The Disastrous Air-Conditioner
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On days where the weather was hot, much like this one, even ice cream just taken out of the freezer would melt within 10 seconds. Working in a stuffy room certainly didn't help the capability of the personnel — unless you had air-conditioning.

Dr. Tomson Niranarm asked someone to repair the AC ages ago. The ancient, 12,000 BTU Toshiba air-conditioner should've been thrown away by now, but he still used it — even if this was the first time in 10 years the air-conditioner would actually be turned on.


The noise was nearly earth-shattering as Tomson flipped the air-conditioner's switch. The noise was not melodious, to say the least. It took just a moment before it blacked out the Site's electrical grid. The light bulbs out in the hall exploded in sequence — like an old horror movie.

“Hey!” Researcher Gamma groaned, having lost power in one of the many chemical research labs.

“Tommmmmsonnnnnn!” Famous said in a long, irate drawl, having been rudely awoken by the noise while on break nearby.

Tomson had to do something! He had to turn a switch again, no matter the risk. Without a second thought, he flipped the switch, and-


We still could not find the cause of the explosion at Site-29. However, we assume the cause could have been one of the Keter-class SCPs. No survivors were found.

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