All Things Are One S Proposal
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Notice from Foundation O5 Council

This document is an outdated version of this anomaly from October 20, 1996 to August 25, 2007. The original part of this article that is different from the real situation has been deleted as appropriate, and the rest of it will affect the understanding of the context of this abnormal event, so it has not been deleted. Please review and watch. This article iteration version requires level 5 authority, please ensure that you have the authorization and secret of the O5 Council key.

— Head of History Department: O5-9 Xuan.

Item Number:SCP-CN-001 5/CN-001 level
Object Class: Thaumiel
Top Secret

Special Containment Procedures: Areas █, █, and █ of the Yangtze River are to be sealed off. Area-CN-█ should be set in the █ area of the Yangtze River. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SCP Foundation should negotiate with the Chinese government to transfer part of the control of the Yangtze River. The administrative department of the SCP Foundation should dispatch standard takeover provincial administrative units to partially control the Yangtze River. The war zones under the Eleventh Military Region of the Strategic War Department of the SCP Foundation should hand over their Yangtze River parts and form the Yangtze River Theater directly under the Strategic War Department. The Deputy Director of the History Department of the SCP Foundation and multiple members of the Supreme Council shall be transferred to Area-CN-█. Stations around the Yangtze River should continue to observe abnormal geese tracks.

UPDATED CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: The Yangtze River will lead to a WK-class scenario, see appendix and iteration of this document for details. Currently there is no effective containment method.

Description:SCP-CN-001 is a type of creature of the genus Anserus with anomalous properties. Its main habitat and range of activities are the Yangtze River region. This type of abnormal wild geese is difficult to capture and attack, and they all have high-level space-time abilities. The object's directly observed anomalous property is that it will suddenly disappear during flight, and then reappear in its original position. It is speculated that the reason for its disappearance may be to enter the fold of space-time.

The main anomalous characteristic of SCP-CN-001 is that it sprinkles wild goose feathers around the Yangtze River from time to time. Yan Yu was designated as SCP-CN-001-A. The vast majority of SCP-CN-001-A will fall into the Yangtze River, and a small part of SCP-CN-001-A will fall with the wind and be neutralized after an indefinite period of time. If any Homo sapiens whose intelligence is higher than 50% of the normal value of a standard adult touches SCP-CN-001-A within this period, it will fall into a coma for about 3-6 hours. During the coma, the Homo sapiens experiences a complete history of the past. This period of history is designated as SCP-CN-001-B.

After the coma process ends, Homo sapiens will transform into SCP-CN-001-C, and experience SCP-CN-001-B in the first, second, and third person respectively. The specific experience time and number of people are not fixed. However, it can be determined that it will inevitably experience a complete historical event. Unless the contacting entity has high cognitive resistance and memetic resistance, SCP-CN-001-C only has a survival time of about 3-6 hours after waking up. However, it should be noted that cognitive resistance and memetic The higher the resistance, the more incomplete the record. During this period, SCP-CN-001-C will gain an increase in intelligence. Its amplified intelligence is judged to be supernormal, and SCP-CN-001-B will be circulated as much as possible during the remaining survival time.

The object is currently classified as Thaumiel for its functional alteration. SCP-CN-001 has been taken over by the History Department of the SCP Foundation. Institution: The Research Office of Ancient Lost Objects was established. The newly constructed Sites and Areas will belong to the Ancient Lost Objects Research Office. Lin Jiuye, deputy director of the Department of History, will also serve as the director of the department. Two members of the Supreme Council of the Department of History will serve as deputy directors. The office is directly subordinate to the Department of History.

Updated description:SCP-CN-001 is the Yangtze River, and the rest of the numbers are shifted backwards. The person affected by the WK-level scenario is designated as SCP-CN-001-F. The Bureau responsible for the Yangtze River Basin and SCP-CN-001 and history was established, please refer to the appendix and iteration of this document for details.


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