Old Friend
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The windows rattled, the wind was slamming against the glass. By now, it was twelve o'clock in the night. The tired man sat upright in his chair and took a deep breath. In, and out again. The storm did not weaken, it seemed as if it was getting even stronger. Not a thing could be seen outside the windows, only the deep blackness.
The doctor watched the scene with his eyes slightly closed. He reached for the light switch on his table lamp and turned it on with a slow movement. The dim light of the white lamp lit up the room, but the corners remained wrapped in the black velvet. The young man recognized a faint light outside of the window. It was getting closer and brighter. His eyes caught a bright white colour. Someone knocked at the door of the little hut.

"Who's there?", Brenner said to the door.

A familiar voice answered him, "An acquaintance."

The small exchange of words fell silent. Dr. Brenner searched for the appropriate section in his memories and found it shortly after. With a faint tune, Brenner answered the familiar light.

"It's you? Come on in, the door is open."

The acquaintance entered the little house which laid in the dark woods while the storm was raging outside. The guest closed the door behind him, "Thank you for your hospitality, I did not expect the storm to be that strong."

Brenner relaxed in his chair, "Yes, that's right, if I had not chopped firewood yesterday, I probably would have frozen to death today."

"Damn, it's cold up here …", the figure said as it shook off the accumulated snow from its shoulders.

Even while the interlocutor of Brenner pronounced the sentence, he remained calm and kept his always present, neutral face. Brenner was used to it by now and knew what had been done to his guest, and that therefore he could not do otherwise.

"Well, why are you there? I can't do anything for you anymore, it's just a matter of time before the Foundation gets me…", Brenner said in a harsh and tired voice. He was still young and yet he was already tired of living. "I can't run away, just like you."

The acquaintance replied with a counter question. "Why should I leave you here? I have no intention of simply leaving a friend to his fate."

"Thank you, but…"

The dialogue fell silent again.

"…I do not think I'll be able to live for long anymo—"

The figure took a step forward, "Don't say that."

"But what else am I supposed to do, I can't go back to the Foundation, but you can still join your brothers and sisters, you can persuade them to stop this bloodbath, this madness."

"You really think I could?", the figure asked with the same pitch as always.

Brenner cleared his throat, "I've failed. You, on the other hand, must not. I've been able to do what a simple person can do, I've managed to set you free, that's it. I believe that someone like you should now continue the difficult task, you aren't a normal person and you know that too, otherwise the Foundation wouldn't have imprisoned you."

"…I still can't leave you here to slowly die. Even if the Foundation has taken away all my emotions, that does not mean that I have no feelings. You have freed me, you have shown me the meaning of life again. I owe my life to you", said the figure.

Brenner took a little break. He took a hip flask from his inside pocket and took a sip of the strong-smelling alcohol. He offered the same to the acquaintance.

"Thanks", the warm light answered, picking up the hip flask. The strong taste and smell of the alcohol caused a burning in the throat of his, which he drove off with a short cough.

Brenner began to speak again, "You know, when I saw you being held in that water container, I couldn't help it… The cruelty… I could not experiment on you, you were pushed inside that glass jar without any reason… I could not help it, I just had to free you."

"You knew what would happen to you and yet you did it, I owe you my eternal gratitude." The person sank his head in front of the doctor.

With a hand wave Dr. Brenner indicated that he should lift his head, "Then settle this debt and put an end to the war. I know you're not the one everyone imagines you are. You're not a murderer, you're not the evil, only one of the victims of this worlds injustice."

"…". The person fell silent.

It was quiet in the room. The sound of the windows and the storm came through. The figure became slightly restless, while Brenner seemed to like the sound of the storm.

The now warm and cozy light broke the silence first, "I only felt hatred for the humans, but you taught me how it really is, you showed me how to deal with people, how to make them laugh. You have shown me that I too have a meaning of life, you've shown me how to enjoy it. You've given me my own life back, and now it's my turn, I'm going to show my brothers and sisters that the world isn't evil, I will give them what you gave me."

A warm smile escaped the doctors mouth, "Thank you, Daath." The doctor thanked him and started to speak again, "It will not be easy though, you will have to play the bad guy…"

"That doesn't bother me", the person replied.

"I'm ashamed that you have to go through this alone…"

"You don't have to. I will end it. I will stop Caecus Carneliana, I will not let them kill anymore", the person closed their eyes, as if they were making an oath.

The doctor became more and more tired, "Well, I'm counting on you. Maybe you'll learn to smile again someday. Maybe you'll find someone who will show you how… I'll go to sleep now… I wish you… good luck… in life… "

"Thank you, my dear old friend…"

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