Attribution Metadata


This is the Attribution Metadata page for the SCP International wiki. It is used to store special attribution for articles where the Wikidot page history alone does not provide the relevant/correct information. Typical use cases include original authors of translations, coauthors, rewriters…

Please not that this page only takes into account site users who contributed to a given page directly. External helpers and artists of various media should be given attribution on the article itself with the dedicated module.


General guidelines

  • You can edit this page to add or correct information about pages you contributed to only.
  • Do not edit this page on behalf of other users.
  • To report any error or inconsistency, please contact someone from staff.

Adding an entry

  • The "name" of a page is what follows the site URL after the last dash ("/"). Where applicable, the category must be included as well. Note that the title of the page can be different from its name.
  • The "type" column can receive the following values:
    • author - when the user who created the page is not its original author, or not the only one (typically when it is coauthored).
    • translator - when the user who created the page is not its original translator, or not the only one (typically when it is cotranslated).
    • rewrite - when a page has been rewritten by a different person than its original author. If this value is selected, the date of the rewrite must also be provided.
  • The "date" is the time when the aforementioned user became associated with the page.
    • For the authors of original works on the INT Wiki and translators, this is the page creation date and may be omitted.
    • For the original authors of translated articles, this is the creation date of the page on its original wiki.
    • For rewrites, this is the date on which the rewrite was posted.
    • The value of the "date" must be written in the "YYYY-MM-DD" format, with a 0 to fill in the gaps when necessary. For example: 2021-11-30.

Please put at least one space character in a field when you want to leave it empty. You should only ever need to do that with the date field.

Order of entries in the table:

  • Mainlist SCP articles
    • SCPs are grouped by branch in the following order:
      • CN
      • CZ
      • DE
      • ES
      • FR
      • IT
      • JP
      • KO
      • PL
      • PT
      • RU
      • TH
      • UA
      • VN
      • ZH-TR
      • Developing/Unofficial
    • fragment: pages right below their parent page.
  • "Special" SCP articles: 001s, -J, -EX, -INT, etc.
  • All other pages sorted alphanumerically — tales, hubs, essays etc.
  • Other special page categories such as theme: or component:

New pages should follow this order.

After editing the page, please look at the output and make sure you did not break any cells or rows of the table.


