Secure Facility Dossier: Area-CN-05

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Sparsely populated area on the border of Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, 117°19.█' E, 33°54.█' N
Site Class: IV
Security Clearance: Level 4

Site Director: WiddenWidden

Zone Status: Under Construction
Facility Overview: This Area was constructed around SCP-CN-103, and was initially intended to be a specialized research facility to attempt to use its anomalous properties. Later, due to the increase in the number of contained anomalies, the Site's facilities, both aboveground and underground, were expanded on multiple occasions. In September 2015, a request was filed to establish Area-CN-05, which was approved, making Area-CN-05 one of the Chinese Branch's most important facilities. This research area primarily deal with containment, analysis and testing of electronic, computer and mechanical anomalies. In addition, Area-CN-05 is responsible for producing useful high-tech devices for the Foundation. The Area's supercomputer server array monitors big data and online anomalies in the East Asia region through IOP2P direct node interception technology.
-Dr.Widden [2017/07/13 22:14]


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