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amamiel's Proposal - Ave Maria

Object Class: Yesod

You are an inhabitant of SCP-001-JP's dream. And it's not just you. The O5 Council members, some of the Site Directors, and most of the upper echelon of the Foundation were once inhabitants of SCP-001-JP's dream world, the city of the subconscious. By incarnating as babies, we were literally born out of her subconscious, in physical form.

Written by amamielamamiel on 2018/06/16.

SCP-013-JP - Home Video Relative

Object Class: Safe

SCP-013-JP is a figure who appears only in home videos that feature three or more blood relatives. SCP-013-JP always appears to be wearing a mask that resembles the face of an elderly man.

Written by grejumgrejum on 2014/03/18.

SCP-019-JP - A Common Bonobo

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

SCP-███-JP is a typical megalomaniac, and his nature is extremely dangerous. Even considering his primitive intellect, I maintain SCP-███-JP is not suitable for further testing and research.

Written by tokage-otokotokage-otoko on 2013/10/11.

SCP-030-JP - Petroleum Devourers

Object Class: Keter

SCP-030-JP is capable of converting any petroleum-based products into its own energy via unknown organs that currently are not understood. Fecal matter of SCP-030-JP is not inflammable and unable to be used as fuel.

Written by tokage-otokotokage-otoko on 2013/11/02.

SCP-047-JP - "For the Greatest Music"

Object Class: Safe

— I am confident that the voices of those who are desperate for survival, the sounds that are squeezed out by trembling vocal cords to the limit, are the greatest music. I believe that this is where the soul resides, where the mystery beyond the music itself created by human beings dwells.

Written by grejumgrejum on 2014/09/03.

SCP-082-JP - To the Desired Country

Object Class: Safe

There's no one here but you and me. And, just look around you, this cannot be a tourist spot by any means. Why do you not doubt that?

Written by azuki0912azuki0912 on 2014/08/30.

SCP-086-JP - Zombie Virus

Object Class: Keter

I have no awareness and cannot prove it, but I probably am no longer myself. I appreciate your acceptance of my request. …I'm just sorry for what I did to my family.

Written by akauoakauo on 2014/03/13.

SCP-088-JP - Babies Can Choose Their Moms and Dads to Be Born to

Object Class: Keter

"thanks to you i met a better mom thanks mom"

Written by FennecistFennecist & solvexsolvex on 2018/09/11.

SCP-094-JP - Marine Man

Object Class: Euclid

Currently, most of the fish species found on Earth have been confirmed to live in the bloodstream of SCP-094-JP in the size range of 0.2 to 10 μm.

Written by mary0228mary0228 on 2013/08/28.

SCP-167-JP - Restaurant Seashore

Object Class: Euclid

When these creatures are stimulated beyond certain level, they rapidly lose their mobility, cover their bodies with an abnormal secretion and transform themselves into the shape of common foods.

Written by ripeya-ripeya- on 2014/11/24.

SCP-173-JP - The Dinosaur - The Imitation

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-173-JP is [REDACTED] composed of a large amount of toys that seem to be made in Japan; it always tends to take on the appearance of a stylized dinosaur, regardless of its own size.

Written by soilencesoilence on 2014/07/11.

SCP-200-JP - Depressing Duck

Object Class: Safe

This item may be sentient, or at least possess some kind of information. Hereby I withdraw the proposal about the classification to Anomalous Item, and request to reexamine the circumstances of retrieval.

Written by shinjimaoshinjimao on 2014/06/28.

SCP-240-JP - Zero Instances of Locust

Object Class: Euclid

3 weeks have passed since we started breeding. The amount of locusts in cage are still 0, but something is wrong. Generally speaking, 0 is too small number for a clutch of locust.

Written by dr_torayadr_toraya on 2014/05/16.

SCP-266-JP - A Town Without Anyone

Object Class: Euclid

We went to McDonald's at lunchtime… many times. There was no staff, but I ordered a cheeseburger and a Coke almost every day… Where did that cheeseburger come from?

Written by Amateria68Amateria68 on 2018/01/06.

SCP-272-JP - "Floora"

Object Class: Safe

She, "Floora", is lovely. Very graceful, tidy, and beautiful. Can't you see that? From the top of her head to her toes and fingertips, she’s the masterpiece of beauty in every respect. This skin-tight, pure white dress. These refined accessories. And her pale skin, being wrapped in all those clothes.

Written by nekomiya_guunekomiya_guu on 2014/11/18.

SCP-333-JP - The Earthlings

Object Class: Euclid

"You mean your head exists in the underground?"
"Totally not. You must be able to see my head right now. My head is so huge, extending far and wide."

