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The Serpent Coils Around in the Grass Field

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Are you there?

! Oh, I’m so glad! Thanks for saving me, I-

Glad to see you made it in one piece.

You threw off your pursuers, right? We haven’t decided to take you in yet. If you bring weird people in, even now we’ll show you the Way out.


Don’t be so scared. I’m not trying to threaten you.

But you know about that already, no? Many things live on the other side of the world, and many people want to put their hands on them, destroy them, or hide them for eternity. You were unfortunately exposed to them, and now you can’t return back home.


I still don’t know anything. Why am I being chased, and what will happen now? Right now, I just want to sleep. In a dry room that’s not cold, safe…

If that’s what you want, we can help with that.

We won’t save you, and we won’t support your situation. But we can offer a bed and knowledge while you think about what to do from now on. We can make the experience as safe as possible. You decide what course you’ll take from now on.

Welcome to the Serpent’s Garden. For the time being, Aodaisho will aid you in your journey.

Regarding the Japanese Serpent’s Hand

GoI-019-θ (by Jailers),
"Japanese Branch of the Serpent’s Hand" (by Bookburners),
"Neighboring Snake" (by the Dinodon’s Hand),
Aodaisho (Us).


The history of the Serpent’s Hand in Japan is short. For a long time, the Hand has failed to continue its activities here. Recent actions by the Hand in the archipelago have been at the hand of incomplete factions plagued by halfheartedness and division.



Symbol of the Aodaisho. This coat of arms, a color variant of the well-known symbol of the Serpent, is thought to be an implicit representation of the guiding principles of their activities, with an emphasis on pretense and concealment.1


Serpent’s Hand-related organizations originating from Japan have had their activities disrupted for a long time due to many factors, becoming unmotivated. In recent years, many newcomers of the Hand have taken on the name ‘Aodaisho’, primarily operating independently in urban communities.

Traits: Aodaisho members can be roughly divided as the following: Specific members of the Serpent’s Hand, and a non-specified amount of members not related to the Library. This is a clearly peculiar point, and is considered a trait related to Aodaisho’s activities.

Aodaisho is loosely differentiated from the Serpent’s Hand in the following points:23

  1. Location. Aodaisho’s main base of operations is in the Japanese Archipelago, without spending much time in the Library.
  2. Personnel. Aodaisho accepts those who have opposed the Serpent’s Hand, and doesn't concern itself with its members’ careers.
  3. Name. Aodaisho operates independently as much as possible, and do not introduce themselves as members of the Serpent’s Hand during times of peace.4

Excluding these differences, Aodaisho is in general seen as a young, stable branch of the Serpent’s Hand. Compared to the majority of the Hand, there’s few people holding supernatural powers or biological non-humans among their ranks. A lot of their activities involve information gathering, assisting people seeking help, and establishing connecting points to the Library and safe isolated dimensions.

Nature: The organization’s ideology is based on loose solidarity, charitable thoughts, and mutual aid. Activities such as assisting intelligent beings being tracked by the Jailers, providing aid to impoverished communities, and establishing contact with isolated areas have been identified. Although secretive, rather than concealing the existence of the organization, they seem to have a dilution policy, in which they don’t communicate their existence in the Serpent’s Hand or the Library.56

Members of Aodaisho avoid combat as much as possible, focusing on escape and negotiation. It’s not known whether this policy will continue, or if it is a temporary position of a developing organization. Although they don’t have any major adversary, and have taken a neutral stance towards related organizations, it’s hard to say whether their claims have been received well.

History & Associated Parties: It’s hard to know who was the first Hand to use the title ‘Aodaisho’. It’s widely known that, after the 7th Occult War, the first Serpent Hunts took place in the Far East Region,7 and a non-violent faction took on the name when opposing the Bookburners. Whether they remained or fled, most of the Hand who chose to stay instead of withdrawing from the region were killed,8 effectively removing the organisation of the Serpent’s Hand from the Japanese Archipelago until recently.

Aodaisho is first referenced as a mutual aid organization around the 1950s, although this is believed to be the work of a single Serpent’s Hand member. Activity by this unknown member continued consistently even after the rediscovery of the Wanderer’s Library. Around the 2010s, the activities of this member were taken over by another Serpent’s Hand member, and the name Aodaisho was transformed into the designation of an organization.

