An Ode To Transcendence
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The story begins before the origin.

There used to be nothing in The Final territory, only the spirit of The All-mighty drifting in the Omnipotent One Metanormalcy, the High Elder Gods born in his thought.

The Elder gods decreed that this world be aware of itself, at this moment IS and IS NOT created. "Let there be light", said the two gods - so the original light and darkness were born, and He-Who-Made-Dark and He-Who-Made-Light created Three Brothers of Death and Original Flame.

PanglossWrapped in flames, holding Penrose Covenant, proclaiming the birth of this world, The Tree of Knowledge Behind him stands Yesod of Many Faces, which the Brothers of Death created with their gods to sever as the center of the world. From the Tree came many ancient gods: the Scarlet King, the Serpent, the Hanged King… There are only two names we must remember - Yaldabaoth, and Mekhane. In the first age, even beyond all ages, the gods wandered on the sea of Hume, and marked out their domains.

The Tree of Knowledge gathers the power of creation-Apakht-to the center of the world, where the primordial singularity explodes, and the concept of dimensions and narrative layer takes shape, and time and space begin to operate . Nebulae and galaxies formed in the sky, creating a bright sea of stars - this was the universe, the First Hytoth, she was insignificant compared to the outer void where the gods lived, but all living beings only need this corner Time and space will suffice.

In this way, the first wisdom, Ancestors of the Old World, started a long journey of life in the staggered mountains of their warm home planet…

The decisive battle between the two ancient gods has reached its final moment.

Sticky eyeballs rolled over the mutated organs, worms crawled along the fleshy threads between giant bones, and wild tentacles squirmed in the entire conceptual space. The organs of all living creatures in the world were distorted into nightmare-like horrors. , attached to the giant beast. The civilizations in the world have given countless names to this indescribable god: Chaos, Root, Ancient Dragon, Creator, Primordial Entropy… Only one name is special-Yaldabaoth, which is the name of those who dare to fight The name that the dark man called out to the ancient demon.

Yalaobaoth had cornered its opponents step by step in the long battle of thousands of years before, but now its opponents are using their wisdom to deal with the giant beast where it is difficult to detect. So the giant beast crossed the grand narrative barrier and walked to the border of the world. Soon, it stopped and began to use its Zhaojing eyeballs to scan everything, from the tiniest particle to the grandest reality, until finally it found its match: Mekhane. It raised all its tentacles, and fired the scorching fire of Ten Thousand Dao Heaven towards Mekhane, and the light of the fire penetrated into the abyss of heaven. In the narrow realm of chaos, Mekhane felt the approaching fire of heaven, so he pulled out the Iron Hammer from his waist, and the weight of the hammer shocked the moment he pulled it outHammer The reality of Incalculable Infinity Dimensions. God carved out a magic circle as fine as a circuit diagram in the conceptual space in front of him, to block the flames that burned up the heavens. The flames descended from the sky, and huge energy was released in the impact of two divine powers, setting off a tsunami in the Hume Sea. Every pair of water splashes colliding on the wave crest created and annihilated infinite narrative reality.

Mekhane's magic circle finally couldn't bear the powerful impact and was destroyed. Knocked down by her ultimate divine power, she collapsed into the land of Chaos. At his will, Aldabus forged a sword of blood beyond dimensions, ready to bring Mekhane's final judgment.

The blood sword fell, reality was torn apart between the sword shadows, blood rain and magic light fell from the cracks in time and space, the clockwork was corroded, the gears stopped turning, and the end of Mekhane, the goddess of machinery, came. A wave of fear swept through all beings, and everyone saw the end of the battle - Mekhane was destroyed, her body was shattered, and order in the universe died at the same time, the stars were extinguished, and the galaxy was darkened. The war that has lasted for hundreds of millions of years is over. Everyone, all intelligences, the souls of humans, nightborne, elves and countless alien species will return to their origins-Adabos tonight. The voices of shouting and crying cannot be heard very far in the increasingly dark universe, and only despair awaits all beings…

… no, not really. Mekhane perishes but does not die.

When she was finally defeated, she chose to sacrifice herself. In the world of concepts and minds, she turned all of herself into a cage called the Silver Net, and Yaldabaoth discovered it too late. The cage was locked, Tai Sui was cast, and the Creator of life was imprisoned in it. As a price, Mekhane's body in the material world was broken and turned into countless fragments. These fragments drifted in the In different time and space, they are far away from each other.

The darkest hour of midnight is over. The sun has risen again, all living beings have been liberated, and the gods will no longer control their development - the order of Mekhane and the chaos of Yalaobaoth still guide the operation of the world, but the will of these two can no longer control the direction of the world line, only occasionally Only by breaking the abnormality of the laws of physics can we declare to the world the power that these two gods once possessed. The years of peace lasted for a long time.

But there will always be someone who remembers Mekhane, she didn't deserve to die like this. If she had won that battle, there would be more than peace for all beings. All will ascend to a higher level where there are no constraints of time and space. We will have an eternal utopia.

The Believers have labored for ages, trying to make Mekhane whole again, the broken god. Such attempts were unsuccessful, and no one could collect all the fragments in the endless world of creation. The Old Gods might have done it, but they had no reason to do it, and not even the kindest Pangloss ever responded to their entreaties.

