Augmented Efficiency
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To the O5 Council:
I have the pleasure to inform you that I, Dr. Franklin M. Mercy, Director of Site █████, have augmented the efficiency of the site under my responsibility up to a 80%, all thanks to the use of SCP-█████, and I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to give a practical use to this artifact.

Like you already know, SCP-████ is capable of creating a variety of machines based on commands introduced in the keyboard embeded to it. We initially used these machines for tasks such as cleaning, maintenance and termination of Class-D personnel. But now the site under my watch is almost completely automated, with only two personnel left that aren't machinery, myself and Jim █████.
I've had to keep him because of the automaton's incapacity to write reports, we're still searching for a solution to this. It has been demonstrated again and again that the machines generated by SCP-████ are much more efficient that any personnel recruited by the Foundation. In my opinion, I would recommend the use of SCP-████ to the directors of all sites to generate additional personnel. It's efficient, fast, uses low resources and unlike SCP-222, it won't cause an incident of rebellion or internal conflicts. Effectively, gentlemen, the machines that SCP-████ creates are 100% loyal to the purpose of their creation, and would never do anything to harm the Foundation. They'll only continue to improve the functioning of the site.

They'll upgrade themselves after every failure, although I've seen that some of them keep exploding without apparent reason. But those are just details. Basically: SCP-████ is a great asset to the Foundation and I would recommend its use immediately.1

Dr. Franklin Morris Mercy,
Director of Site-████

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