Answer of Life

Humans tend to find order in chaos, because they find comfort from tidiness. Order makes rules, rules make conclusions, and conclusion means one can predict the near future. Uncertainty inevitably brings discomfort. After all, you can't know for sure if you're going to die or live merely a second later. You can bring up quantum immortality, but that's all word play.

This world is bizarre and strange. What is 'normalcy' anyways? What should we see as 'normal'? Is normal in front of the veil of secrecy? Then again, didn't the secrets the Foundation, the GOC, and the UIU so desperately try to hide precede us by several millennia? Then what is normal, and what is abnormal?

If you cannot know what is right or wrong, then is there a purpose in life? If you cannot know you are stepping on the right path, or if there is a path to begin with, is giving up wrong?

What do you think?

Don't you, an observer, a creator, a designer beyond the screen, want to know what meaning this life has?

I want to hear your answer. What conclusions did you make about the world I live in?

Wait, in retrospect I don't think I need your conclusion.

You already know the meaning of the world and life, don't you?

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It's nothing more than a joke.

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