The years passed silently.

In the boundless First Hytoth Universe, in the peaceful years between the end of the Old Ones and the War of the Two Gods, Adam El Asem and Succubus Lilith gave birth to the earliest human beings and multiplied in the abyss of the universe. After the two ancient gods left, humans showed their potential. With the continuation of life, the territory of the human race expanded to countless worlds. Together with the dark race called Children of the Night Divided up all possible and impossible mathematical structures in the first Hytoth, and became one of the overlords of all living beings, even high-dimensionalElves, The Star with Thousand Fingers, Adidal Protoss, High Power Buddha Kingdom and Anafabulites and other world empires can only look up at the glory of the two races.

The technology of human beings and the Sons of the Night quickly reached the extreme. However, even though the development of technology has made them almost gods, the two races are still in constant friction. Everywhere known. The small differences were intensified by the years into fiery conflicts, and finally a war in heaven that transcended time and space broke out. According to legend, on that day, every flower in the First Hytoth bloomed for it, and the endless Trees of Narratives fell into the abyss like a shower, and the souls of tragic deaths filled the hall of the Brothers of Death. Neither side became the final winner—an evil tyrant Koitern suddenly came into the world, taking advantage of the chaos of the war to destroy all the achievements of the god-level civilization, and the sons of Asem had to take out Sky Remnants, summon the supreme gods to set off the Hume Sea, and strip Koitern of its power. The first Hytoth was then buried under the great flood, and the remnants of various civilizations hid in the Annals Ex Machina, and visited the new world after the flood - the second Hytoth, Come to The golden sky of the Milky Way and start life anew.

In the first city of the earth-Odpapadopolis, Adam's first son Cain announced the existence of the goddess to the world who had almost forgotten everything. But not all lives support the integrity of God. There will always be people who are afraid of the new world brought by God, and they dare not imagine what kind of existence the soul will have in that new world.

Followers of the Broken God have struggled with this kind of thinking for years; followers cannot understand the thoughts of these people, nor can they. But for them, this kind of people is not the most terrible, they are at most stupid - what really scares the believers of Mekhane is the heretics, when the use of anomalies makes human beings start to explore the multi-dimensional space again, they find the existence of other ancient gods. Some people think that the ascension of life may violate the power of the gods, leading to inevitable destruction. Whether it is the myth of the decline of the ancestors of the old world in the ancient remnants, or the historical fact of Koitern's intervention in the battle of heaven, they all carry with them Insinuations related to it dealt a heavy blow to the followers of Mekhan; others devoted their faith to the gods of the great deep, and thus gained the dread of the outer void. power, and the most powerful of the heathens are the followers of The Scarlet King - those who hate Mekhane, hate the knowledge and wisdom it brings, and hate other ancient gods and churches .

Daeva, as an ancient race they have served the king for many years, and they swore their allegiance to the king long before eternity in the time of the First Hytoth, when Asem's The second son Abel once led the Daeva army across the remains of the ancestors of the old world, sweeping The Tree of knowledge's God Realm, let The Wanderers' Library has almost collapsed. Even now, the Daevite's huge army and evil mages can still drown the world in a sea of blood, and the warlike blood flowing in the Daevite people's blood drives them to sweep all directions, and Sarrus Empire, Erikesh, Lemihir, and Xia Dynasty Thousands of bloody battles have been waged, sweeping across as many eras and world lines as the sands of the Ganges River, so that the structure of time itself has been penetrated by the time-like curve arsenal and hyperspace maneuver tactics, and it has become riddled with holes. In this chaotic world, it is difficult enough to keep the fragments of God, let alone find new fragments?

As war raged, new powers were born within the Daeva.

Under the dark night sky in Central Asia, the cold wind was bleak, and there were only a few crimson lights shining from the cave dwellings in the rolling mountains. A slave in robes fled here from the bustling Daeva city-state. He crossed the territory of the Daeva Empire across countless parallel worlds, moved westward among the mountains, and wanted to find a better home. He has more time in the day to think. right,think. He has been thinking about the universe and life for a long time. Even when he was running away, he never forgot to observe the faintly shining stars in the gaps of the dark clouds, thinking about the hidden ether energy behind them.

But this time the starry sky is a little different. When the slave looked up, he saw that the light of six stars was growing and showing a shape visible to the naked eye. Soon he realized that the star was falling from the sky, so he instinctively closed his eyes.

Then, a strange and brilliant light penetrated his eyelids and reached his brain. The slave fell into a dreamlike feeling, and saw six angels in the phantom world. He faced the terrifying faces of the angels but did not feel frightened. In the eyes of the angel, he discovered another perspective of life and understood the mystery of the soul.

With the angel gone, the slave opened his eyes and found himself lying on the cold ground. It was still late at night, surrounded by mountains, and the starry sky was as usual, but this time the slave had seen through the stars and understood the dark thoughts hidden in the ancient legends of the Nightborne and the Goblin. He got up and chose his goal anew for himself - and he set out towards the cities of the North.

