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On ██/██/████, while monitoring the BBS system of GoI-093 "PAMWAC", the Foundation incidentally spotted a user named Asukaplztwerk9621 (known as PoI-0412) live streaming and chatting with other members of the group. Due to the said individual being closely related to SCP-099-VN and has the potential to create other anomalies in the future, the live streaming thread has been archived in the Foundation's database. The full content of the livestream is excerpted below:

Stream Summary of PoI-0412-20█████


PoI-0412 during the livestream

Stream Date: ██/██/20██

Content: PoI-0412 appears to have started the livestream at the subject's residence. However, the Foundation cannot identify the exact location of PoI-0412; the subject's IP address points to an area in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Contents of the livestream include PoI-0412 answering questions of GoI-093 "PAMWAC" members. PoI-0412's identity cannot be identified because the subject doesn't disclose their face and use a voice changing device. The livestream occurs for 25 minutes.


[The scene shows PoI-0412 adjusting their recording device. The livestream occurs at a very low resolution, possibly due to the subject's camera being old.]

PoI-0412: [whispering] Haiz. Damn it… why it still doesn't turn on? I just got this camera from the neighbor, he just doesn't have anything good at all.

[skips about 20 seconds.]

PoI-0412: Ok it's now good! Let me see how many people are watching now… hmmm, 1, 2… oh wow 300 people, [yells] I'm fucking famous! [Subject adjusts their voice pitch] Umm, welcome everyone to this livestream. I'm Asukaplztwerk9621, PAMWAC's 1█████ member. All of you must have known me recently, today I'll host a Q&A to answer all of your questions.

[PoI-0412 takes a soda can and begins drinking, but the subject still doesn't disclose their face.]

PoI-0412: Nice, I received dozens of questions— both serious and weird. Just wait, I'll answer each question, if there isn't enough time then I'll host another Q&A another day.

PoI-0412: Okay, the first question is from username jojofanboyx231. Wow, Jojo fan, nice. I'll read the question again: "Why did you join PAMWAC? And how did you make that app?"

PoI-0412: Thanks for your question. Okay, everyone knows why I join PAMWAC. People want to bring their waifu to real life, and I'm not an exception. Generally speaking, I know about PAMWAC via some friends at school, they have been here for long. And about the Waifu Heaven app, I have talked about that a long time ago, I made it with love and charm.

[At this time, subject makes a heart gesture in front of his chest.]

PoI-0412: Okay, next question from username cooljpdude1121. "Hi, if you don't remember, the beta version is only limited to 10 testers. But my friend Thegreenonionlover4ever — is the lucky person who got to test the beta version, after testing the beta version, he suddenly goes missing. The rest of the testers also went missing. Do you know why?"

[PoI-0412 stops and sighs. Subject becomes silent for 5 seconds before continuing to speak.]

PoI-0412: I'm not hiding anything, I have known about this for a long time but haven't got a chance to talk about it. I don't have any specific evidence, but, I can guarantee that they have been captured by "something everyone knows". [Subject said while performing sarcasm gesture.] Good thing they might even be watching this livestream like those perverts. I DARE YOU TO FIND WHERE I LIVE YOU ALL PIECE OF TRASH! [Subject screams and puts middle finger in front of the screen.]. Generally speaking you don't need to worry about them, maybe they'll only erase their memory and release them. Next time I'll learn and find a way for you to be safe next to your waifu.

PoI-0412: [laughs loudly] Wow someone even donated to me, I didn't even know this feature exists! No you don't need to do that, you only need to watch my livestreams and support my products.

PoI-0412: Ohh, this next question is interesting, from an anonymous user. Why so shy, there are just friends here. Um… "Can you tell me where you live? You can just tell your prefecture name. And, what's your plan in the future?"

PoI-0412: Bruh, do you see any Holostars members having their identity or address leaked? Or only fans find their address? I won't be answering the first question. And about the second question, I'll just focus on developing Waifu Heaven for now, adding more features or fixing bugs. After completing it, I'll work on some more projects, I already have a specific schedule so you don't need to worry about that. If anyone wants to donate, you don't need to, because money cannot be compared with love. I only want to make this community's dream come true. [The subject laughs.]


PoI-0412: "How do you plan on dealing with the Foundation?". These bastards cannot do anything. If I like to, I can even destroy their entire Japanese branch. Anyways, if they interfere with my projects, I won't be so nice. Maybe in a few days I'll troll them with a virus or an anime girl suddenly appearing.

[Five minutes later, there is a voice behind PoI-0412's room. It appears to be the subject's mother: "Takesi, I just made your favourite mochi. Just come and have it, and help me wash the clothes and clean the trash."]

PoI-0412: [screams] Mom, I just said that you don't call my real name. Do you know I'm live streaming to hundreds of people? Oh shit, it's still recording? [Subject talks in a hurry] Sorry, I need to stop the Q&A now, I'll offset you later.

[Subject goes to the door and say: "Leave me some, I'll come right now".]

Ending Statement: After 5 hours since the end of the live stream, PoI-0412 posted the following on their profile:

"Thanks for watching, I had to stop the stream suddenly due to some problems. Like promised, to offset you, I'll let you see my future project (ps: don't spoil it to many more people or I'll delete it). You can access this link for it.

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