Name User Type Date
main INT Staff author
scp-cn-002 TRST author 2016-10-08
scp-cn-007 Airalin_Knowledge author 2017-01-26
scp-cn-009 Flea_ZER0 author 2016-05-18
scp-cn-010 Areyoucrazytom author 2015-07-11
scp-cn-011 Archibald1 author 2017-04-02
scp-cn-096 M Element author 2017-08-20
scp-cn-111 ashausesall author 2016-05-15
scp-cn-114 M Element author 2017-11-14
scp-cn-120 M Element author 2017-06-03
scp-cn-121 hearlessed author 2015-07-25
scp-cn-122 Hensec Stutter author 2017-11-28
scp-cn-161 Meath author 2017-08-26
scp-cn-173 Veleafer author 2018-02-23
scp-cn-180 ppp83221 author 2015-07-20
scp-cn-204 MoonLaser author 2016-05-30
scp-cn-233 Sonic_714 author 2015-07-24
scp-cn-296 Zihao Huang author 2018-04-17
scp-cn-326 MScarlet author 2016-08-18
scp-cn-404 Lunar_lunacy author 2015-08-01
scp-cn-412 breaddddd author 2018-04-15
scp-cn-440 MScarlet author 2018-03-26
scp-cn-455 Veleafer author 2017-12-11
scp-cn-475 ashausesall author 2015-08-01
scp-cn-529 Hannah_AI author 2017-11-29
scp-cn-534 The_Reaper_Kindred author 2017-12-14
scp-cn-606 Veleafer author 2018-02-19
scp-cn-661 M Element author 2018-11-03
scp-cn-661 Veleafer author 2018-01-04
scp-cn-731 Ikaite author 2021-09-20
scp-cn-756 Dr Fujino author 2015-07-30
scp-cn-757 breaddddd author 2018-07-25
scp-cn-758 CursedL author 2018-05-27
scp-cn-801 Veleafer author 2018-02-05
scp-cn-805 Palewalker author 2018-04-11
scp-cn-810 Sears author 2018-04-09
scp-cn-829 unknown-soya author 2018-10-27
scp-cn-879 Dr Fishbone author 2020-06-23
scp-cn-937 zhugan author 2020-06-09
scp-cn-964 Veleafer author 2018-01-14
scp-cn-985 EdwardC author 2016-10-21
scp-cn-1001 LeafJensen author 2018-10-30
scp-cn-1076 (user deleted) author 2020-03-06
scp-cn-1080 Sakuya Fortuna author 2019-08-25
scp-cn-1099 Amazing_Mel8346 author 2018-12-15
scp-cn-1123 zkl author 2020-01-16
scp-cn-1138 5M7 author 2022-04-29
scp-cn-1145 DDShigure author 2019-01-31
scp-cn-1174 Modern Hunter author 2022-01-22
scp-cn-1246 SUPER HOT author 2022-06-03
scp-cn-1256 Ninth BB author 2018-12-09
fragment:scp-cn-1256-01 Ninth BB author 2018-12-09
fragment:scp-cn-1256-02 Ninth BB author 2018-12-09
scp-cn-1276 silverIce author 2019-06-23
scp-cn-1391 Fish King author 2020-04-08
scp-cn-1409 hoah2333 author 2020-12-04
scp-cn-1417 pokm author 2020-05-09
scp-cn-1424 Confucian Lee author 2021-09-26
scp-cn-1463 CaroyalKKaia author 2020-04-21
fragment:scp-cn-1463-01 CaroyalKKaia author 2020-04-21
fragment:scp-cn-1463-02 CaroyalKKaia author 2020-04-21
scp-cn-1483 miumeat author 2020-02-13
scp-cn-1500 Hueyacuetzpali author 2018-11-26
scp-cn-1604 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2020-05-18
scp-cn-1621 (user deleted) author 2019-07-10
scp-cn-1666 Meltyland Nightmare author 2019-01-06
scp-cn-1733 zhugan author 2020-02-21
scp-cn-1767 Diamond_Apple author 2020-12-27
scp-cn-1780 Hourglass_G author 2020-01-24
scp-cn-1835 Kyubi_Duck author 2020-03-12
scp-cn-1837 bitchangelover author 2020-08-04
scp-cn-1875 Etinjat author 2020-03-13
scp-cn-1920 Diamond_Apple author 2019-04-16
scp-cn-1976 Meowait author 2020-05-31
scp-cn-1987 zhugan author 2020-03-20
scp-cn-1997 MScarlet author 2018-12-08
scp-cn-1999 breaddddd author 2018-11-01
fragment:cn1000breaddddd-01 breaddddd author 2018-11-01
fragment:cn1000breaddddd-02 breaddddd author 2018-11-01
fragment:cn1000breaddddd-03 breaddddd author 2018-11-01
