Lots of SCPs
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"BC-17689, not available. Next, BC-17690, go ahead."
Dang, Dang, Dang.
I called up the next "field agent" pressing "Non Anomalous" with the Foundation's made seal.
The middle-aged redheaded woman looked very unhappy that the magic ball-point pen she had brought with her was being treated like a toy, but then, "Hey, how long are you going to stand there? It's a crime enough to send you to D-class," I said, and then she left with a pale face.
Good grief, It's been a easy job now.
I can't remember how long this is been going on―it wasn't the same when I was a rookie―but my job now is to verify the authenticity of the material submitted by these good citizens, these "quasi-field agents," and pass it on to the researchers.
Even if it's easy, you can die when you get a bad one, and agents still have to investigate objects that citizens can't possibly catch, but at least I don't have to sweat my way through the buildings anymore.
But other troubles was born instead.

"BC-17690, and submitter Richard Jordan, entering."
It's Richard the "well-meaning parent". I'm misfortune that my day's work ends with him. With a small click of my tongue, I greeted Richard and his son, pathetic Liam.
As they walked in, I could smell the beastly rot as usual. I was little worried that Sophie, the receptionist has puked again. Because I'm sick and tired of most of my pillow talk with her being spent complaining about it.
Richard stood in front of me, his eyes shining behind his boring round glasses and proudly in his gray suit.
Liam pulled away a bit, standing alongside his father.
"Hello, Richard, it's been three days."
"Oh, Michael, it's was still been three days. Now this time, I've found the object! And it's a humanoid, isn't it amazing!"
"Ah, I'm sorry, Richard, but I can only see your son."
"Yes, it's my son! But you see, Liam suddenly became an object this morning! Come on, Liam, show it."
Good grief, a poorly made chimera to be shown again.
I tried to watch the stale freak show, trying to figure out if I could somehow get Richard to D-class.
Since the introduction of the citizen agent system and the reward system for contributions to the Foundation, people like Richard and the redheaded lady I mentioned earlier have started to show their hands, A handful of people trying to get a reward for discovery by claiming a boring magic trick as anomaly.
Well it's not unreasonable, Anomalous can get a three months, Safe can get a year, and Keter can get citizens enough money to live for the rest of their lives.
Among other things, Richard is a man who is looking for a huge reward for a humanoid object. He is jealous that his wife was reported by the neighbor(That one was rarely real) and his reward was taken from her, so he tries to submit only humanoids objects.
Having finally learned after being hospitalized by an unknown ringleader's assault that betrayal on a neighbor in blindly was far from rewarding, Richard seemed to have decided to submit his son, Liam to it.
Using medical skills to sew fish scales on and claim to be a swamp man, Make him do a magic trick and claim to be a reality bender.
I wondered if the smell was from a cat and dog, and Liam turned around and unfurled "it" in front of me.

With a thud of wind, the wings of a swan sprawled from the boy's bony back. Bones were visible in places, and pieces of rotting flesh spilled out onto the carpet as it seamlessly joined with the skin on its back.
"I woke up this morning and Liam was an angel! Isn't it amazing, it's an angel!"
I wide open my eyes, and Richard speak to me proudly. Liam was…I don't know, all I can tell right now is that he was shivering slightly.
"Hey Michael, this would make Liam as a great object, wouldn't it? how much will it cost?"
"Ah, well, class isn't easy to identify at a glance… I'd like to do a little interview with Liam, Richard. Maybe Keter dream come true with that."
Richard was ridiculously puffed up when I put him down irresponsible, and he returned to the waiting room in high spirits, leaving Liam behind.
"Hey, Liam, sit on that sofa first. You're going to get tired of standing on it."
I give Liam a piece of candy and we have a little chat, just to keep me on my toes―as if he's wary of me―. It's the kind of "fatherly" sports and schoolwork that Richard the Object Crazy wouldn't discuss.
In the middle of talking about this season's major league wins and losses, Liam blurted out.
"My dad gave me this."
"Hmm. I guess so. Well it's kind of disrespect to your father, but I think it's too mild for a man to wear."
Liam chuckled. It was a self-deprecating laugh that didn't fit his age.
"He told me get contained and go see mom, he said he got it from a Japanese person who came in two days ago."
"Japanese? Not Chinese?"
"Probably… I'm pretty sure my dad's manual says Japan… Hey, Michael, can you take this off? I'm so sick of the smell and the weight."
"It's okay, Liam. I'll put you in touch with the right hospital. Besides, I need to talk to your father to get him to be a decent father."
"Really! Thank you, Michael!"
For now, it's just a super-tech object and a contactor of a GOI, I played a abacus in my mind. It's a small thing, but it's going to be the best thing to happen to me lately.

It was after 7pm when my best friend from high school, John McKenzie, tapped me on the shoulder as I walked home, wondering how much more Liam and Richard would have added to my bonus assessment. I didn't notice John's call, probably because I was worried about my finances situation, as I didn't have much product to show for the first half of the year, since the compensation system was also introduced for me and my regular employees―We'd be fired if we cheat though―.
"Long time no see, John! When was the last time, since about Kevin's first birthday celebration, eh?"
"……Well, I think that was about it…… Hey, how's the agent's job going, Michael?"
"It's as good as your company, John." About the same time I became the general agent of this city, John started a dead body soap company.
"Ah, well, that's okay then…… I just thought I'd like to hear what you're up to after all."
"I can mail you from Chandler if you want?"
"Nah, let's have a drink at my place anyway. I'm sure Lisa would love it……"
In a strangely halting way, I realized that John wanted to tell me something hidden. It's now common knowledge as like breathing air, that phone calls and emails are monitored by the Foundation at all hours of the day and night.
"Ok, you know what I mean. I'll go out with you, just going to your house right?"
"Yeah, thanks Michael. You're welcome to have dinner tonight if you want."
I contacted the foundation to make sure, and I decided to follow John. Because the dinner table with John and his wife Lisa and their son Kevin was certainly a pleasant one.

Waiting for me at John's house was a fluffy floating dinner, and exhausted and haggard Lisa, and a smiling Kevin, flitting about.
"Well, here's the thing. Michael."
John is aiming at my head and holding a gun from behind. Hey, your voice is shaking. Please don't just shoot me.
"So, what do you want me to do?"
I voice it carefully, trying to sound as calm as possible.
"I need your help to cover it up until Kevin can control this. I will do Anything, Whether it's money or information about my employees."
"It was your credo not to sell people to the Foundation, I thought."
"…… it's better than Kevin being formaldehyde."
I took the gamble, thinking that with this level of ability, Could be used alive, like that rumor photographic woman. I put my hands up and turned around, making a face that said, Oh man, you're a total worrier.
I've won the gamble. John can't respond to my actions and he hasn't put his finger on the trigger. I'm not even remotely considering a real shot.
"John, have I ever missed a pass I got from you?"
"…… No."
"Even after I told you I was going to be an agent and had a huge fight with you, you promised me."
"……‘No matter how different our principles are, we’ll always be best friends‘."
"That’s right, John. It will go on like this, ‘We are always be best friends, and we’ll act in each other's best interests‘. And I’m a full-fledged agent of Clearance 2. I can keep one Kevin under wraps."
John lowered his gun and looked happy, his face from the high school finals.
The last time I touched down on that last pass I got from John.
I think Like I have the same face of that time.
‘Acting in each other’s best interests`, Absolutely, John.
The next bonus is going to be a lot.

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