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It was already late at night, the time difference tended to do those things, but he had a job to do. He went to sit at the computer, the white light pierced the darkness of his room and even though it was damaging his retina, he had a job to do.

connect savedip

user: lekmi242

access granted

That was easy, but that was the magic; he hadn't even had to use any forced entry methods, just a bit of elaborate phishing and voilà, access credentials to one of the central servers of one of the most powerful organizations in the world. It wouldn't even raise an alarm, as the credentials were correct and anyone who could figure out that an IP on the other side of the world had taken over their servers wouldn't be there; one of his field colleagues was taking care of that.

Now all that was left for him to do was to do his job, and perhaps satisfy his curiosity a little, why not? After all, his bosses didn't care what he did at his job, as long as he did it and didn't do anything to them.

He opened the connection log, he had to make sure that no one would come to spoil his party. Then he just had to find the files he had to remove. They didn't tell him what they were but he didn't care, last time it was a copy of a secret speech of Reagan, probably this would be something similar. Once he had found the files, he would put a Secure Copy Protocol on them and entertain himself while the files were being transferred. So he started looking around. Russian_informers a classic, but no. Roosevelt-family-personnel-files nope, not that. Blackmail_Sextapes God, no. Paranormal-object-15b Bingo.

scp Paranormal-object-15b
Transfering data…

Having done that, he now had to wait and look for some engaging reading. Classified data, secret identities, more data… finance? Ugh no. Oh, special operations, something interesting.

Tucked between various files about how a team extracted a terrorist's friend and then killed the terrorist who had infiltrated the team, he noticed a security alert on the server he was connected to. A hidden IP had connected to the same central server he was on, another intruder.

Look at that! I'm not alone, how cool. These guys were even more useless than I thought.

He decided to stop reading to see what this guy was up to. What was he looking for? Hyper-ultra-classified data? Dirty secrets? Evidence? Could he be a cyber thug for some mafia? Collaboration between the CIA and aliens? If the latter was real he would have to check it out too, since that was the Foundation's area.

As he watched the intruder, the other intruder, go to the folders with malware samples, he realized that the file transfer was complete. He moved the files to a USB and unplugged it, now he had to send it to the site's eggheads so they could analyze it all they wanted, but first he would continue watching this, it was much more interesting than any coin with teleportation or cloning tree.

The other had just started looking through the programs and found one, selected it and replaced it with a text file, and finally disconnected from the server, leaving as quickly as thay came. That was extremely peculiar, he thought to himself, why would he want to replace some virus with a text file? It was weird and intriguing, and he was certainly curious to see what the file was. He opened it.

First of all, you should replace the dickhead you have working at security. The moron watched me break every security measure and lame password you have (easily, while we're at it) and did absolutely nothing. They're useless as hell.

Now on to the reason I come to gratify your system: I just came for my stuff. If you knuckleheads want some software to hack or decrypt, do it yourselves. You're the fucking CIA, you'll be able to do something decent. Well, you won't be able to do anything as good as me either, but that's not your fault, everyone has different capabilities, I have more and you have much less. So I can't really blame you for wanting to have the best, but that's not for you, so you go fuck yourselves.

And before I go, as punishment for stealing stuff from your elders, let me think of something… How about deleting all the information on this server? Too drastic? I can also fry your Hardware if you want. I hope that will teach you a lesson, kids, and you won't be naughty again..

With love; — Maximus

Huh, what a maniac, ah look there's still more. Their server's security logs. What a nice guy! He shows their own mistakes to these morons. Let's see does it say:

maskedIP connected
firewall Breached
firewall Breached
firewall Breached
ports security breached
access granted

Huh, this is very interesting. This guy went through quite a few firewalls, quite a few, and CIA firewalls, no less. This guy is good, a lot, something didn't add up.

He decided to exit the file, and as he considered downloading the logs, he noticed that several files began to disappear, more and more. All the files on the server were being deleted. Suddenly the server itself simply went offline. No more server, it seemed.

Huh, interesting. I assume the text file was actually an executable. Clever. He considered trying to track him down to see what he had taken with him, but then he saw several applications on his desktop disappear. Before he could react, the computer burst into flames. How the fuck did he do that…? it's… literally impossible.

Apparently he wasn't the only super hacker in the world. There was someone else. One, who by the looks of it, was anomalous. This was going to please his superiors.

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