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Section XXV was a secret department oft the Ministry of State Security (MSS) of the GDR. It was founded on March 4th 1956 and got Konstantin Mader as senior officer. The missions of the Section were the support of the tasks of other sections by using anomalies and the surveillance and control of the world of the anomalous in the GDR. Section XXV was active until October 19th 1989, after which it was disbanded by its leaders. This was a desperate measure by which all persons involved should be enabled to evade jurisdiction. In the course of this operation, all documents of Section XXV were shredded, the memories of all employees altered and rogue personnel terminated. The ruined documentation was secured on February 2nd 2006 by the Foundation and is currently being restored.

Section XXV created numerous anomalies while in existence, however, it also used already existing paranormal objects. The purposes of its creations were mainly:

  • espionage
  • counterintelligence
  • sabotage
  • torture
  • control of the populace
  • warfare

The whereabouts of most of its creations are currently unknown. It is, however, confirmed that some anomalies are under the control of groups with hostile intent towards the Foundation.

According to restored files, Section XXV employed several individuals with anomalous properties. They are rarely mentioned in the currently restored documentation, with the exception of a person with the name "Magister Krone", which is described as a brilliant scientist and expert in using his anomalous ability. The nature of his ability is unknown at the time.

The secured files are one of few leads the Foundations posses to Section XXV, and it is very rare that it gets additional ones. Therefore, Research Team 25 was formed under the supervision of Dr. Hoffmann to restore the documents as fast as possible. For this purpose it was provided with the program Piecefinder, which is capable of combining scanned document fragments into a whole. Due to the sheer amount of ruined records, only a fraction could be restored until now. However, this amount could already be used to locate and retrieve several anomalies.

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