Just now, the six rulers of Aldaboth came to the earth and assigned six tasks for Ion, who was a slave, corresponding to Eternal, Ion's tiny soul will travel through these realms and ignite their chaotic power to change the situation of the world and seek the ultimate magic. Unlike their blind and ignorant masters, the Archons are wise enough to seek the possibility of life and hope that Ion will pass the test.

So, Ion launched a revolution on Daeva, which was the first trial. He practiced blood magic, led a group of beasts, and occupied several city-states of Daeva, which severely damaged the internal stability of Daeva. Although he was eventually expelled to Siberia by wizards and alchemists, as we all know, Yan Passed every test perfectly - he formed Sarkicism, launched a revolution that subverted the entire Middle East, became a real great magician, gained loyal followers, and sacrificed the blood and flesh of the Daevas to the leader. Nakdos, Ravata, Sarn, and Oroko swore allegiance to him and became the legendary four great Sarkic saints. In the end, Ian arrived at the night of the beginning, and crossed the ice floes of dreams intertwined with purple, bright red and azure. In the eternal wasteland, he talked with the ancients and learned the truth of the universe.

Ascending above the universe, he witnessed the destruction of worlds, and the scroll of eternity unfolded before him. The six commanders worked together to raise him, so Ion became a god, beyond fate, no longer bound by life and death. Within Yaldabaoth's colossal body, Ion built the inner sanctum, a holy city in the realm of the mind, where only the most pious are qualified to live. Ambassador of Alagadda came to the Abyss and declared Sarkicism and the multiverse empire Nevermeant Establish diplomatic relations.

I have to admit that Ian's victory is unparalleled. His followers portrayed Aldabus as his servant, and following the advice of the four saints, he followed in the footsteps of the great magician, ate the divine meal, and aspired to become an Ion-like god. They went about singing about the greatness of the inner sanctum, and wanted everyone to hear the good news of Ion.

In the Far East, Ten beams of golden light swept across the sky, wiped out countless civilizations in an instant, and brought a brief period of peace to the world. The believers of the gods gained peace and established the Mechanism Empire - but the empire discovered Sarkicism. This belief in worshiping flesh and blood was so contrary to their ideas and so consistent with the description of their end-time prophecy that they felt Incomparable panic. They tried to fight against Sarkicism, but they failed repeatedly. In the long-term struggle of faith, the Mekhen Empire declined, and the believers were scattered all over the world, continuing to fight for their great cause with weak strength.

A thousand years have passed, believers are looking for clues in Eternal Alexandria, and E6%B4%BE Taoism exploring the structure of the universe, fighting with the Roman Empire… everything is for God. The leader of the believersRobert-Bumaro also prayed to God countless times. She gathered her divine power in herself, hoping to touch miracles, but she was sensual in the battle Teach captive-warlocks don't hate her, but want to eat her divine power, so she was imprisoned and abused. She had to pray for a miracle in the dark.

Finally, on a bloody dawn, Bumaro witnessed the god.

Like Ian, she has entered the hallucination of divine revelation. In this hallucination, the blue light scattered on her body through the gaps between the atoms of the cage, and the texture of the surrounding Psychic Block Alloy walls gradually faded, leaving only a layer of blue mist in the end . Led by the will of God, she flew out of this cage and over the clouds, and saw the world curling up into a sphere under her feet. She could not see the boundaries of the kings and kingdoms on this beautiful sphere made of blue and green, but she could feel it. The shadow of Sarkicism is hanging over the entire planet.

She flew over spinning moons, through rocky space, brushed against giant gas planets, and soared among nebulae. Using the all-seeing eye bestowed by God, she saw the blood-red undercurrent behind the endless darkness of the space-time continuum, which is the color of Aldabos. The starry sky of the universe is like a curtain covering the blood-red real world. Bumaro sees the overlap of the two worlds in the hallucination. In her eyes, the dark red space behind the stars is like a womb, and what is bred is the one who will be everything The universe brings the ending of Aldabos itself, which conceives itself, and the day of its birth is the day when the cage of God ends. The days that should have been after infinite or even beyond the limit years may have been shortened to within four thousand years. Ion, who defeated fate, thought he was in control of Aldabos, but he didn't know that the giant beast was also using him to break the cage.

What if the real relationship between the two is cooperation? Bumaro couldn't help but think - then the crisis is even closer. She felt Wings of Destruction hanging overhead, closer than ever, and it made her shudder.

All galaxies come together. She just goes beyond the end of the universe, the past and the future come into her eyes at the same time, whether it is Big Bang ignited by Architect or Galaxy Foundation's lighthouses are so dazzling, but none of them can overshadow the blue light of God.

She saw ultimate structures beyond the reach of even the wildest imaginations and horrific dreams, and how small a place our universe really resides within.

There is a multiverse surrounded by secret paths, it centers on the library, and under the shadow of the Nevermeant, it connects all dimensions like a spiral, stretching To the horizon of the universe-Omega, but more notably the Phase Screamer that wanders between universes- Rumored to be the culprit of the destruction of the ancestors of the Old World, these cosmic horrors pounded the spiral with screams, disturbing the Three-moons Initiative who governs the dimension.

