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Experiment SCP-ES-061-33
Introduced tape: First episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones.
SCP-ES-061 plays: First episode of the series The Black Company, based on the novels by Glen Cook. With Pedro Pascal as Raven, Danny Glover as One Eye and Sean Bean as Croaker.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-34
Introduced tape: “Dr. No”, first James Bond movie.
SCP-ES-061 plays: “Casino Royale”, a television miniseries of two episodes, the plot combines elements from the spy genre with absurd humor, sometimes of a very childish nature. The protagonist is "Jamie Bond”, a middle-aged female agent of MI-6 with an alcohol problem.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-37
Introduced tape: Star Wars: A New Hope
SCP-ES-061 plays: Star Wars: A New Hope; the plot is almost identical to the original, with the main difference being in the characters: the protagonist is “Luka Starkiller”, a 16 years old orphan who has grown up alone in the desert planet of Tatauine, who becomes romantically involved with the smuggler Han Solo, interpreted by Billy Dee Williams.

Suddenly, Episode VII seems even less original- Dr. M. Ozawa.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-39
Tape introduced: “Pretty Woman”
SCP-ES-061 plays: “3.000”, a much darker and depressing movie than the original, scripted by J.F. Lawton. The character interpreted by Julia Roberts (Vivian Ward) is a prostitute with a bad attitude and addicted to crack who is hired for 2 000 dollars for a whole week by Edward Lewis (interpreted by Richard Gere), an ill-humored millionaire afflicted by cirrhosis, a price which ends up rising to 3 000 dollars after prohibiting Vivian from smoking crack while she is his escort. The movie ends with Edward pushing Vivian, who was in love with the millionaire, out of his limousine along with throwing her the 3 000 dollars.

Note: The trailer previous to the movie indicates that Julia Roberts won the Oscar to “Best Actress” in 1990 for her role as Vivian Ward in “3 000”.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-41
Introduced tape: “Back to the Future"
SCP-ES-061 plays: “Spaceman from Pluto”, a movie with a more serious tone in which Marty McFly (Interpreted by Eric Stoltz) uses a time machine, with an appearance similar to a fridge and designed by Professor Emmett L. Brown (Christopher Lloyd), to travel from 1982 to 1952. There, like in the original film, he has to make sure that his fathers fall in love to maintain his future existence. The movie ends with Marty going back to his time in an epic scene involving Nevada's nuclear testing and the help of a young Prof, to end up discovering that his father is now a famous boxer.

I still prefer the original film, but I gotta admit that changing the dog for the sympathetic chimpanzee named Shemp was a total hit. I love chimps. - ██████ ██████ ██████

Experiment SCP-ES-061-42
Introduced tape: Lolita (1997), featuring Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain.
SCP-ES-061 plays: Lolita (1994), featuring Jeremy Irons and Natalie Portman. This version appears to be set in a society where incest is legal and morally acceptable, although there are limitations. The main conflict has to do with the fact that Dolores Haze (Lolita) is only 12 years old, while father-daughter incest is only legal past the age of 15. It is a romantic comedy.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-43
Introduced tape: La cholita condenada (por su manto de vicuña) (2012), featuring the Machaca family.
SCP-ES-061 plays: The exact same movie, without any kind of change or alteration.

I bet this movie couldn't be any worse… and I was right – Dr. Von Braun.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-45
Introduced tape: Episode from the comedy show "Bienvenidos", originally filmed in 2000 and copied from a DVD compilation titled "The Best from Bienvenidos"
SCP-ES-061 plays: No changes Upon closer inspection, the credits from the start and end of the comedy sketches mention Mariana Duque, instead of the actual member of the cast María Antonieta Duque (both actresses are twin sisters), and although the sketches are identical their order varies slightly compared to the original. The clothing of the actors does not match those from the original film or any previously recorded episodes.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-48
Introduced tape: Episode from the Mexican telenovela "Nada Personal" originally aired in 1997, featuring Christianne Gout as Camila de los Reyes and Jose Ángel Lamas as Luis Mario.
SCP-ES-061 plays: An identical version of the episode, with the only difference being that the role of Camila is interpreted by Ana Colchero. It is to be noted that Ms. Colchero was the original performer of the role, but was replaced in the middle of production because of conflicts between the actress and the producer company.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-49
Introduced tape: Episode from the Mexican telenovela "María la del Barrio" aired in 1996.
SCP-ES-061 plays: A virtually identical version of the episode, except that the roles of María Hernandez and Soraya Montenegro, originally played respectively by Thalia and Itati Cantoral, have been switched.

