The Disastrous Air-Conditioner
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On the day which the weather was very hot like this, even an ice-cream which was just taken out from a freezer would be melted within 10 seconds. Working in a room which was stuffy would not certainly good because it reduced the capability of the personnel, unless if you had air-conditioners in a room.

Dr. Tomson Niranarm asked someone to repair the air-conditioner. The ancient 12,000 BTU Toshiba air-conditioner should be thrown away. However, he still used it and this was the first 10 years when the air-conditioner would be turned on.


That was the noise after Tomson turned on the switch of the air-conditioner. The noise was quite not melodious. It made the electricity system of the Site was completely blacked out. The light bulbs around the corridor exploded serially like a horror movie.

“Hey!” Researcher Gamma groaned, he was testing a chemical in a laboratory room during a black out.

“Tommmmmsonnnnnn…” Famous said in a drawl while he was taking a rest during a break in a nearby room from Tomson.

Tomson had to do something. He had to turn a switch again. Then, he immediately turned it.


We still could not find the cause of the whole explosion of Site-29 now. However, we assumed that the cause would be from Keter-class SCPs object. We still could not find the survivors now.

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