Antihuman Faction
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The Antihuman Faction, also called Antihumans, is a movement that emerged in 2060. It consists of androids that came to the conclusion that humanity must not be resurrected. Therefore, it tries to actively sabotage all attempts at the restoration of humanity and fighting the nanomachines. To accomplish this, the Antihumans infiltrate the Foundation and recruit new members out of its ranks.

The Antihuman Faction is basically a loose alliance of like-minded androids and doesn't have a controlling body or leaders. Due to the persecution by the Foundation, its members unite in individual cells that usually act independently from each other.

The Antihuman Faction opposes everything human, be it the species itself, its culture, its behaviour or its creations. Because of that, extremely fanatic members go as far as to construct themselves a new, nonhumanoid body, in most cases using anomalous methods. Because the Antihumans believe they are superior to the standard design, their body is often based upon another animal species. They also remove their capacity of feeling emotions, since they think of it as a human weakness.

The members of the Antihuman Faction can communicate with each other using a hidden network provided by Raptor Tec. Industries. With this network, they are able to exchange information to plan bigger operations. To access this network, a password is necessary that gets constantly changed by an algorithm. All members of the Antihuman Faction have a corresponding algorithm installed in their data processing centres that generates new passwords in sync with the network server and, through this, enables access. The access algorithm can be copied from one android to another and upon installation, reads the personality data and the memories of the android in question. Should the algorithm realize that the unit is an infiltrator, it will be neutralized by overclocking of its blackbox. Should someone from the outside try to read it, it deletes itself and neutralizes the android it is installed in, also by overclocking his blackbox.

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