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My Message: I'd like to do activities at my own pace in the Foundation.

English Translated Articles
1 SCP-209-JP: A Safe-Class Object / Safeクラスオブジェクト Author: dr_torayadr_toraya

Proofreading and Advice: C-DivesC-Dives, krt_wkrt_w, MrWrongMrWrong, SporArainSporArain and TomatointheMirrorTomatointheMirror
2 Artwork-JP: The Devourer / 貪る者 Author: kotarou611kotarou611
3 SCP-404-JP: Not Found Author: hal_akihal_aki

Co-Translation: krt_wkrt_w, Red_SelppaRed_Selppa and t2zkit2zki
4 Artwork-JP: Monochrome Artworks Author: Hasuma_SHasuma_S
5 SCP-280-JP: A Shrinking Space-Time Anomaly / 縮小する時空間異常 Author: dr_torayadr_toraya

Proofreading and Advice: krt_wkrt_w and Red_SelppaRed_Selppa

Proofreading and Advice: krt_wkrt_w and Nasakurates Nasakurates
7 Guide-JP: SCP Foundation Japanese Branch Heritage Collection / SCP財団殿堂入りコレクション-JP Author: jet0620jet0620

Proofreading and Advice: krt_wkrt_w

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