Anglia's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-CN-001

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-CN-001 covers more than 50% of the territory of the People's Republic of China, the Foundation is still incapable of effectively containing SCP-CN-001 with its current technology and resources. Current containment procedures are focussed on all-weather monitoring of anomalous geological activities caused by SCP-CN-001 and (if necessary) concealment of the afore-mentioned anomalous activities from the general public. All Chinese Foundation-affiliated sites located within Containment Area CN-001 have installed necessary instruments for the monitoring as required by the SCP-CN-001 Monitoring Protocol in Appendix A, and are required to notify the Foundation China Supreme Command of the monitoring results in a daily basis. If anomalous activities caused by SCP-CN-001 are identified, the corresponding monitoring data are to be immediately forwarded to the Parent Foundation via the Supreme Command and the Chinese Foundation is to await instructions on further action.

Description: SCP-CN-001 is an anomalous biological entity (or entities) that is submerged at a depth of approximately nine kilometres (9 km) beneath the People's Republic of China. Based on early drilling results from the discovery of the object, the entity is at least ████ kilometres (km) in length, with the main part of it snaking from beneath the ██████ Mountains all the way to the Japan Trench, as well as multiple large subsidiary parts (or smaller individuals of their kind) extending irregularly from the main body, giving it an overall coverage of ███ square kilometres (km2). SCP-CN-001 appears to have a tendency to submerge beneath medium to large mountain ranges or river systems, but requests for drilling into the crust closer to the entity have been rejected since drilling too close to SCP-CN-001 could cause vibrations sufficient to disturb the entity and drive it into the active phase.

When the structure of the crust near SCP-CN-001 vibrates strongly enough due to natural or human activities, SCP-CN-001 will be disturbed by the vibrations and enter its active phase. The active phase of SCP-CN-001 usually lasts from three to eight hours and is characterised by a felt earthquake of magnitude 5-6 (occasionally 7) on the Richter scale, which is superficially indistinguishable from a natural earthquake, yet with a special regularity of seismic waveforms that can be played back as ordinary audio after appropriate frequency modulation. The waveform generated during each active phase varies, but is always described as "low-pitched, strange music" by listeners. If the disturbance ceases during the active phase, SCP-CN-001 will return to its inert state; otherwise, the active phase will continue until SCP-CN-001 is completely undisturbed.

Theoretical calculations show that if SCP-CN-001 remained active for a long time, the frequent geological hazards caused by its activities would lead to a rapid and severe weakening of the crust in most of China. In the worst case, the crust might crack and melt into the mantle, triggering an XC Undefined Event in Northeast Asia.

At present, the research interests on SCP-CN-001 are mainly focussed on the preservation of SCP-CN-001 in its current dormant state.

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