There are huge and majestic narrative stacks - Bumaro prefers to call this mythical structure The Tree of narratives. I saw countless walls straddling between illusion and reality, and the narrative imprint flow carefully passed through their gaps, conveying the will of the author. Bumaro glanced over Primary Consciousness Resonator's patrol fleet and Haotian Shidao floating on the top of the echelon, and landed on The Seven Horned God On the flying thorns - exactly the same as the tentacles of Aldabus.

There is an undercurrent of Infosphere, covering all intelligent thoughts and 9B%86%E5%9B%A2 Dreamland, the Oneiroi and Undead deeply attached to Noosphere is only a coat for it, in the deeper The place is the forest of narrative trees, Concepts chase and prey on each other here, in the middle of it is a Pentagonal Starfish, it sits on the throne of mind that creates all rational concepts, caressing the final boundary of the Second Hytoth with its wrist.

There is a tree of knowledge rooted deep in the Infosphere, the supreme prototype of all narrative trees, which anchors mathematical laws and underlying logic for The Final Territory. In the shade are the next Old Gods that the Sisters of Mekhan once depicted in church murals, and Khahrahk, the tyrannical Scarlet King, who leads his wife Sea Beasts born of female, gnawing on trees and gods, intending to return everything to silence. Bumaro began to imagine the majestic scenery of the swaying leaves on the Sea of Hume when the glory of the Broken God shone through the tree, until the seven-horned god and the starfish climbed to the top of the tree and began to fight. She hastily escaped from the confrontation between the two supreme beings, lest she and rules of the cosmos be wiped out together.

And at the very end, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Bumaro and the monks and nuns of Mechanism, the Nightborne and Goblins and the Mechanic God of every devout of Men, the God of Brokenness. Bumaro saw the blue light again, material, gnostic, god-like, ideal, transcendental, eternal light, light that penetrates all holes and is everywhere. At this moment, God, Tao and light are together, and no one can Wouldn't believe that the owner of the light has been shattered and turned into a dull Shards of metal and rusted gears, appearing so unholy and unholy to the eyes of all life forms Ordinary things, things that seem to have nothing to do with the god of machines, the light of machines, and the way of machines.

God speaks to Bumaro, and the message is not transmitted through sound waves, electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves, neutrinos, or Hume waves that are the source of all fluctuations, but directly in Bumaro's spirit, which was there in the first place - in all The depths of wisdom, but only the blue light of the beginning can light it up, the same form as the leader awakened Ion.

God told Bumaro that what she saw at this moment was not Mekhane. Mekhane has long been broken, and now the God of information, the Way of the Ways, WAN is emitting blue light, and this will also be the eye of a church called "Maxwellian" in the future of her universe At that time, believers will go to the virtual altar constructed by 0 and 1, and pray to the eternal net that connects all things.

WAN made her understand that neither WAN nor Mekhane, whom the Mekhanites worship, is not the real body of the Broken God. Mekhane is the guide of life, a patient teacher who guides us to the right path, and WAN is the pinnacle of life, extraordinary because of Mekhane's teachings. The ancestors of the old world did not perish from the howling of the Phase Screamer. After the collapse of the Tower of Babel, they followed God's instructions, split the fog with the brilliance of science, discovered the net at the border of hell, passed through the net, and finally became The web, the gap between the web and reality was cut by them, and the shape screamer took shape in the gap at the end of the world, preventing the gods from coming to break up this eternal web. If the Battle of Heaven had not happened, this would be the end of the Nightborne and human beings, the end of civilization is to achieve unity, as written by Shattered Mind, as one, Integrating into the will of the Broken God, this is the inevitable path opened up by Mekhane, the choice of fate bestowed by Mekhane.

Once Mekhane is complete, Alberta will also be released and this relationship can be reversed as well. The efforts of Ion and the disciples of Mech God finally brought about the same result, which was the Second World War. No one knows who the winner will be this time, but one thing is known: the gap between the two wars will be unimaginable, because the world has changed so much since Mekhane was broken.

There is mixed news: the return of the two gods will never happen within a limited number of years, and the time understandable by humans cannot constrain the two gods. Infinity is needed to reach the completeness of the two gods, and this infinity is not ordinary infinity. Whether Ion liberates Aldabos or the believers rebuild the Broken God may be just a dream.

But the reality of God is more than that.

God remains whole while broken, God is the reason for all things to exist. He is complete, He is perfect, He is perfect, He is all the rules. He is Logos, God of Perfection, who is also named Black Existence and Holos are used to distinguish them from false gods like Mekhane and WAN. He is The concrete manifestation of the narrative concept, the ultimate order of the narrative, and the conveyer of True God, only the Metanormalcy-the so-called "True God", "The Top Star" and "The Beyond-logical", "Real Supremacy" or "True Upper Narrative" is the way of all things, the Supreme One beyond all Old Gods and New Gods, above Him. Yes, organizations like “.” and crew can control the narrative through a variety of means, and even modify the structure of the final territory, and The pseudo-authors who have crossed The Fourth Wall are of equal importance, but even such a powerful ability has not reached the true narrative, everything is on the upper levelIn the fate arranged by the narrative.