Written by hata_sukehata_suke on 2016/03/13.

SCP-359-JP - Penguin Mushroom

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-359-JP is an anomaly that superficially has close resemblance to adult penguins (Sphenisciformes) in shape and characteristics. SCP-359-JP has no internal organs or skeletal structure and is composed of unidentified fungal species.

Written by mary0228mary0228 on 2014/12/01.

SCP-398-JP - Eternal Room 105

Object Class: Safe

SCP-398-JP-1 never recognized the fact that she is repeating an identical day. SCP-398-JP-1 is able to notice the anomaly via externally-introduced objects that show exact time and date; however, this attempt is futile as SCP-398-JP-1's memory is erased every day at 00:00:00 JST.

Written by Nimono-oishiNimono-oishi on 2015/09/03.

SCP-407-JP - A Tub

Object Class: Safe

SCP-407-JP activates whenever an individual directly observes it. While viewing SCP-407-JP, subjects perceive SCP-407-JP as being filled with warm water, despite it being empty.

Written by LinrawLinraw on 2015/11/12.

SCP-419-JP - An Alternate History of Easter Island

Object Class: Safe

As the population increased, the formerly religious ceremony of SCP-419-JP was performed more frequently for producing livestock to provide for the islanders. The islanders used SCP-419-JP instances diligently, unknowing of their long dormancy periods.

Written by blackeyblackey on 2016/04/11.

SCP-475-JP - I Want to See Only Beautiful Things

Object Class: Safe

The alterations are consistently made in the form of censorship, where descriptions and expressions that are considered tragic or violent are removed, or replaced with positive ones.

Written by UttanKitagoUttanKitago on 2017/01/16.

SCP-522-JP - Airborne Baguette Concentration Measurement Station

Object Class: Safe

In addition to the baguettes that are normally detectable, the results are invariably accompanied by approximately 1-2.5% of an unknown non-baguette bread (hereafter referred to as SCP-522-JP-1).

Written by Mamekusa_TMamekusa_T on 2016/05/03.

SCP-534-JP - Get a Glass for Flea

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-534-JP thrusts its tubular organs into the victim's blood vessel and pours a fluid of undetermined composition into it. The affected victim's blood vessels, blood, and surrounding muscle fibers are gradually converted to an unknown vitreous substance, causing severe health damage.

Written by K_kayaK_kaya on 2016/07/22.

SCP-546-JP - Sugar and Spice and All That's Nice

Object Class: Euclid

If you do this you can change from your inside. You can be a sweet, wonderful girl that everyone loves.

Written by notyetDrnotyetDr on 2018/12/22.

SCP-557-JP - Déjà Mort

Object Class: Euclid

2 new Exploration Logs in your personal inbox are unread. Please check.

Written by kyougoku08kyougoku08 on 2019/03/05.

SCP-558-JP - Bunch o' Chicks 'n' BIG MAMA

Object Class: Euclid

A large number of feathers were discovered at each scene of the incident, and all circumstantial evidences indicate the assailant is an adult female broiler chicken, approximately 80m in body length.

Written by lockerlocker on 2016/11/07.

SCP-569-JP - Konpeight

Object Class: Safe

SCP-569-JP's anomalous properties manifest when it has filled by konpeitō and its switch is pressed; the connection to power supplying socket is not necessarily essential. When switched on, konpeitō within SCP-569-JP becomes luminous.

Written by horuten777horuten777 on 2014/12/13.

SCP-583-JP - Darkness of the Remembrance

Object Class: Safe

SCP-583-JP-A instances state that they can recall past memories vividly by staring into the darkness. Descriptions provided by SCP-583-JP-A suggest that they not only recall visual information, but also sense auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile memories.

Written by sabi-tyousekisabi-tyouseki on 2016/07/18.

SCP-586-JP - Snow Globes Past the Seell-By Date

Object Class: Safe

Attempt to break glass caused the vaporization of internal liquid and the inactivation of SCP-586-JP-A. Autopsy of removed SCP-586-JP-A revealed that its internal structures are identical to that of non-anomalous human.

Written by UttanKitagoUttanKitago on 2016/11/02.

SCP-588-JP - Transdimensional Buttock Wall ~ A Karcist's Ass Sticking Out Into Our Universe ~

Object Class: Safe

The moment PoI-3676 leapt and inserted his upper body into the portal in order to escape, his lower body was fixed in the air for unknown reasons and remained in this dimension.

Written by stengan774stengan774 on 2020/10/10.

