Item #: SCP-050-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the contagious nature of SCP-050-KO and the effects it brings to Korea's site 051 personnel, containment procedures are raised from rank C to rank A.

All SCP foundation HQ, local HQs, and sites should terminate communication with Korea's site 05. Also, the server of site 05 is to be isolated, and disguise it as if the server is maintaining proper contact with HQ and other bases. Foundation personnel should spy on site 05 via CCTV and audio tapping devices. Entry to site 05 is prohibited, except for several authorized agents.

Furthermore, if anyone finds documents or messages titled "About SCP-050-KO", they should report to their superiors immediately, and track how it leaked in. If anyone acts or speaks as if "the subject(explained in the description)" exists, even when they have no ties to site 05, they should be immediately contained and terminated.

As per the incident stated in Communication log 050-KO-arc, agent █.█.████'s whereabouts and personal information must not be exposed to site 05.

Description: SCP-050-KO is a phenomenon that happens in Korea's site 05.

People who are stationed in, or have stayed in Site 05 show intense hostility towards a particular subject and starts to "bully" the subject. The bullying shows similarities to bullying commonly observed in society, especially to that between youths. The subject that people affected show hostility is a fictional one that does not exist anywhere. However, the affected regard it as an actual person(referred to as "subject" below. The subject does not exist but is referred so for ease of description.). The affected describe the subject as an obese Asian female of Korean nationality with subaverage looks. However, since the subject does not exist, a specific description about how the subject looks like varies vastly. The interview shows that the affected admit that the subject does not have any anomalous properties, but refers to the subject as an SCP. Agent █.█.████ theorized that "calling the subject an SCP is due to the affected wanting to insult the subject". Since the subject that the affected hate does not exist, they do not bully anyone; hence the stories that the affected tell about physically harassing the subject is mostly false—the affected show extreme cognitive dissonance. Therefore, to contradict this, the affected always indulges in self-implication and hypnosis. These measures grow more extreme over time.

People who came into contact with, or communicated with site 05 personnel show less hostility to the subject, and do not actively bully the subject. Instead, they advocate bullying the subject and shows indifference to such actions.

Amnestics were administered to the affected at site 05. However, these attempts have failed, with people administered being mentally unstable to the extreme that they cannot perform normal social functions. Nevertheless, Agent █.█.████ found that some people are entirely unaffected by this phenomenon. The Agent worked at site 05 for █ years and initially discovered the SCP-050-KO phenomena, but was unaffected. Agent █.█.████ was moved to HQ and was tested for █ weeks, with no signs showing that she was affected. The foundation selected out the people unaffected by SCP-050-KO, by psychological testing and tracking the past actions of the Agent. Currently, the foundation regularly selects and send mentally stable individuals from the unaffected to serve as lockdown enforcers of site 05.

Addendum 1: Report from Agent █.█.████

This message was sent by the urgent messages hotline.

To: HQ
Subject: Declaring Emergency on Site 05

This is rank one Agent █.█.████. Something strange is happening in Site 05. People are bullying someone in this base; everyone from the janitor to the base administrator. Hearing what people brag about the things they did to this ██ old Korean female: simple teasing to gangrape… It feels like Site 05 is turning into a prison cell for █ years now.

Yes, for █ years. But I felt it was strange that HQ did not do anything, or that the victim did not call for any kind of help. I asked people here about this, but they all gave me this weird look. So……. I started investigating on my own. I tampered with a bunch of the foundation security system here, but everyone was too busy bullying that fictional figure. I will report the specifics of my security violations later. Anyways, while I was investigating, I asked the people in Site 05 about how the victim looks like to make a montage and save her……. Every single person describes her differently. The only thing the descriptions have in common is that she is a hideous ██ old female; some say her eyes are slanted, some say they're too big, some say she's tall, skinny, fat, and so on. I noticed something was wrong at this state. I asked what her name was. They remembered her nickname instead of her real name. I wouldn't write it down here because it is a slur word. I hid my identity and sent messages to every female personnel of all sites and asked if they have been excessively bullied recently. My God, nobody said they were.

This is not a simple case of bullying. The people of Site 05 were bullying a person that does not exist. Yes, a nobody. I attached several CCTV footages and a document that I recently got my hands on. This document……. insults that person in the format of an SCP report. It's more of a waste of paper rather than a report. Please read it, and find out what the hell is happening to our foundation.

From. Agent █.█.████.

Files attached [6]

Addendum 2: CCTV footage attached from Agent █.█.████.

<Employee lounge>

██:██:██ An agent(A) walks into the employee lounge with a phone.
██:██:██ (Voice of A) "Took that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]'s phone. You should see how she cried, wanting her phone back."
██:██:██ (Voice of B) "(Laughter) Nice. Why does that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] have a phone anyway?
██:██:██ (Voice of C) "So are you going to give it back?"
██:██:██ (Voice of A) "I said I wouldn't give it back unless she sent nudes."
██:██:██ (Voice of C) "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] (Laughter) You'll need to have a spare pair of eyes to see that."
██:██:██ A breaks the phone.