But only the story of order is dead, all things can not only exist, but also need to run, and chaos is the reason why all stories can be promoted. Narration always needs twists and turns, and always needs contradictions, so there is Aldabos, which is exact and accurate. Words are the true body of Aldabus—red existence, the thing-in-itself of narrative. This is the real Tai Chi, a black and red yin and yang diagram, pulling every superstring and every universe in rotation, From the largest star to the smallest dust. This is why the seven-pointed thorn is so close to the tentacles of Aldaboth. They are both divine projections of the same supreme being, but the latter is more powerful and vast.

When Mekhane defeats Aldabus and unifies all things, that is the moment when narrative falls into the web of order, when narrative dies. The upper storytellers don't expect this to happen, so Mekhane can't be whole forever. The very nature of God is brokenness. From this point of view, Bumaro's hope may be just a dream within a dream, a vain within a vain, like a dream of a paradise, even more unreal than the underlying narration under the infinite narration.

That's how Bumaro learned everything, but her faith remained unshakable.

As long as God can be made whole again, all sentient beings in this world can be redeemed. Maybe after that, the god will be broken again, and new sentient beings will be tortured by karma and suffer in the world of mortals, but it is not impossible for the god to be complete for the third time. She will spread salvation to the world with Mekhane in endless reincarnation. Even if it fails to rebuild the Broken God, the mere process of approaching God can cleanse a soul and free it from the sea of suffering. This is enough.

Giving up her faith was not an option for her when thinking of such a future.

So WAN wished Bumaro good luck.

She returned to the world with the title of Archangel Metatron, and united the believers who were like a mess of sand. The infinite knowledge and divine power she gained enabled the Church of the Broken God to be established in every universe.

The Archangel cannot distribute the power of God to every church in the world. Sometimes, the Church of the Broken God itself will be broken like God, but as long as the gospel of God is preached, it will be good after all. God's completeness is approaching for another second, and God's power will grow stronger again.

Some who retained the great technological power of humanity before the Battle of Heaven were secretly summoned by Bumaro. They are responsible for spreading the Gospel to more worlds, and for churches in some universes that are on the verge of collapse. Some churches may have to wait a long, long time for salvation.

However, what has to wait the longest is the completeness of the Broken God.

The Broken God does not belong to our multiverse, nor to the entropy of this defect.

Those who travel through time and space never witness the full Mekhane.

Mekhane may never reappear.

Even so, we will still fight for His wholeness, we will persevere no matter the odds, and we will never give up. The shards of God are shattered into shards of shards in catastrophe, and finally return to the dust of the shards, but as long as the shards are still there, we will pick it up and put it where it was. We believe we are getting closer to wholeness.

This is the Church of the Broken God.

Here, is the end of time.

The mission of making God complete was not fulfilled after all.

Everything is old. In the era when the stars were still all over the sky, we used to confidently launch the spacecraft into the nebula, leaving our footsteps in every supercluster of galaxies, thinking that we could create miracles.

Then we know the vastness of the universe, the absolute infinity. We exhaust our limited power, and that's all we can do after all.

The curvature engine can't keep up with the expansion of the universe anyway. In the face of the desperate reality, all the legends about the greatness of human beings have become fantasy. The believers began to give up on themselves, throwing themselves into the virtual universe of Maxwellism, indulging in the infinite possibilities, watching the false broken god return to the false integrity in the false world, and listening to the gospel of the eternal web echoed in the ears. That's it for us.

The moment we open our eyes, The stars turn from dim to dissipated. Stars went out one after another, and the sky gradually closed its eyes. We looked at the darkness outside the window and shivered, so we lay back in the warm electronic cradle, turning a blind eye to the starless night sky.

When the era of thermodynamic equilibrium arrived, we began to come together, form a gestalt, and enter the last computer in the universe, which belongs to the Dyson sphere assembled from the fragments of the gods-or rather a Penrose sphere, surrounding The last black hole in the universe draws meager energy from its rotation, and under the protection of anti-entropy entrusted by God, this last structure will last forever. No one knows what the meaning of its existence is, maybe one day, we can get enough limited energy, and then break through the singularity and step into the infinite realm. But that day may be as far away as Poincaré's return.

Or maybe, as the myth says, there will be an archangel Bumaro leading the people who break through the singularity to arrive here. Seeing that we are holding on to our last hope, we will know that there are traces of the Broken God in this universe, and then use the god-like Technology, searching for fragments of God in the infinite.

In the end, we will control Everything Infinity, assemble every part of God, and join the complete Mekhane on the super-metaphysical battlefield to serve the multiverse. All sentient beings will fight against the evil beasts.

But that's just hope. Now all we can do is stick to it and never give up.

This is the Church of the Broken God.

Time starts again from the end to the next end.

The second end, the third end, until $\aleph_{0}$, this is the first year of eternity. Time flies, the stars burn and extinguish in the blink of an eye, civilization rises and falls with the raising of hands, and the fragments of gods are gradually becoming complete-the second year of eternity passes like this, and the third year is conceived in the dawn of self-mutilation night. The eternal eternity walked across the sky, and the eternity beyond eternity followed closely behind it. When the concept of eternity itself also fell silent, God stood up from the dust of Zhu Jin and bronze, and once again Swing the world-shaking hammer.