fragment:cn1000breaddddd-04 breaddddd author 2018-11-01
scp-cn-2019 Sirius Dawn author 2021-03-23
scp-cn-2028 Crow Gu author 2021-12-15
scp-cn-2035 Kanie Ja author 2023-03-15
scp-cn-2043 Abe Slane author 2021-10-24
scp-cn-2063 RAS secret author 2022-09-14
scp-cn-2105 the Jotaro author 2021-10-31
scp-cn-2108 Etinjat author 2022-06-29
scp-cn-2109 Ghost hat author 2022-06-24
scp-cn-2109 tetsusquared translator
scp-cn-2109 la kanro translator
scp-cn-2124 Cabbage2403 author 2022-05-15
scp-cn-2145 the Jotaro author 2021-11-12
scp-cn-2145 AceAttackAssassin author 2023-07-01
scp-cn-2161 Kanie Ja author 2021-10-31
scp-cn-2169 Ninth BB author 2023-04-23
scp-cn-2169 tetsusquared translator
scp-cn-2169 la kanro translator
scp-cn-2176 Backlight SH author 2021-04-01
scp-cn-2180 AE_03-hua 2022-06-24
scp-cn-2200 Dr Hormress author 2021-03-16
scp-cn-2215 Chricton author 2021-08-08
scp-cn-2291 Emily_Erysin author 2022-06-24
scp-cn-2300 ColorlessL author 2021-02-21
fragment:80cc53db81ea5df1 ColorlessL author 2021-02-21
scp-cn-2304 DouglasLiu author 2021-04-23
scp-cn-2345 Yu Ken Dai author 2021-05-15
scp-cn-2380 Chris Evertworth author 2021-11-11
scp-cn-2399 Nightingale_FZ author 2021-04-25
scp-cn-2402 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2021-03-16
scp-cn-2403 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2021-03-25
scp-cn-2405 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2021-03-28
scp-cn-2406 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2021-03-29
scp-cn-2426 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2022-06-16
scp-cn-2427 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2022-10-16
scp-cn-2429 Yoghurt_Jinchouge author 2022-11-22
scp-cn-2469 Lovesicker author 2021-12-16
scp-cn-2510 zhugan author 2021-02-19
scp-cn-2510 Dr-wengwan author 2021-02-19
scp-cn-2517 MentalImageryMirage author 2021-11-20
scp-cn-2586 EdwardC author 2022-09-28
fragment:scp-cn-2586-01 EdwardC author 2022-09-28
fragment:scp-cn-2586-02 EdwardC author 2022-09-28
fragment:scp-cn-2586-03 EdwardC author 2022-09-28
scp-cn-2620 day by die author 2021-09-21
scp-cn-2622 breaddddd author 2022-12-04
scp-cn-2626 Dr Hormress author 2021-06-11
scp-cn-2631 62ECN author 2021-06-10
scp-cn-2636 Chris Evertworth author 2021-06-10
scp-cn-2699 Abe Slane author 2021-06-17
scp-cn-2701 the Jotaro author 2021-10-02
scp-cn-2740 A yuhan author 2021-07-14
scp-cn-2740 Jiu_Huan author 2021-07-14
scp-cn-2753 Jiu_Huan author 2022-08-08
scp-cn-2755 Chris Evertworth author 2021-10-28
scp-cn-2781 AviliaCelesteria author 2022-02-01
scp-cn-2823 Chris Evertworth author 2022-11-25
scp-cn-2823 tetsusquared translator
scp-cn-2823 la kanro translator
scp-cn-2835 Chris Evertworth author 2022-12-11
scp-cn-2878 U-Coocoo author 2021-03-21
scp-cn-2879 MentalImageryMirage author 2021-02-20
fragment:cn-2789-1 MentalImageryMirage author 2021-02-20
fragment:cn-2789-2 MentalImageryMirage author 2021-02-20
scp-cn-2880 MentalImageryMirage author 2021-03-16
scp-cn-2918 Unnamed life author 2021-06-06
scp-cn-2926 Unnamed life author 2021-04-09
scp-cn-2965 Rye Travis author 2023-03-06
scp-cn-2980 Ikaite author 2021-04-12
scp-cn-2987 Sharethesilence author 2021-12-02
scp-cn-2988 Abe Slane author 2021-09-30
scp-cn-2993 Abe Slane author 2021-09-04
scp-030-de oGER Toxic author 2016-09-08
scp-032-de TPS-Geronam author 2017-05-02
