About INT

What is the International Translation Archive?

The SCP Foundation evolved a lot since its beginnings in 2008, and a lot of different branches of it now exist all over the world. There is one per language, and most of them both translate articles from the other branches and create their own original articles set in the SCP universe.

The International Translation Archive wiki and its official Discord server are a platform for all these branches to meet, talk and share their content on the common basis of the English language. It hosts English translations of articles from all branches to open them to a wider audience and serve as an intermediary step to translate more easily in other languages.

INT, i.e. both this wiki and the associated server for their respective purpose, aims to create an open and positive environment for users from all branches to learn to know each other better through the historically great collaborative project we all contribute to.

How to contribute?

Everyone can translate for INT, you just have to follow the few site rules that are set up to ensure proper functioning of the wiki. We try to avoid overloading users with a supplemental set of rules they have to learn on top of their branch's, so they're quite simple and as intuitive as possible. Basically, keep in mind we're not here to police content but to offer a platform to share it.

Additionally, anyone may review translations and make corrections to spelling, grammar and phrasing to better convey the meaning of the original article. However, check with the original translator if there's anything you're unsure of, or before making major edits to the translation's content.

Each branch has full sovereignty over its content and there are no quality requirements exclusive to INT for the articles that are hosted on it; if an article exists on a branch, then its English version has every right to exist here, just try to put some effort in your translations and avoid machine translation (we can already use it on the original article, the interesting part of your contribution is the human intelligence invested in translating the phrasings and local specificities) and everything should be fine!

Who is in charge of this place?

There are three separate teams of staff: those in charge of this wiki, of the Discord server and of the diplomatic matters (i.e., discussions between the official management teams of the various branches). You can find a full list of them and a more detailed explanation of their roles on the official staff list.

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