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Absinthe reveals secrets

Whether that secret is truth or fiction, it remains within the wormwood dream


Inside a World Turned Upside Down - First Half: A world that should have been destroyed, fragments of its memory, by karkaroffkarkaroff

Inside a World Turned Upside Down - Second Half: Absinthe Dreams show the boundaries between memories and records, by karkaroffkarkaroff

Desert & Sweet: Is this view a dream or an illusion, at the end of the deser, I…, by karkaroffkarkaroff

Tahitian Gold:Life is within a peaceful end, dreams and the present are eternal, by karkaroffkarkaroff

Moonraker:Looking outside for reason will lead to imperfect inner confidence, by ykamikuraykamikura

Cocytus:Within illusions, people see a dark river, by Dr_KnottyDr_Knotty

My Sin:Swallow sin, spit out lies, by ykamikuraykamikura

White Night Trance:Whether it’s day or night now doesn’t matter, by aisurakutoaisurakuto

SCP-107-JP: Absinthe invites people to the city of eternal drink. People will dream and travel the city, drinking to ruin as new residents, by karkaroffkarkaroff

GOI Formats
#Mausolus: We always have a lover. Her name is Nostalgia, by islandsmasterislandsmaster

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