scp-101-de Einer von Rabe author 2021-11-28
scp-208-de Allnyta author 2021-08-30
scp-es-039 Dr Reach author 2018-03-17
scp-es-044 oniricshogunsoldier author 2021-05-18
scp-es-069 LazyLasagne author 2021-08-30
scp-es-069 Luis GM author 2021-08-30
scp-es-070 Shadow-MASK author 2019-10-18
scp-es-087 Crackertime author 2022-02-12
scp-es-100 Belasias author 2018-08-28
fragment:scp-es-100-1 Dc_Yerko author 2019-06-29
fragment:scp-es-100-2 Dc_Yerko author 2019-06-29
fragment:scp-es-100-3 Dc_Yerko author 2019-06-29
fragment:scp-es-100-4 Dc_Yerko author 2019-06-29
fragment:scp-es-100-5 Dc_Yerko author 2019-06-29
scp-es-100 Dc_Yerko translator
scp-es-100 morhadow translator
scp-es-107 Jakuwoski author 2018-06-14
scp-es-111 Dr Von Braun author 2018-08-20
scp-es-123 Jakuwoski author 2018-08-22
scp-es-132 LazyLasagne author 2019-06-03
scp-es-136 Dr Reach author 2018-06-11
scp-es-145 Dr Reach author 2018-06-11
scp-es-158 LazyLasagne author 2019-12-13
scp-es-163 Dr Reach author 2018-06-17
scp-es-165 DrCastillo author 2020-05-05
scp-es-173 abstru author 2018-08-29
scp-es-180 LazyLasagne author 2019-05-21
scp-es-181 Dr Reach author 2018-07-03
scp-es-184 DrCastillo author 2019-12-28
scp-es-186 RevenantHeimdall author 2020-01-25
scp-es-196 RevenantHeimdall author 2019-03-29
scp-es-199 LazyLasagne author 2018-08-29
fragmento:scp-es-199-1 LazyLasagne author 2018-08-29
fragmento:scp-es-199-2 LazyLasagne author 2018-08-29
fragmento:scp-es-199-3 LazyLasagne author 2018-08-29
fragmento:scp-es-199-4 LazyLasagne author 2018-08-29
scp-es-201 Shadow-MASK author 2020-04-17
fragment:scp-es-201-0 Shadow-MASK author 2020-04-17
fragment:scp-es-201-1 Shadow-MASK author 2020-04-17
fragment:scp-es-201-2 Shadow-MASK author 2020-04-17
scp-es-203 Jakuwoski author 2020-05-11
scp-es-245 RevenantHeimdall author 2021-05-07
scp-es-250 Shadow-MASK author 2020-09-29
scp-es-251 Shadow-MASK author 2022-03-31
scp-es-256 Jakuwoski author 2020-11-08
scp-es-260 Shadow-MASK author 2021-09-20
scp-es-261 RevenantHeimdall author 2020-02-20
scp-es-290 Remixface author 2020-12-14
scp-es-297 Uncle Nicolini author 2020-12-15
fragment:scp-es-297-1 Uncle Nicolini author 2020-12-15
fragment:scp-es-297-2 Uncle Nicolini author 2020-12-15
scp-002-fr Xama_ author 2013-10-23
scp-002-fr Lyrkasi author 2013-10-23
scp-003-fr Agent Coulson author 2012-11-09
scp-004-fr Lyrkasi author 2013-10-23
scp-006-fr Dr Grym author 2014-03-05
scp-008-fr DrJohannes author 2013-01-03
scp-009-fr Dr Kaze author 2015-01-23
scp-014-fr Dr Frog author 2014-05-30
scp-020-fr Neremsa author 2013-05-10
scp-021-fr DrJohannes author 2014-04-10
scp-023-fr Dr Grym author 2014-08-27
scp-024-fr Km Mortarion author 2015-02-21
scp-025-fr Dr Grym author 2014-08-29
scp-027-fr Dr Grym author 2014-09-03
scp-030-fr Torrential author 2015-02-17
scp-031-fr Zakkarit author 2015-01-16
scp-032-fr DrMarcus author 2012-12-13
scp-036-fr Dr Frog author 2014-09-10
scp-038-fr Dr Grym author 2014-10-02
scp-043-fr Dr Sonitrok author 2019-08-04
scp-045-fr Dr Sonitrok author 2015-01-06
scp-046-fr Dr Grym author 2014-10-13
scp-053-fr DrMarcus author 2013-10-01
scp-054-fr Torrential author 2014-09-26
scp-059-fr Mafiew author 2015-03-26
scp-060-fr Agent Heidra author 2015-04-30
scp-061-fr Zaap author 2017-04-29
scp-062-fr Dr Grym author 2015-04-13
scp-069-fr Torrential author 2016-02-24
