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Foundation Collective
Consciousness To Be Maintained


"We stand in the dark."


Item #: SCP-001-JP

Object Class: Yesod

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-JP is to be contained in a cryogenic sleep state at the classified containment facility beneath Site-01. The interior of the facility is fully automated and no personnel are to be permitted access unless approved by a majority of the O5 Council members. Any unauthorized individuals found approaching the facility are to be terminated immediately.

Health status of SCP-001-JP is automatically diagnosed and monitored at all times; in case a new SCP-001-JP-α or SCP-001-JP-β is confirmed to be conceived in its womb, Protocol Annunciation is to be applied depending on the status of both subjects. Following birth, SCP-001-JP-α/-β are to be contained in an automated incubator, and only SCP-001-JP-α instances are to be transferred to the Foundation's orphanage when they reach the prespecified age.

The corpse of SCP-001-JP that died after the birth of SCP-001-JP-β is to be incinerated immediately after recovery. SCP-001-JP-β is to be reclassified and recontained as a new SCP-001-JP when it reaches the prespecified age.

Description: As of 20██/██/██, SCP-001-JP is an Asian female humanoid entity with anomalous fertility, which conceives only through a process similar to parthenogenesis. The mechanism of this conception phenomenon has not been explained so far, and its interval and regularity of occurrence are still unknown. No other physical anomalies have been identified.

The fetus generated by the conception phenomenon becomes a different ethnic group from SCP-001-JP in approximately 90% of the cases. Despite this, they grow at the same rate and through the same processes as normal fetuses, and do not show any unusual behavior or properties. The fetuses produced can be categorized into the following two types: SCP-001-JP-α/-β.

SCP-001-JP-α is a fetus that does not possess any genetic information of SCP-001-JP. Despite the fact that SCP-001-JP-α is conceived through a process similar to parthenogenesis, as described above, all testing devices prove that there is no parent-child relationship between the two. SCP-001-JP-α exhibits no anomalous properties after birth, and there is no physical difference compared to a typical child of the same age.

In contrast, SCP-001-JP-β is a fetus that possesses completely identical genetic information to SCP-001-JP. Even when the ethnicity of SCP-001-JP and SCP-001-JP-β in its womb are different, as described above, all testing devices prove that they are genetically the same individual. The gender of SCP-001-JP-β is invariably female.

SCP-001-JP always conceives SCP-001-JP-β while its physical age is about 30 to 50 years old. SCP-001-JP dies within 24 hours of giving birth to SCP-001-JP-β due to rapid physical breakdown. SCP-001-JP-beta gains exactly the same anomalous fertility as SCP-001-JP when it reaches the age of 14.

To date, deaths of SCP-001-JP have been recorded at least ███ times. Some theories suggest that SCP-001-JP undergoes a type of "rejuvenation" through this phenomenon as SCP-001-JP-β, similar to the life cycle observed in Turritopsis nutricula, but the details remain unclear.

The only record regarding SCP-001-JP's origin indicates that it was already in containment when the Foundation was established. In addition, most of the relevant materials have been removed and censored from the database, and access to them is specified to require the approval of a majority of the O5 Council members. In accordance with the Special Containment Procedures currently in effect, all attempts to test, experiment, and interview SCP-001-JP have been suspended indefinitely.

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