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Strange Comatose Phenomena Frequent Among Foundation Personnel in Block 81

Reconnaissance sleepers have reported that an Oneiric Apparition of undetermined origin is involved in this situation. Various Collectives outside of the Foundation are unaware of its existence, and no traces of their involvement have been confirmed.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the information representative of Foundation Collective officially announced that the frequent comas in Block 81 have been caused by the "predatory behavior" of a single Oneiroi.

The subject reportedly has formed a colony inside the host with a large number of dream entities, introducing itself to the interviewer as "Aeliana" and refusing to leave the host because it was "in the middle of a meal".

It has been discovered that all of the former comatose personnel were subjected to illegal occupation and modification of their subconscious by the Collective in question, and traces of small-scale urban architecture have also been noted. These host dreamers apparently spent most of their time trapped in the stomach of "Aeliana", which would have kept them in a constant state of pain and fear.

On the other hand, most of the dreamers did not show any signs of attempting to awaken in spite of their situation, and even refused to do so, suggesting that "Aeliana" may have some mind-affecting properties. However, the truth remains unclear since attempts to communicate with the trapped dreamers have been unsuccessful due to abstract interference by the Collective in question.

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You, how did you get here?

Aeliana — Whether this is the name of an individual Oneiroi or the designation of the Collective as a whole is unclear — ​is a collective consciousness, based on a single Oneiroi of unknown origin that closely resembles a marine cryptid known as the many-finned sea serpent (or Σκολοπενδρα), and which wanders with a colony of dream entities.

This Collective prefers to remain within the boundaries of a single host at any given time, and their dominant territory is believed to be also their sole city. The capitol is known to be highly fluid; when the host awakens, the Collective immediately abandons their current territory and begins to migrate to a different host. While the existence of territories that act similarly to shelters or relay stations has been inferred from the fact that attempts to limit or quarantine their migration behavior have not been successful, the actual presence of such territories has yet to be proven.

Aside from the host dreamer and the sea serpent Oneiroi, the majority of Aeliana's ethnic composition is represented by a cluster of entities in the form of slender sharksucker (Echeneis naucrates), which are composed of dream elements. While the sea serpent possesses Oneiric Apparition properties equivalent to Class II, the sharksuckers swimming around it exhibit no apparent anomalous properties other than migration. In most cases, the directionality of their consciousness is towards pecking at the shredded remnants of the dreamer.

Aeliana exhibits habits and traits that strongly favor unbalanced diet, and spends most of its time in the capitol masticating the host dreamer. While the reason why an Oneiroi, which by nature does not possess the concept of death by starvation, would take such behavior is not explained, the majority of opinion among FC researchers is that this is merely an imitation of dining.

Due to the aforementioned nature of Aeliana, the host is usually trapped in the oral cavity of the sea serpent; it is assumed that the host spends most of their time otherwise in the equivalent of the digestive system while in a state of being shredded. The entire process from mastication to eventual excretion is non-lethal, and the excreted dreamer is known to be reconfigured to their original form after a period of time.

On the other hand, all corporeals present in the territory, including the host, do not require government authorization to awaken. Many of the host dreamers voluntarily refuse to wake up in spite of the constant exposure to the harsh environment described above. This has resulted in the comatose phenomenon in reality, and the leading view is that the coma itself is not due to the anomalous properties of Aeliana. It has also been discussed that Aeliana may have some kind of mental influence that causes the dreamer to refuse to awaken willingly. At present, however, it is unknown by what method it keeps the dreamer bound in its body.

Research by FC researchers has confirmed that dreamscapes after Aeliana's departure can be reused as FC territories without problems. It should be noted that there have been no confirmed cases of Aeliana reusing an abandoned capitol. On 20██/██/██, in reality, Aeliana was officially numbered as an Object.




Official Languages
Native language of the host
Machine codes

Ethnic Groups (2018):
89.9% Noncon (Most of them)
5.0% Free Consciousness (Always one individual)
5.0% Corporeal (Always one individual)
0.1% Transitory (Irregularly)

Many-finned sea serpent

School of fish

Time Economy:
1 cycle = 5 to 6 days


Picky for meals

Immigration Status:

Emmigration Status:

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Item #: SCP-1646-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One or more observation sleepers are to be stationed at all times in dreams in proximity to SCP-1646-JP's territory. In the event that the host of SCP-1646-JP expires or awakens, the surveillance sleepers are to track down SCP-1646-JP and assist in searching for and securing the new host.

Currently, Site-81██ has been utilized for SCP-1646-JP containment methodologies and handles only low-threat objects. All personnel assigned to the Site must consist only of individuals who meet specific requirements.

Description: SCP-1646-JP is the designated term for an anomalous Oneiric Apparition that inhabits the subconscious of a single Foundation personnel as its host at any given time. Its appearance closely resembles that of a marine cryptid dubbed the many-finned sea serpent (or Σκολοπενδρα), and its total length in dreamscapes is over eighteen meters at least. To date, a total of ███ subconscious have been confirmed to have previously been under the influence of SCP-1646-JP and used as its capitol.

When the host of SCP-1646-JP falls asleep, they immediately enter a state of continuous coma. This state can vary from as early as an hour to as long as several years before recovery; the longest observed case lasted for 17 years and 2 months. In addition, there is no known case to date where a host has been successfully recovered from this state by any means other than the host's own desire to awaken.

During the coma, the host dreamer is subjected to repetitive predatory activities by SCP-1646-JP. As a result of this behavior, EEG monitoring conducted on the host show signs of a continuous increase in stress levels from a minimum of 102 hours to a maximum of 156 hours, which occurs with an interval of one hour each time, as well as intermittent recall responses of fear and disgust. It should be noted, however, that the host is able to wake up by voluntary self-selection at any time.

After awakening, all previous hosts were unable to describe the factors that had caused their fears and disgusts, including SCP-1646-JP itself, and did not remember any visions that they had recalled or recognized during the process. Additionally, the majority of the hosts reported inexplicable and vague feelings of guilt and regret during post-awakening interviews. The relationship between this post-awakening emotional response and the mental structure that keeps refusing to wake up from the dream is still being investigated.

Once the host awakens, or expires while in a coma, ​SCP-1646-JP abandons its current territory and selects another Foundation personnel as its new host. While it has been confirmed that SCP-1646-JP tends to target individuals who are located in the vicinity of the previous host and meet certain requirements, the exact factors that determine the selection criteria remain unknown. The following are examples of individuals who are vulnerable to being targeted as hosts.

  • A Foundation personnel with Security Clearance Level 2 or lower who are not involved in any critical projects.
  • Has a personality that is vaguely described as having a "strong sense of mission and responsibility" by others.
  • Has a psychological or mental state that closely resembles hero syndrome or messiah complex.
  • Has never been a host of SCP-1646-JP in the past.
  • Does not have autonomy and self-awareness as an Oneiroi in the dream.

While the existence of SCP-1646-JP has been confirmed since 19██, a complete containment method has not been established to date due to its nature. On 20██/██/██, through a joint discussion between the responsible FC personnel and O5-██, a proposal to utilize the entire Site-81██ as a pseudo containment cell for SCP-1646-JP was accepted for the purpose of mitigating damage and preventing its spread.

Accordingly, Site-81██ underwent a staffing reallocation and all assigned personnel, except for FC related ones, were adjusted to meet the above requirements. In addition, the SCP-1646-JP document in reality — which is disclosed upon request by the previous hosts — has intentionally withheld some information.

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