About the Foundation in Germany

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Who We Are

We are the second and now only German branch of the SCP-Foundation.

The first German branch was founded in 2013 by Dr StormDr Storm. Translations came, members joined. Though with translations and members came the unedited google-translations. The overall quality dropped, links on other sites were removed and the team became inactive.

In early 2016, ThePencilwriterThePencilwriter contacted Dr_GromDr_Grom who had shown activity in the Forums and later set up this wiki, as the team of the first wiki kept unresponsive and no progress was in sight.

The framework of the wiki was quickly set up, and we got linked by the German Creepypasta Wikia, which we in return linked on our main page. Lucky for us, we could copy some translations from the first branch and the CP-Wikia, so in the beginning our stock grew pretty fast and though slowed down a bit is still growing.

In late spring Dr Storm came back, joined us and set up a redirection on the first wiki. So now, even though direct links to the old wiki still work, we are considered the only German branch of the SCP Foundation.

On the 25th August 2016, after only 4¾ month we were officially approved.

Though the name of our branch is "SCP Foundation in Germany", we seek to be a branch for all German-speakers, be they German, Austrian, Swiss, Luxembourgian, Belgian, American, Namibian, other German speaking minorities and of course those who speak German as a foreign language.


As like most branches we have freedom of canon thus no official background. The following is just the first background ever written:

The SCP Foundation in Germany is a self-organized subsidiary of the SCP Foundation and is answerable directly to the O5. It was founded after the 2nd World War to secure, contain and protect artifacts from the SS and other organizations of the 3rd Reich.

Initially, all directors and supervisors were chosen by the O5 and came from the parent foundation as, with the war just over, the O5 had concerns about the loyalty of the personnel who had previously been in service for the 3rd Reich. In the 1960th the Committee For Accounting Of The NS-Crimes Of Foundation Personal was founded, and especially some former SS-Officers were reclassified as D-personal.

In the 1970s, the SCP Foundation in Austria - which was also founded after the 2nd World War - was integrated into the SCP Foundation in Germany, and most of the personnel of the parent Foundation was sent to sites in their homelands.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the SCP Foundation in Germany gained more autonomy, to take care of the remnants of the Red Army as well as anomalous stocks of the Stasi and other organizations of the GDR.

Today the SCP Foundation in Germany has ██ sites in Germany and Austria, and is responsible for most of the SCPs on German and Austrian ground. This doesn't mean, however, that the parent Foundation wouldn't have its own sites in Germany.

It is lead by the Directors Council, a council of all Site-Directors which is presided by the director of Site-DE1. The council is under the authority of and exclusively accountable to the O5. As all directors have clearance Level 4, the directors council is sometimes called 'the O4'. Though not all Level 4 personnel are members of the Council and the term is factually wrong, it has established even among the directors.
Germans who are members of the O5 are not members of the SCP Foundation in Germany, but only of the O5.

Translating German articles

Everyone may translate articles from German to English, but has to follow these rules:

  • Without explicit and provable consent of the author, or, if the author is unavailable, from DE-staff, it is strictly prohibited to post translations of German SCPs on the main lists of the EN-wiki!
  • Before you translate something from German you are not the author of, please ask the original author or look in this thread if the author has permitted unlimited translation.
  • Please do not translate the pages unix-name (the stuff in the address bar of the browser).
  • You may hotlink all pictures to the original file. That way you don't need to upload it on your wiki, and do not need to re-upload, should the file get updated.
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