scp-073-fr Marpal3 author 2015-06-02
scp-079-fr DrGemini author 2015-08-26
scp-080-fr Torrential author 2014-09-13
scp-084-fr Torrential author 2015-07-01
scp-085-fr Torrential author 2016-02-04
scp-088-fr Torrential author 2014-10-11
scp-089-fr Torrential author 2015-08-03
scp-092-fr DrGemini author 2015-06-21
scp-095-fr Neremsa author 2015-02-10
scp-096-fr Torrential author 2015-03-17
scp-101-fr DrGemini author 2015-06-29
scp-103-fr Dr Frog author 2015-10-10
scp-113-fr Dr Grym author 2015-10-12
scp-119-fr DrGemini author 2015-10-11
scp-124-fr Dr Benji author 2015-01-05
scp-124-fr Pr Gabouric author 2015-01-05
scp-125-fr Neremsa author 2014-09-24
scp-134-fr Ezcyo author 2014-10-07
scp-137-fr DrGemini author 2015-12-30
scp-140-fr DrJohannes author 2014-10-27
scp-143-fr Assistant Namyar author 2016-06-06
scp-150-fr Ezcyo author 2015-07-06
scp-150-fr Dr Benji author 2015-07-06
scp-155-fr DrMarcus author 2015-10-10
scp-161-fr Zaap author 2017-03-03
scp-164-fr DrGemini author 2016-04-29
scp-172-fr Reyas author 2017-07-24
scp-181-fr Mafiew author 2017-08-08
scp-185-fr Neremsa author 2014-09-30
scp-192-fr Spe Arcael author 2015-10-12
scp-197-fr DrJohannes author 2017-08-11
scp-198-fr DrTesla author 2016-08-23
scp-201-fr DrJohannes author 2016-09-22
scp-213-fr DrCendres author 2017-05-21
scp-215-fr Jason Fox author 2017-10-16
scp-218-fr DrGemini author 2016-06-04
scp-226-fr Dr Grym author 2017-12-19
scp-227-fr DrGemini author 2016-09-06
scp-233-fr Lylah Dears author 2017-10-31
scp-236-fr Dr Gemini author 2016-07-14
scp-236-fr Archiviste Judas translator
scp-236-fr Dr Lekter translator
scp-237-fr Dr Grym author 2018-03-10
scp-281-fr DrGemini author 2018-01-01
scp-291-fr Charles Magne author 2018-04-09
scp-296-fr Reyas author 2018-01-26
scp-299-fr Dr Grym author 2016-11-02
scp-320-fr Reyas author 2018-05-27
scp-324-fr Reyas author 2019-01-12
scp-327-fr War Lock author 2019-05-06
scp-335-fr DrGemini author 2019-07-14
scp-347-fr War Lock author 2020-08-09
scp-361-fr Dr Sonitrok author 2019-08-30
scp-375-fr DrCendres author 2018-10-08
scp-400-fr macro_au_micro author 2020-04-28
scp-403-fr Aloices author 2020-04-28
scp-410-fr Felter Finalis author 2020-04-21
scp-418-fr Reyas author 2021-05-18
scp-436-fr Reyas author 2021-05-26
scp-445-fr Reyas author 2021-03-18
scp-466-fr Reyas author 2021-04-22
scp-466-fr Reyas rewrite 2022-09-24
scp-471-fr Alwaid author 2020-12-06
scp-476-fr Alwaid author 2021-07-30
scp-482-fr DrGemini author 2021-11-04
scp-484-fr DrJohannes author 2020-11-03
scp-484-fr ratscrapz translator
scp-484-fr ratking666 translator
scp-500-fr Al_W0onder author 2022-04-21
scp-500-fr Cauchynambour author 2022-04-21
scp-503-fr DrJohannes author 2022-04-27
scp-505-fr AgentSculder author 2022-04-26
scp-507-fr Leo_Heliantas author 2022-04-22
scp-510-fr Anoure author 2022-04-22
scp-537-fr Koukin7Kun author 2022-10-30
scp-540-fr Reyas author 2022-04-02
scp-555-fr Reyas author 2022-04-27
scp-561-fr Cauchynambour author 2022-10-29
scp-569-fr Dr Lekter author 2022-02-14
scp-589-fr CretinusVox author 2022-01-28
scp-592-fr Cauchynambour author 2022-05-06
scp-006-jp locker author 2014-05-01
scp-010-jp Kwana author 2013-09-07
scp-017-jp izhaya author 2018-10-17
scp-065-jp EFU author 2017-06-15
scp-096-jp akauo author 2013-12-16
scp-170-jp tonootto author 2018-11-24
scp-289-jp home-watch author 2014-12-19
