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We are the Foundation wiki for Korean speakers.


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The story so far

The wiki was originally founded in 2012 and officially opened in 2013, about the time when the Foundation Korean HQ site was destroyed by hacking. (There is very complex story about this. You can read about it here.) During this time, we were in conflict with the blog site which claim themselves 'the Korean branch' ― this is why we call ourselves the Korean Wiki ― however, as a result, the blog failed because they were too closed off. Finally the KO wiki became an official branch of the SCP Foundation.

In the early days of the KO, games such as Containment Breach and SCP-087-B were the biggest inducement to participate in the SCP genre in Korea. The KO wiki translated and distributed the CB game, so many SCP fans gathered in the wiki. More and more main series SCPs were translated, and more and more original Korean SCPs were uploaded. Unfortunately, as time went on, many members began to leave the KO wiki, and the lack of people became a serious problem of the site. To solve this, the remaining members started to try to change the site to make it more comfortable for newbies, while still preserving the quality of the creations and translations. This effort is still ongoing.

Works we created


This canon is about the people and anomalous items of the early modern period of Korea. The setting is this: during the Joseon dynasty, there are the national agencies Igeumwi1 and Bojeonwon2, and private personnel who deal with the anomalies, such as SCP-953, SCP-800, SCP-159-KO, and many more.

Mujin Yarn

Kim Seungok's 『 Mujingihaeng(A Journey to Mujin)』gives a huge inspiration to Korean SCP authors. This canon is about the virtual coastal "Mujin City", and the various stories and incidents which occur in this mysterious, foggy city.

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