Let's do it again
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There are two fundamental differences between a human and a machine. A human has a will and a soul. A human owns those from birth, but what if a person was never born? Do they have a will? Do they have a soul? Are they still a human being, maybe a machine, or maybe something completely different? And how can a person never be born and yet live?

These questions are something that a normal person could never answer, not without having died once. But what about a person who already died several times?

He was in a seemingly boundless, completely black room without a light source, but even without light he could see everything. The room was completely empty, it was a black, infinite world. He decided to start walking, and so he did. He went on until he saw something in the distance. Was it… a human?

He kept walking until he was about five meters away from the person. It was a man with brown, short hair. He was wearing something that came very close to a leather coat, the garment went to his feet and had a high collar covering almost the whole of his neck. On the collar was a hexagonal symbol. The man was sitting on something, but the visitor could not recognize what it was. The man had his hands crossed and looked down so the visitor could not see his face.

With a calm, cold and deep voice, the man began to speak, "So, what brings you here?"

"I… I… I do not remember… I remember that I activated 065-DE-A to send a message… but… I can not quite remember what happened", the visitor answered while trying to remember his past.

"That means you're one of them", said the man.

"Them?… Whom … do you mean?"

The man slowly raised his head, "That is irrelevant here."

The man's face appeared very tired to the visitor, deep circles under his eyes, the eyes themselves half closed and a gaze that almost impaled the guest.

"What about you?", the uninvited guest began to speak again.

"I'm here often, it's nothing special for me now. For too long I've been thinking about my deeds here, what has happened, what's going to happen… What I'm supposed to do now", the man answered.

"Your deeds?"

"Yes, my deeds."

The visitor kept asking, "So… what are your deeds?"

In this room, the brain worked completely differently, one had other thoughts, one accepted things that would normally not be normal.

"I've murdered, killed, ended life. Over and over and over and over again. I've changed the world, I've colored it red, and yet it's not enough, it's still not enough", The man opened his hands and looked at them, "I stained my hands with blood, I lied, cheated and betrayed. I plunged this whole world into chao—… No, not yet, but how many times have I actually died now? For how much longer do I have to endure this? Tell me, how many times?", the person raised his head and looked the guest in the eyes.

"…", the visitor remained silent and continued listening.

The man lowered his head again, "I have created a group whose members are hated and loathed by everyone. They are being hunted, imprisoned and tortured. And it is my fault, my fault alone. I made them targets, just for me."

"And still, it's not enough, it's still not enough. How many times do I have to die until this whole thing is over. How long will I have to suffer?"

The man looked up, into the infinite space of the room, "I'm getting tired of it." He sighed and looked at the guest, "If you're here, then that means you've died multiple times already too, but you still have a soul… Say, can you really not remember what happened before you came here?"

"No, I don't remember anything except that I worked as a researcher somewhere… I… believe in a facility called 'SCP-… SCP-… 065-DE… A'… I think. Then, something happened and I used the facility… the Beta-signal it was… Yes… Yes, exactly, signal Beta!", replied the visitor excitedly, " Something attacked us, an… object… No, creature… I can remember a light, a cascading light, but… I don't remember any further."

"Sounds like one of your everyday proble—"

"…what is it?", the visitor asked.

The man closed his eyes, "Don't you hear? They're here."


"Close your eyes and listen…"

The uninvited guest closed his eyes and tried to focus on any sounds. Just as he was about to give up, he recognized a quiet ringing. It was like a deep and distant xylophone playing in a rhythm. The sound was pleasant and calmed the visitor. It sounded like a song to him.

All at once he realized a second sound, this time a knock that added to the vocals in the same rhythm. It created a nice melody.

There were more and more, and more and more and more. The melody slowly became a dance of sounds, a song of empty space.

The man opened his eyes and stood up, "It's time for us to go now, they don't like us being here too long."

"Where will you go now?"

"I'll go back, back to this madness", the man answered. He started to walk. "Just go straight ahead and you'll arrive at your destination. If you managed to come in the first place, then you'll be able to do it again. Until next time, even if you won't be able to remember me."

The guest took several steps forwards, but stopped. "Oh yes, I forgot to ask, what's your name?", he shouted in the direction of the man. The man also stopped and without turning around he answered:

"You know my name very well! I'm a crown that has lost its king!" The man started walking again and escaped the guest's field of vision.

"Well then, let's do it again", the visitor mumbled and disappeared into the deep black of the never-ending room.

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