Readily Comprehensible Antimeme Guide (Excerpt)

Readily Comprehensible Antimeme Guide (Excerpt)

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Readily Comprehensible Antimeme Guide
██████ Press
3rd125th edition
Author ████

Page 15

We dream every night, don't we? Not really, you may think. On some days, you feel your dream, lengthy and vivid; on other days, you find your nearest memory was from yesterday night, counting sheep. We actually forget what we dreamt completely if we feel no distance between sober and slumber. Intangible is not equal to nonexistent… Many objects with antimemetic properties are hard to discover: once we see it, we forget it. We forget the very fact that we have seen it before, like we were leaving dreams behind.

Page 43

Imagine you had a special antimemetic eraser, which entirely removes what is erased. What would happen?

Here is one idea. When you are sketching with pencil, error occurs inevitably. The eraser is needed for modification, for the very act of creation.

You draw the line. You erase it. You forget it. You find yourself not even drawing this line;

You try again, and fail, too. You erase it. You forget it. You find yourself not even drawing this line;

You try again, and fail, too. You erase it. Yourforget it. You find yourself not even drawing this line;

After 20 attempts, you make it. You look at your pencil moving: you could draw an unbelievable line in one stroke! You are not an artist, but you do not anticipate to perform that good. I am the great artist, you reckon.

But your stomach and your eyes deny your fantasy. You have been drawing for over 10 hours and staying up late till 4 am without supper. You feel hungry and exhausted; time to sleep!

Page 50

If an antimeme object can be used unlimitedly, things become much worse.

A piece of 'Unlimited Antimeme Eraser' could grind all pencils to pencil stubs.

'Infinite Antimeme Paint' could wear away all brushes, along with worn cloth.

An 'Antimeme Knife' could cut entire cities from the fabric of memory.

An 'Antimeme Restaurant' could sell hand-made human flesh dumplings and no one would ever know.

'Antimeme Talent Showcase' turns well-rounded, compassionate man, brimming with potential, into total dullard.

A typical hostile antimeme entity could gob██ ████thing insid█ █ ████████, who would act like one with ██████er's Disease. When gob███g, sun rises, Earth rotates, society proceeds, and ██████ ███████ as if he was not born on earth.

Page 89

It is well-known that amnestics annuls the effect of memes and cognitohazards. On the contrary, we can assume that mnestics could stop the dereliction of our memories when we encounter antimemes. Human memory varies, but we commonly use mnestic fortification when dealing with antimemes. People not involved in dealing with them will find mnestics unnecessary, even dangerous, as they can cause cancer, seizures or other side effects, such as 'indescribable nightmares'. A handy approach making one kind of mnestics is displayed at the end of this section. Do not try manufacturing this without the permission of ███████.

We can also classify mnestics by effects. From a mild daily dose to a dosage that grants perfect memory at the cost of a gruesome death, different kinds have many different applications. The handy approach given in this section makes the mildest mnestics that can be taken once daily, so as to capture some simple antimemes. Advanced mnestics syntheses are not listed here on account of their untold, lifetime harm.

Page 90 through 94 are totally blackened.

Page 125

Story time, my audiences. I like stories, and sharing stories to you, too.

Two roads diverged in a wood, one sludgy, another brilliant.

Alice and Bob were on the intersection. They were lost. Alice shot first.

'I took the wider road while you took the narrower one. '


'I hate dirty things. '


20 minutes later, Bob managed to get out. 'Oh my goodness, here's the signal. Hey, I've got out of the god damn forest. '

'Only you? Still dangerous then. Call me again when you reached the checkpoint. '

Five hours later, Alice faced the fork road the 20th time and she still chose to go along the 'brilliant' road. No one could help her out now for there was no signal.

Alice went to sleep and hiked for another day. Met nothing edible, but water puddle could quench her thirst.


Alice died ten days later when crossing the fork for the 687th time.