scp-341-jp kainndo author 2014-12-20
scp-465-jp ginger3738 author 2016-05-24
scp-496-jp soilence author 2013-12-21
scp-647-jp moririn5963 author 2019-05-19
scp-890-jp tonootto author 2017-11-29
scp-1018-jp solvex author 2018-04-27
scp-1045-jp soilence author 2018-01-20
scp-1068-jp Hamasaka_geo author 2017-09-26
scp-1100-jp Fiber author 2016-10-04
scp-1139-jp falsehood author 2018-10-08
scp-1249-jp Fennecist author 2018-06-13
scp-1308-jp KanKan author 2018-03-12
scp-1379-jp imoken author 2018-06-19
scp-1382-jp FattyAcid author 2023-07-31
scp-1433-jp izumi_sngw author 2019-05-05
scp-1440-jp aisurakuto author 2017-11-01
scp-1517-jp SOYSOY_Kusagawa author 2018-07-29
scp-1588-jp Eqlipse author 2018-08-22
scp-1998-jp EFU author 2017-09-03
scp-2051-jp p51 author 2020-11-02
scp-2077-jp broccoryman author 2020-05-30
scp-2099-jp mC shrimp author 2020-04-20
scp-2203-jp nemo111 author 2020-10-25
scp-2203-jp Rhapsodyyyyyy author 2020-10-25
scp-2235-jp KanKan author 2020-12-07
scp-2337-jp KanKan author 2020-03-22
scp-2430-jp yagisawaan author 2021-04-22
scp-2626-jp BenjaminChong author 2020-07-20
scp-2642-jp souyamisaki014 author 2020-09-04
fragment:scp-2642-jp-1 souyamisaki014 author 2020-09-04
fragment:scp-2642-jp-2 souyamisaki014 author 2020-09-04
scp-2670-jp KanKan author 2021-11-16
scp-2795-jp kukusasa author 2021-06-06
scp-2870-jp hyoroika09 author 2021-04-04
scp-2880-jp SuamaX author 2021-06-05
scp-2955-jp indonootoko author 2021-06-06
scp-2955-jp indonootoko author 2021-06-06
scp-3008-jp Tsukajun author 2023-04-25
scp-3072-jp WagnasCousin author 2023-05-01
scp-3096-jp amamiel author 2023-05-06
scp-3101-jp OwlCat author 2023-05-13
scp-3192-jp CAT EYES author 2023-05-13
scp-3199-jp stengan774 author 2023-05-13
scp-3211-jp stengan774 author 2023-05-13
scp-3228-jp dr_toraya author 2023-04-26
scp-3309-jp eagle-yuki author 2023-05-13
scp-3332-jp teruteru_5 author 2023-03-25
scp-3335-jp taneyama author 2023-05-13
scp-3393-jp hannyahara author 2023-05-13
scp-3401-jp izumi_sngw author 2023-05-13
scp-3595-jp FattyAcid author 2023-02-12
scp-3601-jp ponhiro author 2023-05-13
scp-3714-jp ponhiro author 2023-05-13
scp-3823-jp KABOOM1103 author 2023-05-13
scp-3843-jp roneatosu author 2023-07-24
scp-3939-jp snoj author 2023-05-13
scp-3994-jp ponhiro author 2023-05-13
ikkeby-v-s-proposal Ikkeby-V author 2019-01-25
scp-569-ko POI_Damgi author 2023-08-19
propuesta-de-nico Uncle Nicolini author 2019-03-21
scp-262-ie day by die author 2021-09-21
scp-262-ie la kanro author 2021-09-21
protasi-tou-ags zAGSz author 2021-11-04
protasi-tou-ags zAGSz Neatpicky 2021-11-04
doctor-janns-proposal Doctor Jann 2023-10-31
scp-006-pig MasterTman2 author 2023-03-20
scp-002-pig MasterTman2 author 2023-05-04
scp-039-pig MasterTman2 author 2023-04-27
scp-075-pig MasterTman2 author 2023-07-13
scp-sga-002 Deadly Bread author 2020-04-23
ingray Doctor Jann author 2023-11-01
scp-sga-009 Calibold author 2020-04-23
scp-sga-171 Calibold author 2020-05-08
scp-014-int Civil Western author 2023-02-06
scp-014-int Ethagon author 2023-02-06
scp-050-int sobek109 author 2023-02-06
fragment:scp-050-int-0 sobek109 author 2023-02-06
fragment:scp-050-int-1 sobek109 author 2023-02-06
scp-050-int J T K C author 2023-02-06
fragment:scp-050-int-0 J T K C author 2023-02-06
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