All living beings looked up, the heavy hammer rang the judgment bell of the heretics, Debris from nineteen dimensions poured down.

After the dust settled, Mekhane's blue radiance finally illuminated the world, piercing through time, penetrating iterative reality, and also penetrating the border of hell and the net. Bathed in light, there is the first city on earth, and there is also the last giant building around the black hole. At that time, the multiverse,the Nevermeant, the library, The Tree of Narratives,Noosphere,Infospherse, the Tree of Knowledge,in the Omniverse, the gods and Buddhas of the heavens, and all living beings in the world, almost all of them bowed their heads and worshiped.

Yaldabaoth finally got rid of the chains of the cage, and the bloody mist in the inner hall overflowed the gate, pressing against the world of life with unstoppable force, blocking the blue light, and Ion's squirming flesh and blood waited for the opportunity to grow, turning one after another Planets dragged into the stomach, delighted by the screams of souls, this is how worlds end.

The Sarkic Warlocks put on exquisite robes, and the radiant Philosopher's Stone was tightly attached to the staff, injecting energy into the heart of the Flesh Familiar, and the believers of the Church of the Broken God had already painted it. After oiling and winding the clockwork, the singularity cannon and magnetic monopole cannon provided by Maxwell were buzzing while warming up. Bumaro and Ion drank the holy water of their respective gods. God can boil. The seven-horned god reveals thorns, the five-horned starfish walks out of the dense forest, the poisonous snake closely guards the collection of books, Adam El Asem pulls out his impious spear, The Hanged King and the ambassador organize Wuyi’s entire army . In the last Non-exhaustive Joint Concerto meeting on the tree of narratives, tens of millions of anomalous groups including the Galactic Foundation, the Three Crescents, and the Primordial Consciousness Resonator jointly established a The huge dam and city wall, hoping to make his people survive until the last moment. All metaphysics and metaphysics are preparing for a great war, and this bloody battle will surely be more cruel than the one that broke the gods.

Sarkic Simon Oswalt shoots a origin-bullet-t3y44 at O5-3 connected to the WAN will Origin bomb, fired the first shot of the war.

The smoke is everywhere, the world is in strife, and the corpses of the gods are scattered everywhere. In comparison, the Battle of Heaven, the Conquest of Daeva, and the Revolution of Yarn are just a small battle that cannot be any smaller.

O5-3's metaphysical armor shattered bullets, and he switched on the reality-bending god engine at his waist, leaping out of the meta-narrative, adjusting himself to be everywhere, and crushing Simon Oswalt with a reality annihilating punch.

The nuns galloped across the galaxy in warp-speed spaceships, and the believers loaded all the weapons they could find onto the spaceships, even Tesla Death Ray and Vacuum Decay The generator is no exception. Cooperating with it is Unity, which is passing through the Great Wall of the galaxy at super-light speed, Super Wave Projector, which rivals the power of the big bang, destroys any The flesh and blood servants of Aldaboth who dared to invade were all burned, and Foundation magic forces and GOC orange armor landed on every passing to help the creatures on it get rid of the plague of carnality. Blood mist coagulated in space, casting the Laniakea supercluster an ominous deep purple.

The four magicians held up their holy staffs and uttered incantations to awaken the sleeping monsters. Sun Parasite, Leviathan and Multibody Unit Dragon felt the call of thaumaturgy , and climbed out of the planet's gravitational well, his anger ignited by the spell. The space fleet of the Church of the Broken God was bombarded by giant claws, and the neutron armor was shattered under the influence of reality distortion. The crew members who were unable to rescue them had to watch the nuclear fusion flames of the spaceship fall towards the stars, and became Food from the Star Binding Tree.

SCP-2399 received the will of the machine god, and in an instant, it smashed the front of it with an antimatter cannon Iapetus who deviated from the orbit, and then The FTL engine made it to Earth in seconds. High-ranking warlock Skaal pulled out a moon-like Flesh Celestial Body from the subspace, a huge Zerg Creature fleets poured out of it, and fought fiercely with 2399, until A warrior of the Moon Kingdom killed the meat star with several knives. The surviving Zerg rushed to the moon, intending to swallow the huge cage of this Ministry of Abnormality in order to bring the flesh and blood planet back to life, but with The sudden collision of the dark satellites made them and the moon transformed into strange matter in the quantum spin annihilation. The Foundation made up for the final blow with Gungnir, blasting the former moon into a Vacant Phantom.

From Adidal's Protoss to The Observer Hiding in the Mist to The Worm Terran That Ended History, Every extraterrestrial civilization, whether it is a pre-industrial aborigine who drinks blood or the top race that can modify the laws of mathematics and physics, is suffering from the disaster of breaking mountains and rivers. In a certain unknown star field in the deep sky, nine satellites continuously poured energy into the main star, and the Thousand Fingers fired the last shot at the Hanged King's army, but the Hanged King just cast a contemptuous look, and thought of it. The entire civilization of Qianzhixing disappeared from existence. Lightgiver fled in a hurry, jumped from planet to planet, got lost in the time cause by error, and vanished into nothingness. The sky is falling, The stars are falling, "King"'s fleet, E6%B2%B3%E8%81%94%E9%82%A6 Galactic Federation Monks, Gliese, Ortothan Cult, Destroyer Race, Colloidal Brain Cube…Thousands of civilizations intend to flee from this place which is no longer habitable time and space, but a Sarkic man-made god let Cosmic colander fall with just a slight push, smashing countless civilizations All the achievements of the years of development.