Say what you want, but seeing Thalia playing the "maldita lisiada" scene was absolutely hilarious – Dr. ██████

Experiment SCP-ES-061-50
Introduced tape: Episode from the Venezuelan telenovela "Por Estas Calles", with an ensemble cast featuring Maria Alejandra Marti, originally aired in 1992, recorded from the original transmission with advertisements included.
SCP-ES-061 plays: A completely different telenovela, titled "Eva Marina", featuring Maria Alejandra Marti and Flavio Caballero. Despite the plot having a more traditional tone, it does share some plot points, mainly that the protagonist "Eva Marina" (Marti) escapes using a secret identity after being accused of a crime she did not commit, and the presence of a character named "Dr Romero", interpreted by Roberto Lamarca, which is very similar to "Dr. Valerio" from "Por Estas Calles" but without his gimmick of the public being able to hear his thoughts. Other actors from the original film also remain in this version playing different roles, with the exception of Lamarca. While the advertising campaigns are identical in order and advertised products to the original, the commercials themselves are different. The episode is abruptly interrupted by breaking news, in which it is informed to the viewers that [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED] which lasts until the end of the recording.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-51
Introduced tape: The Lion King (1994)
SCP-ES-061 plays: "The Lion President", a version of the musical in which the vulture Scar and a group of foxes join forces to hinder the political career of Simba, the lion candidate for Africa's presidency, and prevent him from winning the election.

It's a clear reflection of today's society. - Dr. Lentz

Experiment SCP-ES-061-52
Introduced tape: The Shining (1980), featuring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance
SCP-ES-061 plays: The Shining (1982), featuring Harrison Ford as Jack Torrance and Karen Allen as his wife. In addition to the change of the protagonists, this version is much more faithful to the original novel by Stephen King.

Harrison Ford will never have Nicholson's crazy face, but that's why his progressive fall into madness is much more subtle and more credible, and I wonder how Stephen King convinced Kubrick to include the topiary animals scene. - Dr. Von Braun

Experiment SCP-ES-061-53
Introduced tape: It (Miniseries), de 1990, based on Stephen King's Novel
SCP-ES-061 plays: It (Miniseries), de 1990. There are only slight changes in the script and in some secondary roles played by other actors.

The scene of the giant spider still looks as ridiculous as before, but what is really surprising is that they have included the scene of the ████ among the boys, it is true that they clearly use body doubles and not the real underage actors, but it is still a very uncomfortable scene, gratuitous and hardly exciting. - Dr. Von Braun

Experiment SCP-ES-061-56
Introduced tape: Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Second Series (1999)
SCP-ES-061 plays: A slightly changed version of the VHS. The first episode, "Thomas, Percy, and the Coal", is replaced by an episode called "The Missing Coach," narrated by Ringo Starr. The rest of the episodes remain the same.

Note: This is an episode that was canceled mid-production, as its plot was seen as "too confusing for children."

Experiment SCP-ES-061-57
Introduced tape: Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000)
SCP-ES-061 plays: A version of the movie consistent with the original script. Instead of Eddy Glen, Thomas is voiced by John Bellis, the first voice actor chosen for the role. Diesel 10, the main antagonist of the film, instead of having a New Jersey accent, has a Russian accent.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-58
Introduced tape: Thomas' Trusty Friends (recorded from the 2006 DVD)
SCP-ES-061 plays: The original thirteen episodes as well as an additional thirteen episodes, all narrated by Michael Angelis. Additionally, all of the original episodes were renamed to either their original or working title.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-63
Introduced tape: The 1984 movie, Ghostbusters
SCP-ES-061 Plays: A version of the movie where Bill Murray's character (Peter Venkman) and Sigourney Weaver's character's (Dana Barrett) roles are swapped. Beyond this and minor changes to the script to use correct pronouns, nothing else is changed.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-65
Introduced tape: A 12 minute home video tape of Dr. [REDACTED] as a child from 1973
SCP-ES-061 Plays: A 12 minute clip of a different family reenacting the entirety of the original VHS.

Note: While the locations and props all appear to be the same, there are still two notable differences: the clothes that the family and people in the background wear look like they're from the early 2000s, and everyone is speaking Korean (Dr. [REDACTED] spoke english).

Experiment SCP-ES-061-66
Introduced tape: A live recording of the pilot episode of the American TV show, Mythbusters
SCP-ES-061 Plays: The live recording of an animated Canadian TV show called “True or False”, starring Alberta Salmon and John Hickery as themselves. The show centers around the duo testing various myths and questions, usually submitted by their viewers. In this particular episode, they test the following:
1. At what speed you must be going at to be shot through a windshield when the emergency brake is pulled?
2. Is human hair a good rope?
3. What occurs within a black hole?
4. How bulletproof are bulletproof windows?
5. Are explosives good at killing cockroaches?

Experiment SCP-ES-061-67
Introduced tape: A commercially released tape of a 1989 Metallica concert in Seattle.
SCP-ES-061 Plays: Metallica still features bassist Cliff Burton (who died in 1986) and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine (who was expelled in 1983), who even sings lead at certain moments. While songs written with significant input from Mustaine's replacement Kirk Hammett are absent from the setlist, there are instead compositions that are recognizable as songs from Mustaine's band Megadeth.

Experiment SCP-ES-061-68
Introduced tape: A tape containing the first season of Pingu.
SCP-ES-061 Plays: The first season of a traditionally animated sitcom starring various penguins. Subjects covered in episode plots are often adult in nature and viewed under a cynical lens. The characters appear to speak fluent German, albeit with a Swiss accent.

Note: This is the best thing since Seinfeld. ~Junior Researcher Otto

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