Equipment of security forces in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
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This is a list of some of the gear of security personnel of the Foundation in Germany. Unlike the parent Foundation in the USA, the sight of armed civilians and civil security services as well as the military and police special forces is very uncommon and would cause a sensation, media attention and - especially in case of armed civilians - would result in emergency calls for official authorities.

Therefore, for guards and response forces who are deployed outside of facilities or in their exteriors, weapons, personal equipment, vehicles and uniforms are chosen for disguise. Depending on the context of the facility, they appear as police, military or a private security service.

Equal to the criterion of disguise, weapons and equipment are chosen for effectivity. Therefore, armour-piercing rounds with high penetrating power is preferred. However, sometimes ammunition supply, precision or cadence are preferred over bigger calibers. Changes in the armament of the depicted authority are often immediately adopted.

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In addition to the weapons in this list, every employee of the Foundation can file a request for allowance to carry a certain weapon. Personnel not involved in site security or an MTF need a permit to carry a gun.

Several attachment parts are available for all weapons. For example flashlights, laser-pointers, bipods, grips, drum magazines and optics. The requirement for use is, that they either have to be official standard, inconspicuous for laymen or normally not visible to outsiders, as long as they are not going to be amnesiated.


The situation of armed vehicles is similar to armed persons. The sighting of armoured vehicles, especially military, has become very seldom since the end of the cold war, the withdrawal of occupying forces and the end of international exercises. Within minutes, photos, videos and comments regarding the vehicles could spread over increasingly hard to control social networks.

Although the Foundation possesses military armoured vehicles, or can quickly acquire some from the military, for everyday routines, heavily modified civilian or police vehicles are used. As battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles can only be deployed under aggravated conditions, and a sole infantry approach is not always possible or too dangerous, obvious or concealed armoured vehicles like money transporters, police water cannon vehicles, fire engines and trucks are equipped with retractable or covered weapons. Varying from machine guns to autocannons, mortars, short-barrelled tank cannons and rocket launchers to exotic weapons produced by the Foundation like railguns, laser, sound, particle and plasma weapons and [REDACTED].

In addition to the fighting vehicles in the following lists, every facility has a vehicle fleet of armoured and unarmoured vehicles used for everyday routines, which either are left “civilian” or are disguised as vehicles of the police, fire department, technical emergency service (THW), ambulances or as vehicles of a dummy company. These are usually not used for security related transport of personnel and material.

Although the Foundation in Germany owns variants of regular and exotic military vehicles, only a few of each exist. Overall, the Foundation in German and Austrian ground owns just 1██ such vehicles.

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