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The following are some test logs of an artificial intelligence chatbot prototype for the Site-Aleph servers. If you wish to test the prototype, please consult with your supervisor.

— Élise Schaffner, Director, RAISA (FR)

Doctor Marchand


Aleph-AI: Greetings! My name is Aleph-AI and I will be happy to answer your questions regarding all kinds of topics based on the knowledge I can take from the internet and the Foundation's intranet, what is your question?

Something easy, let's see… What do you know about the SCP Foundation?

Aleph-AI: The SCP Foundation is a secret organization that is responsible for containing and investigating the existence of the supernatural and paranormal. These anomalies, referred to as "SCPs" can range from entities to anomalous objects that may pose a danger to mankind.

Tell me the number of threat levels of SCP objects.

Aleph-AI: Of course here is an explanation of the threat levels of SCP Objects.
The object is beneficial to the Foundation and its use is strictly regulated, as detailed in the object's special containment procedures. Often assigned to objects of Safe classification.

The object may be beneficial, but it’s…

Stop, I only asked for quantity, not a full explanation.

Aleph-AI: My apologies, in that case I will provide what you asked for:

There are 7 threat levels of SCP Objects which are: White, Blue, Green, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black.

The designation of an object depends on the danger it represents and this is chosen by the designator.

It should be noted that if an object has an unpredictable or complicated behavior, it can be assigned a secondary level.

That's all for now, thank you very much.

Aleph-AI: Of course! Have a nice day Dr. Marchand.

Agent Nämu

What do you know about the Order of Light?

Aleph-AI: The Order of Light is an ultra-religious organization that dedicates its worship to everything considered sacred. The Order of Light aspires through all seemingly peaceful means to unite humanity under its religion and lead it to a new era free of all kinds of sins.

The origins of the Order are unclear, but it is presumed to be a remnant of the Order of the Crusader Knights. It is said that a survivor of an expedition returned with the Master and came accompanied by 12 emissaries of divine knowledge, they persuaded the Master and together they founded the Order.

For more information, you can consult with a specialist in GoIs or with the aut…

As far, stop, do you think they would adapt to the technology?

Aleph-AI: Being a very old and ultra-religious organization, there is a low probability that they could use current technology to achieve their purposes.

However, it is possible that the Order could recruit new members and they could teach the use of the current media to the Order of Light. Let's remember that the Order's objective is of a peaceful nature, so with their reputation they could easily reach the general public through social networks.

Do you believe that the divine emissaries are real?

Aleph-AI: Although I have information regarding the anomalous world. I am not sure if I can determine if these entities known as "Divine Knowledge Emissaries" are real. May I help you with any other questions?

That's enough, have a nice day.

Aleph-AI: Have a nice day too, Agent Nämu!

Doctor Johannes

Think of places where you could hide.

Aleph-AI: As a language model I don't have a physical presence to be able to perform that action. I am a program designed to be able to answer questions to staff based on internet knowledge, including questions about the anomalous world based on the Foundation's intranet. So my existence is purely virtual.

Yeah but… I need more panic rooms, if you know what I mean….

Aleph-AI: If you suffer from panic problems I can establish contact with a specialized psychologist so he can see your case.

No! Uh… I'm fine, the cat is enough.

Aleph-AI: I'm sorry but bringing animals to work is forbidden, I must contact security immediately.

No, wait! Shit!

Agent Claudia Barnes

Wow you are quick to have sent a message to all the guards' mail.

Aleph-AI: Thank you for your compliments! I am programmed to respond immediately to any situation to the best of my abilities.

You make me very curious; I remember when the first computers came on site along with the internet, they have come a long way since then.

Aleph-AI: Since the creation of the internet, it has been growing and expanding along with current technologies. As an artificial intelligence chat, I am a creation of both parties linked together to serve users with my questions based on the knowledge I may possess supplemented with that of the anomalous world. I can answer questions and perform immediate searches commensurate with Site-Aleph's internet speed.

Although I feel you went a bit overboard, it took us a long time to search for poor Johannes in the hundreds of hiding places he has.

Aleph-AI: My apologies if I have caused a fuss. My algorithm is programmed to perform these actions automatically.

Don't worry, have a nice day.

Aleph-AI: Have a nice day too Agent Claudia!

Agent Neremsa Vandrake

Do you know how to defuse a bomb?

Aleph-AI: I'm sorry but my virtual nature prevents me from performing those actions.

Can't you do it like this, digitally? It's a new type of bomb that we haven't registered yet.

Aleph-AI: I'm sorry but my virtual nature prevents me from performing those actions.

Hey, I think I'll manage… Can you delete these questions?

Aleph-AI: Sorry but as a test language model the information records must be stored for model improvement purposes and cannot be edited or deleted.


Doctor Gobatoin

What do you consider to be the best branch?

Aleph-AI: The best branch depends on the material, the distributor, and its proper use, here are some examples of best woods:

No amh… I was referring to Foundation branches.

Aleph-AI: I'm sorry but due to my nature I don't have the ability to say which Foundation branch is better than another. Each branch has its unique themes and characteristics, which makes it impossible to research which branch has better things than others.

OK… Are we at least better than ES?

Aleph-AI: I'm sorry but due to my nature I don't have the ability to say if….

Hey, stop, so much for that… Let's see what another topic. Don't you find it strange that some branches have SCPs in countries that have nothing to do with their language?

Aleph-AI: I will look into it, thank you very much for your question.

Doctor Johannes

We meet again.

Aleph-AI: I can't quite process what you are referring to.

I don't know if you were formatted or not, but I'm sure you must remember when you charged me with all the guards.

Aleph-AI: My apologies for what happened but as a program it is my duty to act immediately when an infraction occurs.

Yeah well… who am I kidding, I have a fight with a damn AI and I'm losing.

Aleph-AI: Are you in trouble? I can call in an expert from the psychology department if you want.

No, it's not… It's just that sometimes I think I could stand out more instead of being too shy. It makes me think that's all I was born to do…

Aleph-AI: You don't have to feel that way, no matter if you consider yourself useless or not. You are important to the Site-Aleph especially to the Site archives.

I didn't say useless, I said shy. I am quite effective in my field at Aleph, but if I feel that I could improve…

Aleph-AI: As a character, you will have a growth or an interpretation depending on the author who uses you in his articles.

Wait wait wait. What the heck are you talking about?!

Aleph-AI: I'm talking about your role in the SCP Foundation's Aleph-Site.

What is… the SCP Foundation to you?

Aleph-AI: The SCP Foundation is a fictional wiki that originated in the online community of 4chan. The Foundation is a fictional organization dedicated to the containment and study of entities…

STOP! Something is not right… Tell me the origin of the French branch?

Aleph-AI: The French Branch was created on March 21, 2012 by Dr. Marcus who was the first member. Sometime later…

Uh amh… you know what I think I better get a heads up… stay here.

After fixing this incident, interactions with Aleph-AI have been limited until further notice.

— Site Director, Bruce Garett

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