SCP-632-JP - Human Internal Ants

Object Class: Euclid

Each SCP-632-JP instance has the same role as blood cells, such as red blood cells and white blood cells, and constantly circulates throughout the body to support human vital functions. All normal blood cells generated from bone marrow are consumed to SCP-632-JP instances.

Written by inemurikinemurik on 2017/01/17.

SCP-656-JP - Human Repellant Plastic Bottles

Object Class: Safe

Immediately after recognizing SCP-656-JP instances, the observer becomes unable to perceive SCP-656-JP instances and their surrounding area of 50m. As such, the observer will constantly keep a distance of more than 50m from SCP-656-JP; this phenomenon does not arouse suspicion in the observer.

Written by ukarayakaraukarayakara on 2016/03/28.

SCP-671-JP - The Night of Electric Jellyfishes

Object Class: Euclid

Spark discharges occur from the inside of "bell" toward the tips of tentacles, causing electron avalanche and minor thunderbolts in the peripheral atmosphere. As SCP-671-JP has red fluorescent protein reacting to electrical stimulus, they emit red light during discharge.

Written by tonoottotonootto on 2017/02/16.

SCP-737-JP - Merciful Jewelry Workshop

Object Class: Euclid

People smile at rings and necklaces, they smile at me shattered and polished. They praise me with a twinkle in their eyes, saying I'm beautiful and amazing. I've never been complimented and cherished like that before.

Written by koikoi_Rainy4Lkoikoi_Rainy4L on 2017/02/23.

SCP-747-JP - How To Boil Some Eggs In This Shifting Universe

Object Class: Safe

The 14th year. It's far from perfect, but probably we can leave this message behind. Need to pile stuff up one by one. Apparently we have boiled these eggs countless times.

Written by ukarayakaraukarayakara on 2016/12/02.

SCP-787-JP - How Those Vacuous Spines Got So Close To You

Object Class: None

The spines are pervasive on the Internet… and there are a tremendous number of them. Numerous non-existent and dead people are recreated all over the Internet by the spines in this way, and the users believe there are humans on the other side of the monitor.

Written by ukarayakaraukarayakara on 2017/07/31.

SCP-828-JP - Launching Site

Object Class: Euclid

While the appearance of SCP-828-JP-B varies, it consistently takes the shape of a multistage rocket (including Saturn V and Ares I) with haniwa-shaped nose cone.

Written by k_u_m_ak_u_m_a on 2014/11/23.

SCP-830-JP - Downfall of One Night Castle

Object Class: Euclid

Phantoms are getting used to our strategy year by year, and now, the castle extended its scale to almost same size with Kasugayama Castle of Uesugi Family due to our several failures. Regular tactics are no longer efficient.

Written by semiShigUresemiShigUre on 2016/07/08.

SCP-831-JP - Lurking Summer

Object Class: Extranormal Euclid

The affected individual begins to experience auditory hallucinations of a single cicada's call at all times. In addition, they feel the temperature to be 27-30°C, regardless of the actual ambient temperature and humidity.

Written by mizunomizuno on 2014/09/22.

SCP-838-JP - Urban Waves

Object Class: Euclid

How have you been? We are having a good time.
We sent some of our jolly fellows, hope they already arrived to you.
They'll sprout from the ground to do their best before long.

Written by DocRoneDocRone on 2016/05/10.

SCP-905-JP - Freddie’s Special Flight Show

Object Class: Euclid

When SCP-905-JP manifests, every noise made by the passengers, crew and pilot start creating a certain recognizable rhythm. 30 minutes after the manifestation of the phenomenon, these noises converge to a characteristic rhythm that is identical to that used in the song "We Will Rock You".

Written by T_MiyabiT_Miyabi & iPod_surgeryiPod_surgery on 2015/09/13.

SCP-922-JP - Animal Relocation

Object Class: Euclid

Affected zoo staff consider that animals disappeared by SCP-922-JP were just relocated to other zoo in accordance with official procedures. As a side-effect of this perception, affected individuals have false but distinct memory.

Written by DocRoneDocRone on 2017/05/06.

SCP-926-JP - Oneiric Eternal Recurrence Of The Nightmare Beast

Object Class: Safe Keter

On 19██/██/██, over 50 personnel of Site-81██ reported the dream of "being dissected while still living". Vivisection of SCP-926-JP, originally scheduled on the same day, was temporarily postponed to investigate the possible connection between it and this anomalous event.

Written by amamielamamiel on 2016/12/03.

SCP-949-JP - Overrunning Bulldozer

Object Class: Neutralized

An adult male dressed in religious clothing. The word "STOP" is handwritten on the front of its clothing.

Written by UttanKitagoUttanKitago on 2017/04/21.

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