About The Lusophone Branch

We are the second and (currently) only active Portuguese-speaking branch of the SCP Foundation Wiki.

The first branch was founded and managed by ShayatShayat. It ran until the beginning of 2016, but never managed to gather enough active members; it never had original content, and most translations (150+, all migrated to the current site) were done by the founder. The application system also prevented new members from reviving the site in the absence of its administrator. So, it was time to restart.

In early 2015, Lucas667Lucas667 founded the second (current) Portuguese-speaking branch. He migrated various translations from the old wiki, but personal matters conflicted with his activity, and he had to step down from the project, so he passed the torch down to NaxinDNaxinD. Naxind continued Lucas667's work and did the most important thing in the wiki: starting the -BR Series (now -PT), a series of original SCP articles in Portuguese. Sadly, he, too, had to step down temporarily from the project for personal matters, giving cachorrosuperquentecachorrosuperquente an active mod position.

In late 2017, SilvacrestSilvacrest joined the project, and offered to translate anything needed. After communicating with NaxinD, she became the site's main Admin, in an effort to complete the translation of every guide and system page necessary for making the Wiki more accessible for non-English-speaking members. And now, in May 2018, we're official!

Translating Lusophone articles

Everyone may translate articles from Portuguese to English, but must follow these rules:

  • Without the explicit approval of the author, or, if the author is unavailable, of PT-staff, it is strictly prohibited to post translations of Portuguese SCPs on the main lists of the EN-wiki!
  • Before you translate something from Portuguese to English, please ask the original author by PM if they allow it.
  • Please do not translate the page's url (the stuff in the address bar of the browser).
  • You may hotlink all pictures to the original file. That way you don't need to upload it on your wiki, and do not need to re-upload, should the file get updated.
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