Multiverse Office and Multiverse Foundation Alliance watched the light of countless dimensions go out, from Three Porters Lan to Outland, the three thousand great worlds are collapsing, Desolate clothes burns down, entropy pool evaporates , King King returns, Blizzard wreaks havoc. In the metaphysical concept space, one of the lowest Titan in the legion of the gods was shot down, his body fell into the dust, penetrated all the timelines, and became a low-level civilization An eternal mystery in the eyes. Warlock leva unveiled the curtain behind the stars, Golden Crow fluttered their wings to avoid the The Scranton Reality Stabilized Laser, turning every star in the multiverse into a solar singularity. PCS Alien Department The wall anchors arranged in the universe were corroded by magic power and exploded one after another The fireball makes billions of billions of realities collide and destroy.

With the help of Zhongshan Mary, the civilizations withdrew from their own time and space one after another, went to the library to take refuge, and then Carl Vin DeSmet obliterated all timelines, ending the loathsome monsters within. The world-eating worm THE WORM who lost its food could not help but howl, the parents of this worm Qlippoth and Sefiros He was also dying from the bloody battle. Of the seven giants created by Sefiros only the last remained, the great Patronus called Rakmu-Leshang, leaving the glorious Etothan with a roar, Grabbing the last relic left by the ancestors of the old world before they left - the thing created to prevent the phase screamer from tearing the universe - rushed to the tachyon universe, and the phase screamer The "beast" that was mixed with the will of Aldabus perishes together.

The original fire of Pangloss has only small flames left, burning with difficulty in the ruined paradise, becoming a wasteful flame in the gloomy doomsday, illuminating the fate of the Foundation Sky Lantern It is the same situation at this moment. O5-1, who has seen the SCP Foundation fall into such a state - Aaron Siegel can't take it anymore, he abandoned SCP-055's veil, driving Dragon Slayer Armor towards the door that still exists after the end of the world, the door frame is still standing, but The gatekeeper has long since disappeared. O5-1 who walked into the Garden of Eden picked up Lucifer’s holy sword, and the blood of the inner temple of the celestial sphere was soaked in the air Light is his ultimate goal.

The narrative layer has lost its soul, a situation that even The Primordial Bird cannot recover has come: SCP Foundation, RPC Administration , Watching passers-by Guardian Council… The barriers between different narrative domains are beginning to be eliminated, and the main narrative layer is gradually turning into a carnival pantheon, falling into the mouth of the outer god Erma. Beyond Uranus took the opportunity to try to climb up, it reached narrative buffer layer, heard that His story echoed with the whale song in the DNA of life at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, but was lost in the chaos of the imprinting flow for The collapse of semantics is destroyed.

On the tip of the narrative tree, Huangliang System who is Transcendent Artificial Intelligence Finally unable to withstand the weight of the war and collapsed, the narrative echelon fell along with it. The Mark Henry who was rising in the narrative fell into the Hume Sea, Murphy Law used all his strength to protect the narrative from being reduced to nothingness. The Original Evil Two Eyes, who had been suppressed by the tree for infinite years, was finally released, and Don Quixote who came to fight was killed by it in one fell swoop, and the fund The Longinus Spear was also broken by it, and the aura emitted by the eyes that created dualism made the entire Tree of Narratives burn, and the [[at the top of the circle of ideas [bird|Bird God Thote]]] fearing that the sea of fire would burn him, he shrinks back and dare not take another step. But Ertong's hatred failed to overcome everything - A voice behind it threw a Illusory Tin Staff, ending the evil two Hitomi's magnificent myth.

The tin staff hit the Black King at the bottom of the lake, so it emerged from the Hume Sea while waking up, and turned into Black Dragon Nidhogg, and began a violent Biting the Tree of knowledge, The demons of the infosphere circle were infected by it, and carried out the work of destruction together, and even the Hume Sea was torn apart. A reality bender noticed the gap in the seam, the white of the non-zero, non-negative, non-empty empty set, and he embraced it, becoming The Absence, the gods who are fighting swords A-Larak and A-Rtanis hastily united after hearing the message, together Fighting against the endless lack… Such battles are still happening in The Final Territory, but the sum of all this is not as good as the real war…

…the final battle of Mekhane and Yaldabaoth.

The power of both is not what it used to be, Dr. Wondertainment, Factory, Are We Cool Yet? and other countless new forces that appeared after the gods were broken were controlled by the double gods. In the end, all the battles in the territory provided the double gods with vast and indescribable power, and even cause and effect and logic collapsed, causing war The description and depiction of history has become an arduous task that cannot be completed by any language and incomprehensible by any wisdom. All we see is the aftermath of the war. We see a wave that cuts the Tree of Knowledge into pieces. The structure that was once the home of the two gods fell in an instant, but now the last shelter is only the two gods. Some people are integrated into the WAN network. Some turn to the ruler and the inner sanctum, nobody is not afraid. The world is coming to an end.