It is believed that several occult organizations located in the Japanese Archipelago maintain non-hostile contact with Aodaisho. Another emblematic point of Aodaisho’s uniqueness is the certainty in that some level of cooperation exists between them and local normalcy preservation agencies.910 Members of Aodaisho have been linked to the Keepers and IJAMEA11, with no activities that go against the Hand’s ideology being detected.

Approach: They don’t stay in the Library for long, and constantly change locations in the real world, so direct contact is not easy. Communication through documents can be done without issue. If one wishes to contact them for research activities or concealment, we recommend contacting their mediator, R.円. through the Serpent’s Nest.12

Observations & Stories


"Aodaisho! How nostalgic that name sounds! I first heard of the name around the end of Shōwa 1513, when I was arrested for the attack on Gyeong-seong base, and imprisoned in the Awashima Island base.//"

"At the time, the prisoners and natives of Awashima were plotting an uprising to drive the Examination Agency off the island. But the natives had no combat experience, and the prisoners were hungry and ill: How could they confront the soldiers of the mighty Examination Agency? After days holed up, they died one by one. My life was saved by my comrades, but I was injured, and fell into the stormy sea."

"When I woke up, I was on top of the Socotra Rock, a smiling man looking down on me as I laid down. He not only rescued me from the sea while I was unconscious, but also gifted me a rice ball, and showed me the way to the Korean Peninsula."

"80 years later, I’m still grateful. At that time, despite my confusion and despair, my relief at being reunited with my friends won… But with his help, I was once again reminded of my obsession with life. If we are to ever meet again, I’d like to apologize for my rudeness."


"On June 13th, a new resident joined the Yōkai Sanctuary. Although the Ward’s External Affairs Division did not reveal their name, citing ‘complicated circumstances’, they are believed to be related to a famous fox spirit."

"According to Ward Mayor Isanagi, this yōkai is extremely powerful but of unsound mind, and needs to rest in the sanctuary. Also, humans who call themselves Aodaisho have cooperated with the Reserve, helping people enter it, and will continue to stay as mediators."

"Mr. Ao, who works as the leader of Aodaisho, has solemnly said that ‘they consider mediators to be the most crucial role. We’ll work hard so as to not disturb the residents of the Reserve.’14"

PR Tomoyo, July 2020 Issue; Ookami Sabaki et al.


"Whatever transformation it takes, there’s no value in attributing moderation to terrorists. They must be dealt with. That is the final solution, and the best policy to protect citizens from parathreats."

"Inspector", Station-FE-392 PHYSICS Division Administrator, Global Occult Coalition Far East Division1516


I have one question. Why don’t you call yourselves the Serpent’s Hand? — RovG.

I think they understand it’ll invite danger. Our power outside of the Library is not that great, if I’m being honest. — Z.

This is the first time I’ve had contact with a group that clearly speak of themselves as a branch of ours. Did the Serpent’s Nest recognize them?17Sif.

Why stick to activities in the real world, and not in the Library? Why throw yourself into danger when you're guaranteed access to a near-infinite source of knowledge? — Qax.

Many Hand members are entranced by the Library and the paranormal knowledge it weaves, but there are others who are not. I know it’s difficult to understand, but if the thoughts of these people bring forth a new book, I will be overjoyed; not destroyed. — O.U.

Those who try their best to contain Mysteries, like Jailers and Bookburners, are traitors of nature, will not be allowed down to their very existence. Don’t those who welcome their members also deserve vigilance and monitoring? — S.R.

Doubt births knowledge, but suspicion brings forth discord. One shouldn’t worry about such petty things. I’ve met the leader of Aodaisho and they’re an honest one. They should be worth your trust. — Jaya M.

The name’s amazing! — Flashlight.

When I learnt of this document, I didn’t know what to write. I think we’ve run out of words here. No additions or corrections are necessary. You all seem sincere, and I believe in you.
Aodaisho is a member of the Serpent’s Hand. If you need our assistance, then please, call our name. — AO

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