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Above the quiet Sea of Azov, the god Ares uses his deceased colleagues' weapons to command guns, performing an imperceptible Eighth Symphony.

Note: This series is a long-form serial. Most of it is fiction. The people, historical events, groups, technologies and weapons within are unrelated to their real-life counterparts.

Every Foundation employee works in the name of ideals, while expecting the organization to give them peace of mind. But what if that falls through?
In a certain year of the 21st century, the nightmare arrives — the far-too-sudden liquidation is now happening throughout the world. Countless literati have been executed or imprisoned. It's as if there is a dark cloud overhead, blocking out the light of peace… Some people cowered to the side, others fought to the end, and others turned on each other.
For two agents who have just started their careers, it has so quickly come to a close…


"Sometimes, a person is just a life. You have to admit that."
Turbulence -- Part One
Turbulence -- Part Two
Turbulence -- Part Three
Turbulence -- Part Four
Turbulence -- Part Five
Turbulence -- Part Six
Turbulence -- Part Seven
Turbulence -- Part Eight
Turbulence -- Part Nine
Turbulence -- Part Ten
Turbulence -- Part Eleven
Turbulence -- Part Twelve
Turbulence -- Finale

Very OOC Non-Canon
Turbulence: Tourette Syndrome


"Geniuses, put down your guns, this isn't the place to piss about!"
Lamina -- Part One
Lamina -- Part Two
Lamina -- Part Three
Lamina -- Part Four
Lamina -- Part Five
Lamina -- Part Six
Lamina -- Part Seven

Gusts in All Directions

"If you're going to use flowery language in front of those people, they'll think you're from the Chinese Academy of Sciences!"


Basic Settings

The SCP Foundation

In the chaotic last decade of the 20th century and the relaxed first decade of the 21st century, they finally got their chance to take a breath. With the strongest force in North America occupied with showing off their strength and the formerly sweet-talking loose alliances and oligarchic powers slwoly eating away at the decaying corpse of the bear of Red, it seems like nobody has time to pay attention to this seemingly scattered group of paranormal researchers.

As the Foundation's North American headquarters established the "Joint Resource Mutual Support Committee", each country's Foundation personnel finally had a platform for mutual aid and discussion, and aspiring members from other organizations had a place to stay once they passed vetting. Former enemies had a chance to become friends, and people from similar organization who have never met finally had the opportunity to get to know one another.

But things are never this simple. The new century's hegemonism, the legacy of historical corruption, and the overall choice of direction are not simply decided by a simple document. Different countries, different faiths, different political systems — the contradictions between them are as complex as an old cobweb. In that case, where will the Foundation that turns external resistance into internal affairs go?

State of the World

The transition from the two great blocs of the Cold War to a world of multiple superpowers meant the users of new technological innovations was changing from the military to the consumers. At the same time, the West, having defeated its greatest enemy, reduced and simplified their militaries. With the disbandment of the 388th Special Company and 719th Special Airborne Regiment, joining the military became a matter less of patriotism and more of profession. The Russian Federation, unable to recover for 20 years, is desperately searching for a way to regain its power and influence on the international stage, while China, having experienced a total collapse of its public image in the last century, yet forged ahead, is developing little by little. Third World countries in the Middle East and Africa are still stubborn, embroiled in endless strife. Some are out of their depth in the middle of the terrorist anti-terrorism. But some are thinking seriously about how to make their country truly prosper.

In the waves of opportunity brought by the new era, how will these countries view anomalies? Having developed economically, how will they use the paranormal to achieve their goals?

Groups of Interest

The Global Occult Coalition, in a bid to clear every last anomaly from the Earth, is still at the forefront of the world's technology. The world's governments leaving their weapons to decay hasn't stopped their technological development. Under the cover of the United Nations, the GOC has gathered 60 countries, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, as if to say: "The war against anomalies cannot end as easily as the Cold War did. The human race should work together as one." — Of course, does that kind of unity exist?

In the blooming of the arts of the new culture, AWCY has found even more fertile soil; the Library is, as always, disinterested in the new era, seemingly infatuated with the past; the stumbling GRU-P seems to have been completely destroyed; and with the development of broadcast media, Groups of Interest are popping up left and right. Whether new or old, what will they do on the world's stage?

SFOD-Echelon, Foxtrot and Golliah

Three Tier 1 special forces divisions under JSOC (USSOCOM), established in 2003 and sharing the same prefix as the famous SFOD-Delta. However, these three groups operate under the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the four branches of the military, and are entirely independent of the Groups of Interest, only answering to the United States to deal with "matters more shameful than the vermin in the sewer". Other rumors of it being a reorganization and expansion of the Cold War-era 588th Special Forces Company exist. Not much else is known.

Writing Guide

The timeline of Air Land Rhapsody lasts from 1991 to the present. The old, turbulent world has gone, but that does not mean that the new century will be peaceful.

This is a collaborative work. Though the SCP Foundation's internal strife has continued from 2013 to the present, in reality, the spark has been there since 1995.

This world is vast, with many matters happening at once, so authors can describe anything happening between the Foundation and any person or GoI during this period, as their heart desires.

Works can contradict each other and do not need to link to each other; there is only one rule: any real-life historical events that occur must, outside the Veil, line up with reality.(For instance: The 30th Olympic Games opened in London on July 27, 2012, and ended spectacularly on August 12. You cannot write this as: The 30th Olympic Games were delayed by 5 days due to pressure from Islamic governments, and ended prematurely due to a suicide attack on August 10. However, you can write this as: During the 30th Olympic Games, GoIs X and Y started their own Anomalous Olmypic Games behind the Veil.)

Once your work passes the threshold, if it is not part of a series, you can put it in the Other Works tab. If you want to make it into a series, you can make a new tab and put your works in it.

Format is unrestricted, poems are fine too. 800 characters minimum.

In that case, put on the chains of reality and dance!

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