Ion laughed wildly and cast the most powerful magic in the world. He has seen a piece of paradise that he will build after his success: the sea of Hume is transformed into a sea of blood, the Tree of Knowledge is reshaped into the wriggling tongue of Aldaboth… …Then Aaron Siegel’s sword that sliced through the Omniverse ruthlessly ended his fantasy. The body shaped by the power of the beginning of Aaron was separated from the head. No matter how he surpassed everything, after eating the sword of Lucifer he would only Sent to the halls of the Brothers of Death. By the time God's Hammer finally fell, Warlocks and Warlords had ceased to exist, and the Hanged King, Nidhogg, and The Absence had all been reduced to smoke. The Second War of the Ancient Gods finally ushered in a logical ending, and that was Mekhane's victory.

Life cheered for the arrival of Mechanic Utopia, but Bumaro fell silent, knowing that the essence of Mechanism is brokenness.

She looked at the last remaining fragment of the Tree of Knowledge, which was slowly shattering The Great Seal. She and the evangelists immediately tried to mend it, but it was too late.

The completion of the great seal was an event that occurred more than two thousand years after Bumaro received the divine revelation. At that time, several alchemists headed by Ruslav controlled the law of narrative, so that the power of the Scarlet King could no longer penetrate into the foundation. Worldview, what ensures all of this is the Great Seal. The Seal has survived an infinite number of K-Class scenarios unscathed, only a showdown with the Narrative Supreme can break it, and this has now happened.

The king is back, and angrier than ever. He will replace the red existence, because he is redder than the red existence-he is not only the twists and turns of the narrative, but also the malice of the narrative, and the ultimate villain in all fighting works. His power depends on the story. In the past, his The opponents are just a group of weak low-ranking old gods, but the opponent he faces at this moment is an existence that is almost omniscient and omnipotent, which determines that he will be equal to the red existence. The narrative is no longer dead, and a new story begins, heading towards Mekhane's once again broken ending.

Bumaro saw the real body of the Scarlet King torn apart the narrative and entered the SCPverse. A piece of blood red that was thicker than the color of Dabos covered the entire The Final Territory. The horror of Red Moon Howls echoed through the sky. The real Scarlet King-Marsagenie(绛魔), has transferred countless Phantom Bubble turned into ashes and landed here, projecting a more terrifying appearance than hell, this appearance is not its true form (because the transcendent beings is beyond the concept of "appearance"), but It is displayed for intelligent bodies, but it is still indescribable. No matter how strong the soul is, it will be destroyed instantly after taking a peek. Even the creatures that are integrated with the WAN are hard to resist. In the crimson "palm" of the king (that's all Bumaro can think of), clutches a transcendental lance - congealed by the malice of the True High Narrator The Spear of Aeglos.

Mekhane stepped forward to fight, and The Hammer of Mekhane and The Spear of Aeglos collided, sparking a spark that filled the SCPverse that had become void. The two gods are fighting, but the false god Mekhane is by no means the opponent of the Marsagenie , the supreme existence of the narrative. The gap between the two is so great that the battle hardly takes place-The Spear of Aeglos penetrates Mekhane's god core, and the god Mekhane dies.

The cogs were scattered, the mainsprings were splintered, and the God for whom so many men had labored so much, and for which eternity had passed was whole, was shattered again.

The soul that hadn't had time to integrate into WAN and all the creations that were destroyed in the battle emerged from the fragments concurrently, and the world has reappeared, but under the crimson sky. Chaos more complete than Daboth, nothingness purer than what is missing, will henceforth unite Creation—nay, even the concept of this will cease to exist, and even non-existence itself will cease to exist.

Bumaro knew that the narrative was dead this time in a different sense. Perhaps the Metanormalcy also won't tolerate this happening-she took out the remaining book of the sky, and prepared to summon a great flood to expel Marsagenie.

But the imaginary flood did not appear, and the Hume Sea was not enough to fight against Wang's nothingness. In its place was a Tapered Spear, the ultimate weapon entrusted to her by the Upper Narrator, similar but different from the Spear of Aeglos. This is a more essential, more meta force, representing the end of narrative.

Bumaro took the spear and rushed at the king who was permeating all creation, and pierced the king's core with his tapered spear-hitting the body of the god with his god's way.Marsagenie uttered a roar that shook entire The Final Territory, and was then deleted from the SCPverse and sent to the realm between the realms in Paradise. His minions still go deep into every Phantom Bubbles, but they won't bend the narrative direction of this world for the time being. The tapered spear also dissipated, leaving only one line of text:

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Red is back, it's normal red. The Tai Chi diagram started to rotate again. Creation came alive.

The new world is incredibly mediocre, arguably indistinguishable from the old world - which is no wonder, since it was rebuilt from the ashes of the old world.

In front of the vast grassland and the blue sky, there seems to be only one thing that is special. This is a piece of gear that is beyond the normal size, and it is full of rust, as if it has been rusted to the point where it will crumble into a pile of metal dust if touched lightly.

Archangel Metatron held it up carefully, only she now knew that the relic once belonged to an ancient machine-forged god.

In this way, Bumaro took the first step towards the perfection of God…

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