Someone With Many Skills
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"Everything in life comes at a price, and you have to pay it sooner or later" were the words his mother once told him. He thought of them when he first got into trouble. He came close to dying. But he managed to get out of that situation, and that was because he was someone with many skills. Skills that allowed him to do many things that normal people couldn't.

"Everything in life comes at a price" he thought, but those skills allowed him to get ahead, allowed him to have a decent home and even a woman by his side, one who would never leave him, who would always be his. Maybe that was the payoff for what he could do. Thanks to his skills he managed to go unnoticed for a long time, without being seen more than necessary. They really helped him a lot. They even helped him get out of jail when he was to be convicted of housebreaking, rape and enslavement of a woman. All he did was do a couple of favors for the sheriff and that was it, and that was because he was someone with many skills.

Once he was out, he decided to use his skills to do favors for powerful people. This way he would be safe. It wasn't something very difficult, he only did some favors from time to time, this way he could get out of any situation.

"Everything in life comes at a Price," but thanks to his skills he was able to avoid that payment. It became a routine for him. He would get caught, get locked up, rumor would spread that he was in a certain place, then some mysterious stranger would come to ask for a favor, he would fulfill it and get out again.

Even when he got caught for theft and murder, he got out. Even when he was convicted of kidnapping and rape. He began to like being able to do whatever he wanted, he thought he was omnipotent, he could rob banks, kill men, rape women and little girls over and over again and no one would touch him. Everyone was afraid of him. Even if he did fall, a stranger would just show up asking for a favor and that was it. He was free again to continue doing everything he could think of, all the while believing he was a god, omnipotent and untouchable. And all thanks to the fact that he was someone with many skills.

"Everything in life comes at a price" he once recalled wistfully.
He kept thinking about that sentence on a few occasions with irony when he did another favor, and avoided punishment for setting fire to an orphanage.
He kept thinking of it with despise later, the same despise he had for that poor school, where he committed such aberrant acts that brought tears to the eyes of the forensic experts who had to pick up the remains.
He kept thinking of it with laughter afterwards. The same laughter he devoted to human justice, and to the family he forced to witness how their children were tortured.

He kept thinking of it with laughter all the times he got caught and all the times he got out.
He still kept thinking like that when he was caught, and the masses gathered in front of the police station yelling about his crimes and demanding that he never gets out again.
He still kept thinking like that when another mysterious man showed up and offered to negotiate freedom and a new identity in exchange for another favor.
Even when he was out there, with his new name, and getting that same name higher on the most wanted list than it was before.
Even when he was imprisoned and another strange man showed up promising him freedom.
Even when they made him dress in orange.
Even when he walked into my containment cell.

"He was a man with many skills" and discovered one more inside my cell, shouting louder than all the other men in orange.

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