<Cafeteria, after what happened at the lounge.>

██:██:██ An agent(D) is having lunch with another agent(E)
██:██:██ (Voice of D) "So that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] touched my phone again."
██:██:██ (Voice of E) "What? Again?"
██:██:██ (Voice of D) "That thing must be thinking I'm some kind of [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]"
██:██:██ (Voice of E) "We should do something of her sometime."
██:██:██ (Voice of D) "We treated her like a human, and now this?"
Other CCTV footages show that the phone Agent D lost was the same phone that Agent A stole.

<Women's locker room>

██:██:██ Agent D and Agent E enters the locker room.
██:██:██ Agent D opens a cabinet and pours hydrochloric acid in it.
██:██:██ Agent E watches the surrounding and signals Agent D.
██:██:██ Agent D stops what she is doing and tidies up.
██:██:██ An agent(F) walks out from the shower room. The cabinet that Agent D poured hydrochloric acid in is that of Agent F.
██:██:██ Agent F screams.
██:██:██ Agent F seems to have sustained minor chemical burns, but fortunately was not severely injured. Agent D and E escorts Agent F out of the room.

<Medical room>

██:██:██ Agent F enters the room with Agent D and E
██:██:██ (Voice of F) "That [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] must have done this. I poured water on her head."
██:██:██ (Voice of D) "Hydrochloric acid just for some water?"
██:██:██ (Voice of E) "She is a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]."
Agent D and E seem to have forgotten that they poured the acid. Agent D, E and F keep insulting the subject.

<Hallway leading from the main lobby to A-wing.>

██:██:██ Agent █.█.████(Referred to as █ below) and Agent B are walking.
██:██:██ (Voice of █) "Ma'am, who is that person?"
██:██:██ (Voice of B) "Who?"
██:██:██ (Voice of █) "The… [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]
██:██:██ (Voice of B) "Oh, the [EXPLITIVE REDACTED]? You know her, you saw her before."
██:██:██ (Voice of █) "Um… I…"
██:██:██ (Voice of B) "You can't be on that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] side, can you? That [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]?"
██:██:██ (Voice of █) "No, of course not. I was just curious about her. (Awkward laughter)"
██:██:██ (Voice of B) "I'm curious too. Curious what God thought when he created that disgusting [DATA REDACTED]."

**After HQ received this record, CCTV lines of Site 05 were connected to HQ, and HQ started monitoring the situation directly. After the monitors unanimously agreed that the attached information was not forged, HQ rescued Agent █.█.████ from Site 05.

Addendum 3: Interview with Agent █.█.████

This interview is to confirm that Agent █.█.████ was unaffected by the phenomena in Site 05 named as SCP-050-KO. Also, Agent █.█.████ was interviewed on how she stayed there without being affected.

Interviewer: Agent S██. ██████(Rank 3, Referred to as S below.)
Interviewee: Agent █.█.████(Rank █-Currently temporarily promoted, Referred to as █ below)

Start of interview

S : Congratulations on escaping Site 05 without harm, Agent █. All parts of this interview are being recorded, and I could stop when you require to do so. Would you like some water or snacks?
█ : No, I'm fine, thank you.
S : Good. Let me know if you want some. Now then, Agent █, can you tell me about the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] that you were bullying?
█ : She……. I mean, I don't think I can't call her a "her" but that… (Deep breath) I'll talk about "the subject". People call the subject is an ██ old female, a Korean national. But that's all that is consistent. Yes, I will clarify this; the subject doesn't exist. Not at all, not in this world!
S : So you mean that people of Site 05 hated a person that doesn't exist?
█ : Unbelievable, but true. Those people do not admit reality. They say that they're bullying the subject while they steal each other's things, doing horrible things to each other's cabinets, and discarding each other's documents. (In a furious tone) But after they do such things, they say so casually that "The subject did it". Even the things they did themselves they consider that "The subject did it", without any commotion. I, I just saw what they did, but they say they didn't do that. They weren't giving an excuse, but they were seriously thinking so.
S : Calm, down.
█ : …….I'm sorry.
S : I wasn't asking for an apology. I was worried about your mental health after you got out from that hellhole. So Agent █, were all of the personnel on the Site affected, or was it only some of them?
█ : ……. All of them.
S : All of Site 05…….
█ : It's not a small base. It has wing A and B beside the main building, and there's a residence ward where those people stay. There are safe class SCPs and their documents, with some weapons and machinery in case of a hostile organization breaks in. It's not a small base at all. No, rather it's a big base. Smaller than HQ but one of the biggest in Korea.
S : So, everyone is picking on the subject?
█ : They're targeting her as a victim of crime. Who knows if they'll use SCPs to harass the subject?
S : Would they go to such extremes?
█ : They're insane, Agent S. One time they were standing, giggling in front of a safe class SCP containment chamber, so I asked what they were doing, and they were planning to lock the subject in there.

