An End & A Beginning

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His left knee had been injured for some time and he could not find a spare limb. Among the remnants of old battles, which had come out from under the ground due to the earthquake, he was looking for the intact steel body, and he came to an old metal box with a triangular mark on it, which he did not recognize. When he opened the box, he saw an old music player inside. He tried to open it, but the device was stuck and suddenly his foot slipped and he fell backwards. The old player fell out of Beirut's box and suddenly started playing a few seconds of some unintelligible old music and suddenly turned off. A piece of very old classical music that he had now thought about and mentioned and in those few seconds kept playing in his mind, forcing him to listen to the rest of the piece. Nothing else mattered to him except to listen to the rest of the song. He had even forgotten the pain of his injured knee. He got up with difficulty and put the box in his backpack and returned home. He decided to fix it to listen to the rest of the song.
By the end of the night, no matter what he did, he couldn't get the box to work. And the same few seconds kept repeating in his mind and it was driving him crazy. Little by little, fatigue overcame him and he fell asleep right there on the desk. Those few seconds of music did not let him rest even in his sleep and it was repeated to him continuously until the morning.
He woke up tired. A little coffee refreshes him. And then, he had to look for the repair of his knee again. But instead of this, his heart wanted to find a way for his problem. Before preparing breakfast and drinking coffee, he again went to the player and started fiddling with it. He needed help, but he could no longer communicate with others. A few centuries had passed since the unification, and since then, communication with others was no longer through telephones or any other surface technology. Even the year and date had no meaning. All kinds of help were always available.
It took him a long time to overcome loneliness. But finally he could. After some manipulation, the device started to play the song. Suddenly, all the previous music seemed meaningless to him and it was as if this music was the only music in the world he had ever heard.
It was very attractive to me. For the first time, I have seen an issue outside the system become so important. I decided to give him some time to see how much trouble the classical music effect could cause.
The next day, I saw that he played this music for others and everyone who listened to it gave up all their work and life and stuck to this piece of classical music, I didn't even think about it. Chopin's classical music changed everything so much. In the early years of integration, these events did not even last for an hour and the entire system would be destroyed on the spot. Over time, as time passed, their number increased and this was considered a threat to unity. But hey, I wanted to see what would happen next.
In the following days, through the eyes of those who were not yet out of integration, I saw that this music was widely distributed to everyone. Of course, not everyone was involved in music like these few people. For some people, it would be their whole life and they would give up integrity, but for some it didn't matter at all and they loved this integrity. As it progressed, this war and conflict between these two groups increased and gradually got out of control.
Challenges, life had gained meaning again and making mistakes and experimenting had found its own meaning again. It was there that I realized how boring one's integrity is. The fact that nothing went wrong made everything boring.
I remembered that one of the basic principles of integration was that whenever a new issue comes up, the public's opinion is important to us. When after three weeks, I saw that the majority had separated themselves from the unity and wanted to start a new civilization, I was very sad. I told myself it was time to let go and let them experience the path they chose. After all, all my children were a part of me. I, who fought for thousands of years to create unity and destroyed all enemies, now leave everything with my own hands and go.


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