An outsider could say, 'that damn fool went round and round, like she was lost in a desert.' However, would I be laughed at if I assume that the fork road contains antimeme effect?

Page 132

She fled as the monstrous humanoid treading towards her. It was actually her ████ disappeared years ago!

With both amnestic drug and mnestic drug in hand, she had no choice but to delete her memory. It seemed that the humanoid appeared only in her mind.

She did so. She swallowed the amnestic drug. Holding two bottles tightly, she got the strong feeling in her guts, then limbs, then brain. She forgot who she was and what to do.

She opened her eyes five minutes later. Perplexed, she still gripped her only mnestics drug and took a piece.

Uh, oh, she saw the malicious and alien (only to her) face (familiar to readers!), smiling to her.

Folks, don't eat the candy inside. They are ultra-sour. Investigators told to the police.

How do you like this story? Will you now immediately come up with the idea that this suspect was amtimemetically?

Page 133

'Alpha on big bedroom, Beta on small, Gamma on kitchen, Epsilon on bathroom, Foxtrot on part A of the living room, Tau on B, Eta on kitchen, Rho on balcony. Clear? '

'Clear. '

'Alpha report. Running water sound detected. Gamma and Epsilon please confirm. '

'Gamma report. No anomaly occurred.'

'Epsilon report. No anomaly occurred… wait, odor detected in bathroom… Oh! my face feels fresh. Like being poured by cold water! '

'Omega report. You didn't have contact on water. Anomaly recorded. '

'Alpha report. Wardrobe fumbling voice detected but wardrobe itself isn't moving. Over. '

'Omega report. Open it. '

'Received. I found P228 and P08 one each inside. '

(Beta, Tau and Rho screamed)

'Eta report. No knife in kitchen. Searching needed? '

'Omega report. Searching permitted. '

'Foxtrot report. Ceramic table-knife detected under end table in living room. Fresh blood on it. DNA mapping… yielded human blood, but no one matched the result… Ugh, AHHHHHHHH…' (smothered)

(Alpha, Eta, Gamma screamed)

'Epsilon report. Nothing abnormal happened. Requesting evacuation.'

'Omega report. Request accepted. '

10 minutes later, 'Omega report. Why the fuck my investigators are not coming? Now is a whole hour later than the anticipated start time. '

'Sorry Omega we the ███████ are now lack of manpower and cannot allocate forces at this time. I will contact ███████ immediately for your disposal. Thank you for your patience. '

You may think they are mad. So do I. But after reading about antimemes, you will find it easier now. Yep, no tools are available for them to alter their stalemate.

Page 141

If we can use intensity to scale memes, then we can do the same with antimemes.

Antimemes are everywhere in daily life: 1 trillion digits of pi, phone numbers in a huge telephone book, an abstract sketch, and so on. There are one common feature among these: human can finally remember them given enough time (remembering 1 trillion digits of pi may take longer than 3200 years to achieve, but the time needed for all of these is finite). We classify them as level 0 antimemes.

Dreams are a typical level 1 antimeme. Why do we forget dreams? Because a dream is an abstract combination of reality and memory and this data is wiped by our brain automatically when it processes new memories. Other level 1 antimemes could utilize our brain to hide themselves in forgotten dreams. That means, if a 'dream seeing machine' were invented, those antimemes would no longer be secret.

Higher level of antimeme should be regarded as anomaly. ████55, ████256, and ██P-3██1 are typical level 2 antimemes. Information they carry containing graphs, texts, and voices are open to audiences like ordinary objects. Therefore human could see, hear and record them as easy as we dream. However, all information decays much faster in all human brain. It is possible that we are still aware of the fact that we are forgetting things, but the speed of forgetting is always faster than remembering without the assistance of drugs or other stimulations. Thus, what was done by level 2 antimemes would be finally recognized as 'nature gift'. With the development of █████ technologies, Anti-antimemetic-forceshield generator was invented in order to nullify some antimemetic packing shield. Then we could fully discover the properties of entities packed by antimemes. Level 2 antimemes with low effect like █████256 could be strongly threatened, causing instant death. Those with strong effect like ██P-3██1 take time to be discovered even if we use the strongest memory fortification.

