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D-1586's Patient File:

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Last name: ███████
First name : ███████
Gender: █████
Internment date: ██/██/19██
Associated psychologist: Dr. Smith-Ididov
Internment location: Aleph block

Suffers from: Partial amnesia. Psychologic development disorder leading to a paranoid schizophrenia with visual and auditive hallucinations.

Treatment to follow: One psychotherapy session every week, weekly medication made from atypical neuroleptics, three pills every evening.

Internment details: The close family of D-1586 have alerted the Saint Claude of the Parish Foundation after he had jumped out the window of the third floor of his manor, in Alsace. When the agents of the Medicinal Transport Federation recovered him, the patient was diagnosed with amnesia following a major cranial trauma ; he was later brought to the Fondation to be treated. The relatives of the patient have declared that he was gradually growing suspicious of everyone, perceiving every individual as a dangerous being threatening to attack him to discover a secret that D-1586 pretended to keep.

Psychologist's notes: Despite his mental disorders, the patient once more shows the power of the human cerebral architecture. After his amnesia, D-1586 has locked himself up in an imaginary world to protect himself from the world that had hurt him. To avoid getting pulled out of it, he has astutely diverted every detail to integrate it into his imaginary world. This way, he lived among illusions and hallucinations, all the while being convinced to be a part of a "grand project".

During my previous sessions with D-1586, I have been able to grasp a glimpse of the world in which he lived. I hereby devote myself to the exercise of relating every part of his delirium, and to associate it to the real-world element from which it stems.

The patient is convinced to be a member of an extra-governmental organisation named "The SCP Foundation" (from the hospital's initials). He sees every unknown item as a "SCP", an object or entity possessing fantastic properties. For instance, during his walks, he is always convinced that the modern-art statue located in the courtyard tries to kill him as soon as he is not looking at it. He named it "SCP-173" and has since refused to let it leave its sight when he passes through the courtyard. During an experiment aiming at testing its sensitivity, I tried to give him a stuffed lizard which he immediately set out to detroy. Due to repeated failures, he named the item "SCP-682". It is now an "enormous, undestructible lizard" which has become a recurring element of his deliria. Every item that he has classified as "SCP" possesses a report similar to a long-term internment report, including the item number, its class, detailed procedures to contain it and an accurate description of its appearance and characteristics (these reports include containment chambers similar to the isolation rooms that we use when one of the patients momentarily becomes aggressive). D-1586 also tries to perform "experiments" on the "SCPs". TO do so, he seeks one of his comrades (named "D-Class personnel", which comes from the Foundation's system of confidential ID numbers) at the Resting Area and instructs them to interact with the "SCP". When the patient searches for one of these infamous "SCPs" but is unable to find it, he enters a state of absolute panic, stating that the item has "breached containment".

The patient thinks that all of the Saint Claude of the Parish personnel are members of the Foundation. The supervisor of the Aleph block has thus become "Director of the Armed Dimensional Site-Aleph", the security officers are overtrained "Agents", tasked with protecting the site and recovering "SCPs" ; and the physicians are "Researchers" dealing with "SCPs". The patient's role in its delirium is not well-defined, sometimes a soldier, sometimes a scientist, he has no real place anymore and is only the watcher of this world he built himself.

I regretfully have to classify the patient as a "Lost Cause" and to send him to a lifelong isolation cell since he now attacks any individual following the "destruction of Aleph". However, I keep the "works" of the patient, which might be useful to have a better understanding of the delirium he has built, and given the trouble he went to structure it, it would be a crime to delete all this.

To access it, please go here.

Dr. Oscar Smith-Ididov

Signature of the psychologist in charge:

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