(Two minutes of silence)

S : So…it is… serious. We've heard you did some investigation of your own?
█ : ……. Correct. I will take full responsibility for-
S : We're not blaming you here, Agent █. Did you find anything peculiar when you were investigating? Anything strange?
█ : Anything… Strange?
S : We're thinking of classifying Site 05 as an SCP. So please be honest. Did you find any strange objects with powerful memetic properties within Site 05?
█ : (Shakes head)
S : Then are there SCPs with memetic properties contained within Site 05?
█ : No, just the mundane stuff. You know, the ones that you think that it could be useful if it weren't an SCP. A ring full of ink, a plastic bottle that makes anything salty if you put something in it… Those things that could be a mere anomalous object.(Research confirmed this statement.)
S : Alright. Hmm, Agent █, do you have anything special compared to other people?
█ : I don't think I'm following you…
S : I'll rephrase myself. Agent █, I was asking if you have anything special to be unaffected by the memetic effect of the Site.
█ : No, I don't.
S : We apologize for this, but we have conducted some research about your background, Agent █. It shows that you had psychiatric therapy after the age of ██.
█ : (Remains silent)
S : If it's hard for you, you don't need to talk.
█ : Am I… the only one with that record?
S : You were the only person with a history of psychiatric disorder after the age of ██.
█ : … I now… get it.
S : Yes?
█ : Can we stop the interview now?
S : … Sure, if you say so.

End of interview

Research conducted by the foundation has shown that Agent █.█.████'s psychiatric history was to treat her minor stress-related disorder. After reading the medical charts by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], the disorder was due to the Agent being bullied from age 12 to age 16. The foundation mostly sent agents with stress-related disorders or who have been treated for such disorders to Site 05, and they performed well.

Addendum 4: Communication log 050-KO-arc

This incident was induced by Dr. ██ Sim(Rank 3), the head of the investigation to classify Site 05 as SCP-050-KO. Dr. Sim exchanged multiple messages with the administrator of site 05. This incident shows that SCP-050-KO's effects can spread via exchanging messages.

<Final message from Dr. Sim to Site 05>

To: The administrator of Site 05.
Subject: About an agent in Site 05

Hello, this is Dr. Sim.

We were investigating on harassment of an agent in site 05 and thought that HQ thinks that you are at the wrong. I don't think that way, though. According to you, the Agent did worse than we thought. I thought the retribution for her actions were a little extreme at first, but you can't help it if she doesn't better herself.

So I mean the Agent is to blame here, not you.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about this. You, the administrator of Site 05, classify that Agent as an SCP, one with memetic effects. I know that the people there informally refer to her as an SCP. You should officially confirm that. And……. You know, she'll be thoroughly contained, and she might think back of her actions. You know what it means to be an SCP in the foundation. Also, persistently demand HQ that the SCP to be terminated. Decommissioned, that is. We can't leave a whole site to suffer because of one spoiled Agent. Oh, and I have this idea. Let's use the phrase "About SCP-050-KO" as our subject. Attack her mentally that is.

We will try our best to rid you and the personnel of Site 05 of your frame.

From. Dr. Sim of HQ.

PS And about that Agent, it seems that she's Agent █.█.████ who fled to our base. We'll send evidence if we have any.

Dr. Sim's words are false, and Agent █.█.████ received malicious e-mails from Site 05 personnel. HQ moved █.█.████'s e-mail server, and classified her whereabouts as a piece of secure information.

<The last message that Dr. Sim sent to HQ>

To: HQ
Subject: Site 05

This is Dr. ██ Sim.
I report the investigation results of Site 05.

I'll be straightforward. The researchers at that base did nothing wrong. Oh, and the agents and other employees working there. And, you say that the Agent they pick on doesn't exist? A synchronized hatred to a certain object reinforces the bond of the community. Bad for her, but what do I do? Punish the Site personnel for what the Agent did wrong? It's nonsense. You're saying that we destroy the bond of the community because of just one person.

From. Dr. ██ Sim.

Amnestics were administered to Dr. ██ Sim, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. Sim was safely terminated.

Addendum 5: Miscellaneous communication log

To: HQ
Subject: About the site lockdown agents of SCP-050-KO

This is Agent █.█.████.
Site lockdown agents of SCP-050-KO report mild to severe depression. I will not say to drop a bomb at SCP-050-KO, or anything like that. However, I must say this containment procedure is wrong.

All of the Site lockdown agents of SCP-050-KO have a past of being bullied and are suffering from the memory. Some of them still cannot escape the mental trauma that gave them. Procedures that push victims of violence into another hole of violence worsens their wounds, so it needs to be updated. I believe the foundation has quite a collection of fancy machinery. Wouldn't it be better to use such machines to lock down the base than to use people?

From. Agent █.█.████.

To: Agent █.█.████
Subject: RE: About the site lockdown agents of SCP-050-KO

The foundation has no intention of updating the current containment measures.

From. HQ.

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