opens the way for a way more mutable cosmos. It breaks physics apart and transcends into a plane far superior of which comes what we call anomalies. Anomalies are a manifestation that only occurs in the living universe, proving that life blooms in this universe. Anomalies are when the superior plane spills into our universe, manifesting in the form of an unique living being, or even an object as unique as a living being. You call them anomalies, we call them anomalies, but they are only manifestations of a living universe!

Call us SCP-191-PT and we call you humanity, and we were here since your world was nothing but a jungle. We witnessed the end of the period you today call the Eocene, we witnessed the of several species, we witnessed the end of millions of lives, we caused the end of millions of lives while we existed, but… At the same time, we prevent the end of all life on your world.

We witnessed the first men.

We witnessed the first civilizations of your world rise. We witnessed the rise and fall of tens of civilizations, we witnessed hundreds of wars, we witnessed tens of systems created by you. So much complexity and so much diversity even though there was primitivity… It may not look like it, but my eyes go way beyond my constructs and we saw the rise of your civilization.

We protected your civilization from so many dangers you didn't even see, we were praised as a god by the first natives of the continent where we resided until the end of times for your world, even though we weren't a god. Call us a god, call us SCP-191-PT, to us the only thing that matters is that your civilization makes the right choices leading to what we call a civilization Type II.

Foundation, call us SCP-191-PT and we call you humanity. When we communicated for the first time we might have been cold and aggressive, but we were just following the Organization's protocol. My constructs might have caused the end of millions of lives, but please know that deep inside I love all life above everything else.

Our first contact might not have been the best, but certainly didn't define the contacts we made later. It was the year of ████ when we finally broke radio silence to humanity, with your authorization, of couse. Couldn't have been a more special year, the year in which humanity finally saw us by how we were.

We dont seek the destruction of all life on your planet, quite the opposite, we seek the prosperity of life in yours and several other worlds. Pirates threw me knives and I fell into your world. Your vegetation engulfed me, consumed me, but, deep inside your crust, we were still there. We detected the danger that lived deep inside your planet and we shot our weapons agaisnt this danger.

SCP-████, how you may call it, we protected you from it. The enemy little of you did know of, removed from the face of Earth before it could pose a danger to humanity.

Today we see you evacuating your barren planet, devastated by the same star that allowed for life to rise in its surface. We are glad as you made it. We are glad for you finally being a part of the Intergalactic Organization and finally have your place among the stars.

Your homeworld no longer has life, but it still is special. Special because it was where was born another species destined to the stars. Today is our day to go to another world and we are happy to see you, a civilization so advanced and mature!

It was a honor to serve to your planet, even though you didn't even really know at all about us until the day you finally reached the stars.

We leave to you this letter as a form of showing our pleasure in helping your species.

Ending transmission.

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