Level 3 antimemes ███████████████████. █. █. █████████████████
█████████████████████████████████████████████. ████████████
██████████████████. █. ███████████████████████████████████
████████████████████████. █. █. █. █. ████████████████████████.

Page 625 Finale

Okay. You all know that what I wrote above is solely from my imagination.

No antimemetic entities that are strong enough exist on Earth. If they did, then our amnesticity, our explanation to anomaly, could all be explained by antimemes creeping into our mind, right? We took a long time daydreaming, because we met antimemes; We put off a project, because this antimemetic project would become forgotten once finished; the pictographs in a pyramid conceals profound mysteries, but we cannot fathom these pictographs because they are covered in antimemes. Oh my god, antimemes. Antimemes again and again. This is so ludicrous! Oh my god, antimemes. Antimemes again and again. This is so ludicrous! Never, ever, has there existed a 'theory of everything' could bear to handle all the problems that cannot be understood. Those who place their beliefs in their religions may say 'God knows!' but what of the atheist? The agonists or the lost sheep? I, right now, even want to found an 'Antimeme-Knows-All' religion now! But what is a God if there are none who can remember His name? Sadly, things connected to antimemes are just thoughts in our mind, none of them carrying enough evidence to even prove their existence. Alas, I have no experience even talking to people who underwent memory fortification and then dealt with antimemes. —I'll tell you what. That recipe I gave you? It's just a technique to revitalize brain cells. Like electrocuting your brain. A protein shake for your mind! A brisk jog on a chilly morning! No more science than snakeoil.

Consider mathematical concepts. Theories were founded under the axioms; also under the fallacy of axioms.

So is there an 'Antimemetic Sword of Damocles' hanging over our head? If not, we live happily; if so, we are surrounded by ultimate danger, fearing of antimeme-packed enemies swallow us entirely.

Two ro

I to


(Rest torn to pieces)

Page 626

I want to relax. But relaxation ended when I thought of antimemes.




Why do I choose to relax? To lie passive in the face of oblivion? If this unknowable desolation comes, nothing can save us. Anxiety, Rage, Worry… These things will bring you no salvation, no Angel descending from on high with lustrous wings to pluck you from the jaws of death. Why would I spend my life in agony, wrestling with things I do not, and cannot know?

Page 3130

'Dude, why the empty box's so heavy?'

'Giant guy inside, of course.'

'But we don't have…'

'See? You must have been lying on the bed for a long time, lacking exercise. So you think it is heavy. I do not.'

'Sorry is that a joke?'

'What if you are pranked? Nothing, dude.' Then he threw everything in to the grinder.

The grinder was stuck. Something must be inside. 'Can't be stuck if the box is empty.'

'Bad machine. Try again?'

'Yep. I think the grinder is as terrible as you. '

Back Cover

This fantastic book is packed by exclusive SCP-55 antimeme package layer, bears high quality of stealth, and is preferred by ████████ for its light material and cheap price. Current product was used for antimeme packaging for over █████ kinds of text materials. Pay only ████ memories and ████ biological entities to purchase 55 packaging service. Enjoy!

What under your eyes is a grinder recycled from an unknown site ruins. It is only one of the abandoned machines, nothing special.

But one spot of it draws your attention.

A scrap of paper. From a book. Page number 625 and 626.

No contents in page 626; but here is a poem under page 625. It is so famous that you can recite it without difficulty.

Two roads diverged in a wood,and I—

I took the one lessnobody traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

——Robert Frost██████

The name Robert was covered by strikethrough, and something is behind… nope, nothing, only a long, unclear black tile. Who spilt a big drop of ink on it?

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