2021 SCP-CN Wiki Annual Statistical Report
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'Sup, you bastards— I mean, dear friends! Regardless of whether you're a researcher, doctor, even D-class personnel, you can all take a break from your work for a little while, have a drink or snack, because a new year has come!1

In the time it took for this little ball floating in space to go around another larger ball floating around in space, have you failed to accomplish your goals, or done absolutely no achievements worth bragging about? Before you make the futile endeavor of attempting to commit to your New Year's resolutions, let's have a look back at the past year!
… That's right, it's the 2021 Yearly Report. To be honest, the Y2K theme looks a lot better than some of those apps nowadays. Are things progressing or regressing with time?

2021 New Chinese Branch Articles:


SCPs: 444

Tales: 471

Wanderer's Library: 235

GoI Formats: 37

Artworks: 19

Well, while we're at it, we had 1512 new articles in 2020. Step it up this year, folks!

Best Rated SCP of 2021:

SCP-CN-2000 by Re_spectatorsRe_spectators(+1452)

Second Place:

SCP-CN-2999 by DouglasLiuDouglasLiu(+827)

Third Place:

SCP-CN-20210401-J by l_EGionl_EGion(+461)


SCP-CN-2000 was last year's best rated article! Congratulations!

Looking at these wonderful documents you wrote in 2021, Skippy's heart is bursting with joy! This year, too, under Skippy's guidance, let's have you write for me some goddamn— [Skippy is temporarily offline.]

Excellent! These are the standout tales of 2021! Even if Skippy HATES it when you name the pages using pinyin transcription, Skippy still has to give it to you: Good job!

Those Librarians are a bunch of crazies. Why don't they just use electronic storage?

Most Used EN GoI:

Church of the Broken God (31 Articles)

Most Used CN GoI:

Abnormality Institute (32 Articles)

New Safe-class SCPs: 86

New Euclid-class SCPs: 111

New Keter-class SCPs: 61

New Thaumiel-class SCPs: 24

New Archon-class SCPs: 3

New Apollyon-class SCPs: 8

New Neutralized SCPs: 42

New Esoteric-class SCPs: 104

New Joke Articles: 20

New meta Articles: 33

New Crossover Articles: 19


Hey, we've got a lot of new objects this year! I thought I heard some anguished crying from the Department of Construction.

Wait… Wait, why the hell are there so many esoteric classes? This is against standard format! Skippy does not approve at all!!

Most Prolific Author of 2021:


Most Prolific Translator of 2021:



In the past year, Nightingale_FZ has written quite a lot — 43 original articles! That's an average of 3.5 articles a month! Very diligent, very good work!

In the past year, ashausesall translated 169 works… my god, I have no words. I should give these two a badge of honor or something, but I didn't prepare one, so [imagine some fireworks for them here]2

Is that the end?

It ended long ago! Why is this stupid Skippy's clock still running?
Maybe it's because it's themed around the millennium. You know, Y2K and all that.
Has the party started yet? Did I miss the pizza?
Quiet, I'm fixing Skippy's godforsaken clock!
The cola's here! There was one guy in the corridor shaking a bottle of it like crazy! I forgot which bottle it was, so be careful when you open one! Is there food?
I got a family bucket each from KFC and McKee. Is that Coke or Pepsi?
You've earned yourself a chicken nugget, my man!
Stop talking about food, dammit…
Who mixed the vanilla and chocolate ice cream from the cafeteria together?
The cable… ah. Who wants to play some Super Mario Party?
Me! Count me in!
Give me some fries!
God dammit, you people…

3, 2, 1! Happy new year!

… Screw it, that works.

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