Alzheimer's Hub
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The Foundation entered a period of decline due to an unforeseen event/long-term depletion.

Since then, on the one hand, years of losses have made it increasingly difficult for the Foundation to control containment breaches, and the organization has become internally divided and corrupt.
On the other hand, the Foundation is being challenged by new forces: government-sanctioned global organizations (such as the GOC) and old enemies of the Foundation (Chaos Insurgency, etc.) are encroaching on the Foundation's sphere of influence.

The large and bloated Foundation is gradually degenerating.


-Writing Guide-

This canon hub welcomes everyone to participate.

The author can start from any angle and write in any genre. From the beginning of the Foundation's decline to its probable eventual collapse is your scope - the thoughts and actions of individuals, the conflicts of interest and mission, the intrigue of inter-organizational struggles are all wonderful subjects. The process of decline may take years, decades, or even become the norm.

The overall tone of this hub is relatively serious, but that does not preclude absurdity and comedy - as long as the writing is good enough.

Wave your hand to the new world.

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